Catcher In Class Timeline Assignment

English 10 CP 1&2
The Catcher in the Rye
Timeline Assignment
In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, the main character, Holden Caulfield spends a few days in New York
City before going home for Christmas break. He has been kicked out of the prep school he has been attending
and delays going home and facing his parents. For this assignment you will document each of the stops that
Holden makes once he gets to New York City. Pay close attention to Holden’s mood and emotional state at
each of the stops. Types of stops include museums, bars, restaurants, and hotels but they also include places
he goes for a walk as well as stopping at phone booths to make a call. Sometimes Holden gives us the exact
time of day and sometimes we’re left to make an educated guess as to what time it is. Do your best to
determine the approximate time of each stop.
 You will need to document the stops Holden makes in each chapter
 The stops need to be set up in 2 column-notes format (see example)
 For each stop identify the place, the estimated day/time and what happens there
 Make sure you include the page number for each stop so you can easily reference your notes later
Due Dates:
Chapter 9
Chapters 10-11
Chapters 12-14
Chapters 15-17
Chapters 18-20
Chapters 21-22
Chapters 23-24
Chapters 25-26
You will receive homework grade for each due date
This assignment will also count towards 20% of your Catcher project grade.
2-Column Notes Format
Cue Column
(Chapter, page number, stop, estimated time)
Chapter 9
Note-taking Column
(Explanation, Holden’s mood, etc.)
p. 59: Penn Station/Phone booth
Around Midnight Sunday
Holden arrives in New York City. He goes into a phone booth to
make a call but he doesn’t end up calling anyone.
P. 60: cab ride
12:20 a.m.
Holden takes a cab from Penn Station to a hotel. He asks the cab
driver if he knows what happens to the ducks in Central Park when
the lagoon freezes over. The cab driver didn’t give Holden an answer
and looked at him like he was a “madman.”
p. 61: Edmont Hotel
12:30-12:45 a.m.
Holden checks in to the hotel. He says they gave him a crumby room
with a bad view out the window of the other side of the hotel.
Holden says he was too depressed to care whether he had a good view
or not.
While he’s in his room he stares out the window for a while and
watches people in the other rooms.
Holden decides to call Faith Cavendish. He asks her to meet him for
a cocktail but she turns him down.
Chapter 10
p. 69: Lavender Room