Why did Russia enter World War One

Why did Russia enter World War One (1914-1918)?
Long Term Causes
 Russia was concerned about the growing power of Germany.
Germany had defeated France in a short war in 1870 and had a
powerful army and strong industries.
 Germany’s main ally was Austria-Hungary. A-H and Russia were
rivals for control of the Balkans (a mountainous region on the
borders of both powers).
 Russia saw itself as the guardian of the ‘Slavic’ people (an ethnic
group which included Serbians)
Short Term Cause
 In 1907 France, Russia and Britain formed an alliance called the
Triple Entente (meaning ‘friendship’) to deal with the German
Immediate Cause
 On 28 June 1914 a teenage Serbian terrorist called Gavril Princip
assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the A-H
 A-H declared war on Serbia. Russia started mobilising its forces
to protect Serbia and on August 1 Germany declared war on
 By August 6, 1914 the two alliances (Germany and AustriaHungary versus Britain, France and Russia) were at war.