Vacation Homework- To Build a Fire

“To Build a Fire”
Setting is much more than time and place. It helps to set the tone and mood, create
conflict and meaning, and reveal character. Use the short story To Build a Fire by Jack
London to answer the following questions.
1. What is the mood of the story? What is the tone of the story? Are they the same?
2. How does the setting help to create the mood? Give 2 examples from the text
(use direct quotes).
3. What is the main conflict of the story? How does the setting create conflict?
Give 2 examples from the text.
4. Why do you think the author chose this setting? Would the story be as effective
in another setting? Why or Why not?
5. Give an example of imagery used to describe the setting?
6. How does the setting help to reveal the character? Give 2 specific examples from
the text.
7. When does this story take place?