Sociology Chapter 1 Matching

Sociology Chapter 1 Matching
Dynamic Equilibrium
Latent Function
Symbolic Interactionism
Social Solidarity
A. Met my spouse at the gym while getting in shape
B. I really understand where you are coming from
C. To make this work, you all need to do your part
D. Why do societies form and why is their war?
E. Kinship, location and religion can bind a group
F. I think it is disrespectful to the US to burn the flag
7. Positivism
8. Conflict Theory
9. Functionalism
10. Theory
11. Qualitative Soc.
12. Quantitative Soc.
A. Data from interviews and focus groups
B. This is what I think is going on
C. Society works kind of like a body
D. The statistics from the 1,000,000 tells me…
E. We need to study social patterns scientifically
F. To the winner go the spoils of society
13. Sociology
14. Social Facts
15. Dysfunctions
16. Dramaturgical A..
17. Sociological Imag.
18. Manifest Function
A. I diet to lose weight
B. Laws, morals, customs, rituals etc that govern social life
C. The systematic study of society and social interaction
D. I see why other countries might not like the US
E. Jimmy will never graduate if his parents don’t stop moving
F. Life is but a play and we are the many actors