Questions for the movie
I’ve proven who I am so many times, the magnetic strip’s worn thin. And each time I was someone else and
everyone was taken in.
They’ve got you looking for any flaw and after a while it’s all you see.
When does the movie occur?
Why did Jerome feel so bad about himself? What did he do to cope with it?
What does the staircase symbolize?
What is genoism? Throughout the movie, there are figures of speech used to describe Vincent and those
like him. Write all of them that you hear and what they mean.
5. Compare Jerome and Vincent’s use of alcohol?
One of the big points of this movie is that rules and laws that seem well intentioned on the surface can have
bad unintentional side effects. Listed below are a couple of situations in the movie. For each situation,
explain why the original situation could sound good and then explain how the rule or law became misused.
a) You can manipulate the genes of your children.
b) You can know your own genetic possibilities.
Can we be perfected through genetics? What does the movie say about it? What do you think a
Christian perspective on this should be?
What is the significance of what Jerome says to Vincent as he helps him into bed (when he is drunk)?