HSP 3M: Ad and the Ego Matching quotes

HSP 3M: Ad and the Ego Matching Quotes
Question Quote
1920s: more about consumers’ lives than the
Appeal at the unconscious level
Compete and compare
Create anxiety, self-doubt, inner conflict.
Consumer goods are our fix.
Don’t speak while they’re thinking
Early ads: information about the product –
Images more persuasive than words
1950s: produce consumers (there’s enough
cheese: advertisers need to create cheese eaters.)
Independence, self-reliance (not suffering, dying
from cancer, rigours of chemotherapy)
“It is hard to perceive an environment, when
you’re in it.” – constructed world
Men are expected to have a beautiful woman on
their arm
People feel personally exempt from advertising
(even though they see 1500 ads every day) – has
a cumulative, unconscious effect
Search for meaning – help motivate consumers
Symbols make people react
Women are conditioned to feel like failures if
they don’t look a certain way.