Hamlet Hamlet, first quarter with one of the Greek plays. However, because...

Literary Criticism Essay on Hamlet
For this assignment, you are required to find a critical essay about Hamlet, just as you did in the
first quarter with one of the Greek plays. However, because we have devoted much of our
discussion of Hamlet to an analysis of Hamlet’s emotional state, you should research an article
which discusses the difficulty of judging Hamlet’s every-changing action in the play. Ideally,
you should find an article which supports or negates your own judgment of Hamlet’s emotional
Use this same guidelines for this assignment as you did for the Greek play. The specific
directions are on the web pages on my Drama course on SFP website under “Literary
Criticism Analysis.”
Note: This is due no later than Monday, December 19. It is optional assignment. However, it can
only help if you want to improve your grade.