Breath: Make-up
Instructions: Please complete required reading, written and hands-on portion of assignment. Send
written write-up back to administrative staff. You should allow approximately three hours to complete
all sections. Please complete the assignment in two weeks and return to instructor. Assignments can be
handwritten or typed.
Required Reading:
Trail Guide:
Spine & Thorax - Trail 4, 5 & 6:
Spine & Thorax - Abdominals
Spine & Thorax - Synergist
Head & Neck
Clinical Massage:
Chapter 4: Muscles of Breathing:
182, 184, 185, 187
1. Name the primary muscle of respiration; what does the name translate to? (etymology)
2. Describe the position(shape) of the diaphragm in each phase of respiration:
a. Inhalation
b. Exhalation
c. rest
3. Describe the changes in the thoracic and abdominal cavities during breath cycles.
4. What are the two gases exchanged in respiration.
5. Name the intercostals in order from deep to superficial.
6. List four (4) accessory muscles of breath
a. Inspiration
b. expiration
7. Name the anterior and posterior articulations of the ribs.
8. What effect can a forward folded position or slouching have on inspiration and expiration?
9. Define Diaphragmatic breathing
10. Define Paradoxical breathing
Hands-on & Written:
1. On a partner of class mate, perform the boney tails from Trail Guide
2. Apply techniques from Clinical Massage text pgs. Pg. 166-176
3. Do exercise: “Teaching Diaphragmatic Breathing” pg. 177
“Manual therapy” pg. 179
Before applying hands-on session observe your partner’s breath patterns, work through the exercises
and palpations. After massage reassess your partner’s breath pattern, and ask them to describe any
changes or sensations they are experiencing (note what was said). Write a brief summary of the
massage and include something that was challenging and something you learned.