Opposition to New Deal / Positives & Negatives of

Opposition to New Deal /
Positives & Negatives of
New Deal
Mr. Doherty / Mrs. T
Opposition to New Deal
Major argument- FDR had too much power
Supreme Court Declares
Programs Unconstitutional
National Recovery Act (NRA)
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
Overextended the power of the federal
FDR Attempts to
“Pack the Court”
Raise the amount
of S.C. justices from
FDR would appoint
6 more justices that
supported his
withdraws his plan.
Negatives of New Deal
Increased power in Gov’t-threatened
principles of democracy
Alarmed because of deficit spending.
– Gov’t was spending more than it took in
creating an increase in national debt.
Did not end Great Depression
– Economy not in full swing until producing
war goods in WWII
Positives of New Deal
FDR steered nation
through the worst days
of depression.
New Deal-ended
banking crisis,
protected farmers,
found work for
Programs like Social
Security and FDIC are
still around today!
The Great Depression
The End :’(
Coming Soon to a
Classroom Near You…
World War II, 1939-1945
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