Academic English Summer Reading Assignment

Academic English
Summer Reading Assignment
Mrs. Miller
Directions: You will be preparing for class discussions by reviewing several
different aspects of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In the provided spaces, write
your thoughts about each question. I would also like you to provide specific
evidence from the text to support what you say. Due dates for questions will be
assigned in class.
Title, Conflicts, Themes
1. Why do you think Kesey gave the novel this title?
2. Write down 5 of the conflicts you found in the novel. Remember: a conflict can
be character v character, character v self, or character v nature. Be specific. Who
was involved in each conflict and what was the problem? Was it solved? Explain.
3. Review the conflicts you have examined in question #2. Based on these, what
messages do you think Kesey wanted the reader to gain from reading the novel?
These messages are called themes. List at least 2 in the space below and explain
why your chose them?
Characters to Consider
Directions: List 5 character traits that describe each of the following characters. Be
sure to explain why you chose each trait and give an example of a place where the
character illustrates the trait.
Chief Bromden:
Nurse Ratched
Images, Motifs and Symbols
Directions: Each of the following images or symbols is connected to one of the main
characters in the novel. In the space provided, identify the character related to the
image or symbol, and what each means to that character.
1. Fog
2. Boxer Shorts
3. Whiteness/Coldness
4. Invisibility
5. The Combine
6. Largeness of size
7. Electroshock Therapy
8. The Fishing Trip