Social Location - TANESHA TANNER

Tanesha Tanner
Sociology 1010
September 2014
Class Assignment #1
Social location, as defined by the text Essentials of Sociology, is the group memberships
that people have because of their location in history and society. A person’s social location can
be based on gender, age, race, occupation, religion, social class, etc. It also can be established by
any role or position a person decides to take on. People are born with some social identifications
that cannot be changed, while others are constantly changing as people grow up and figure out
whom they are and the types of people they want to associate with.
Defining your statues can be hard. Everyone one goes through phases; it is part of
becoming an adult. I think it is beneficial to be a part of different social groups and try new
things to decide where you belong. No matter where a person stands it is good to remember that
it doesn’t matter what your social location is as long as you can be yourself and have fun.
My social location influences almost everything that I do. It effects how I dress, the type
of music I listen too, what kinds of food I like to eat, my hobbies, and what I do with my time. I
socialize with the people that are most like me - young college goers, being in a long-term
relationship, and having a love for the outdoors. The aspect of my life that was most influenced
by my social location is my job. I spend a lot of my time at work and with my co-workers so it is
no wonder that it has an impact on my life. I met my boyfriend and most of my good friends
within my workplace. To others it is like I am speaking a different language when I talk about
the work I do and the people I know. I love being a part of this group.
As much as we all love to say that we are the leaders and not followers of the crowd, we
are wrong. Sometimes, because of social location, people are going to follow the group they
connect with most. This includes going to a certain school or getting the latest IPhone because all
of their friends just got one. Many follow and act like their peers without even realizing it; it is
not a bad thing, it is just a part of being human and being part of a social culture.