Levels of questions Catcher in the Rye

Levels of Questions
As they read, good readers ask themselves
There are three levels of questions one can
Arbitrarily, let’s call them levels 1, 2 and 3.
Factual, information questions
Questions about basics:
 Character – who?
 Setting – where? When?
 Plot – what happened? When?
Think of quiz questions:
“What is the name of the school that from
which Holden is “getting the ax?”
Deeper, inferential questions about the text
The answer is not immediately obvious but
requires deeper reflection
The answer is based on the text
May relate to the language the author uses
(e.g., hyperbole, metaphor) or other
Why and how the author’s style
For example: Why does Holden write about
Allie’s baseball glove?
These are questions that go beyond the book
This level is all about connections:
 to our own lives as readers
 To current events
 To historical events
 To other texts (books, movies, plays, pictures)
For example: How would ECA deal with a
student like Holden?
On Twitter, tweet two questions about
chapters 4-6
 a level 2 (how/why) question ab0ut the text
 a leve 3 question about connections (to you, to our
school, our community, the 21st century)
Answer two questions from classmates
You cannot leave this until the morning of
your class – it’s not fair to others to wait to
finish their homework!
I will grade this for a homework check grade
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