CHILL-oot! information Sheet
The SensationALL CHILL-oot! programme has been specifically devised to help enhance
learning potential, improve confidence and develop emotional literacy in young people.
They will learn how to regulate their mood, emotion and behaviour in a positive way.
Each session includes relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, peer or self massage,
visualisation and discussions on topics related to developing a healthy lifestyle.
Each participant will also receive a journal and weekly handout, to help support their
Chill Skill Programme outline
week 1: introductions & group outline (parents/carers)
week 2: breathing & your body
week 3: stress & rating scales
week 4: teamwork
week 5: practice & personal preferences
week 6: emotions & coping strategies
week 7: visualising & feedback
week 8: presentation with families, relaxation time, certificates
CHILL-oot! is most suitable for youths aged 7years and over. It can be particularly
beneficial for teens and pre teens. This programme is adapted to each group. There will
be home tasks each week, usually to look through their home-book and practice or try
out new strategies. Please find more information and video clips of previous CHILL-oot!
Programmes at this link:
This forthcoming CHILL-oot! Programme will be run from SensationALL premises in the Old
School House, Westhill Road, Westhill, AB32 6TT dates to be confirmed.
Parents/carers are encouraged to stay on the premises (particularly for the first weeks &
with a view to meeting other families). Youngsters should bring a bottle of water and wear
loose clothing- everything else will be provided. The group will be made up of a maximum
of 6 youths.
Parents are encouraged to attend the Information Meeting prior to the start of the
programme. Group selections are based on ages/abilities and availability. A waiting list is
in operation. Home, Youth and School Pre & Post questionnaires are issued to gather more
cumulative evidence of the programme’s positive impact.
If you require further information contact us on [email protected] or 01224 746699.
Thanks, Suz Strachan & Adele Lindsay
MSN Consultants, Developmental Coordinators & Trainers
Expectations of the Group
Two adults (with clear criminal checks) are present during the group and we often
have a SensationALL supervised volunteer.
There will be a reasonable tolerance of behaviour due to the nature of the group
and due to the challenges some individuals may experience in managing to
integrate into a group situation. There will be a low threshold for tolerating any
behaviour that puts the safety of any member of the group (including adults) at
risk. In this instance parents/carers will be contacted and asked to remove the
youngster from the group. We will endeavor to accommodate for all the group
participants needs.
Listen when an adult is speaking to the group
Try to be quiet and still during stretches, massage and breathing activities
Ask (or show break card) to sit on the Chill-oot area if you are not coping
Use ‘gentle’ hands when in the group (no hitting, nipping etc)
‘Stop’ when someone asks you to
Try to use your CHILL-oot! Home Book
Help to tidy up when asked
At the end of the group stay in the room until your adult comes into the room
to collect you
Have fun!