Geology 12 – Dalesandro

Geology 12 – Dalesandro
Assignment #9 – Vertical Limit
Value: 10 pts.
Instructions: Watch the movie Vertical Limit in class. Take
notes while you watch.
1) Briefly (5-sentences) summarize the plot of the movie.
2) List five geology-related facts that are mentioned in the
movie. Note whether the facts are correct or incorrect
based on what you can find out from your text, class
notes, and/or the internet. Make a list, recording the
facts the movie gets right and those it gets wrong.
3) Answer the following questions:
A) Was the movie realistic or unrealistic
from a scientific point of view? Explain.
B) Was Vertical Limit entertaining?
Would you recommend this movie to a
friend? Why or why not?
Format: Typed and handed in, or emailed.
Due Date: Tuesday, May 19th.