Henrique Amorim

Amorim, Henrique
CEO, Fermentec
巴西 Fermentec 公司首席执行官
Dr. Henrique V. de Amorim is President and CEO of Fermentec, Inc., São Paulo, Brazil. After
graduating in Agricultural Sciences in 1966 from University of São Paulo (ESALQ – USP), he
obtained his Master of Science degree in 1970 from Ohio State University, Ohio, USA. Subsequently
he finished his Ph. D. thesis in 1972 and in 1978 his Professorship thesis on coffee quality at Escola
Superior de Agricultura “Luiz de Queiroz”, University of São Paulo (ESALQ – USP). Between
January 1984 and July 2001, he was an Associate Professor at the Biolological Sciences Department at
ESALQ – USP in the area of Biochemistry. Dr. Amorim founded Fermentec, Inc. in 1977.
Fermentec has been optimizing the industrial process of alcoholic fermentation and the laboratory
control of every stage in sugar and alcohol production. At Fermentec he leads a highly qualified
professional team in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and agricultural sciences. His
contributions to the alcoholic fermentation field include:
- Selection of yeast strain PE-2 e CAT-1 (in the harvest season of 2007, around 60% of the alcohol
produced in Brazil was from these yeasts).
- In the harvest season 2006/07, Fermentec’s industrial clients processed 142 million tons of sugarcane,
produced 9 million tons of sugar and 9 billion liters of alcohol.
- Increase of alcoholic fermentation yield from 75% in 1977 to 92% in 2007.
- Reduction of sugar losses; in some sugar mills losses were reduced to 7%.
Bai, Xiaomin
Deputy Chief Engineer, China Electric Power Research Institute
Xiaomin Bai graduated from EE Dept. in Tsinghua University, China in 1977, Received M.S and Ph.D.
degree from Graduate School, EPRI, China (1982, and 1988 respectively). He is a deputy chief
Engineer of China EPRI, senior member of CSEE, vice director of power system control of CSEE, and
vice director of electrical and mathematics of CSEE, member of power system and power plant control
of IFAC. His main research interest includes power system analysis and control, power market, EMS
and DMS.
1977 年清华大学电机工程系电力系统及其自动化专业毕业,1982 年和 1988 年从电力科学研究
力市场、EMS/DMS 等。
Bailey, Mart
Founder/Managing Partner, Callaway Private Equity Partners
Callaway Private Equity Partners 创立人兼总经理
Mart Bailey is Founder and Managing Partner of Callaway Private Equity Partners. Mr. Bailey
founded Callaway Private Equity Partners to serve the private financing needs of emerging growth
companies. The firm has raised over $250 million in venture capital and private equity transactions.
Mr. Bailey and his Callaway family have created a lot of value as entrepreneurs in various industries
including Cleantech, healthcare, and golf.
Mr. Bailey graduated from UC Berkeley and Beijing University, majoring in Asian Studies. He serves
on the Boards of the Berkeley China Initiative (BCI) and the Berkeley Chinese Alumni International
Association (BCAIA), for whom he helped found the 2007 Berkeley China Healthcare Innovation
Conference at Fudan University, and the 2008 US-China Green Energy Conference Series in San
Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing.
Becker, Newton
Cleantech Investor, Chairman, Luz International,
清洁能源技术投资者, Luz 国际公司董事长
Newton D. Becker is considered by some as “the Father” of solar thermal electric generation. In 1980,
he was the founding investor and Chairman of the Board of Luz International. Luz became the largest
solar company in the world by building solar electric generating power plants. From 1984 to 1991 Luz
built and sold nine solar thermal power plants (SEGS I-IX) with 350 MW of capacity, enough to
supply the residential needs of 540,000 people in the Los Angeles area. Newton also invested in and
was a chairman of the Board of Directors of “Electric Fuel” during its start-up period 1993-5. Electric
Fuel made Zinc Air Batteries for Electric Vehicles (about 400 miles for the EV1 and about 250 miles
for a Mercedes Van) and could be refueled with new zinc plates in about 10 minutes.
Newton has a long history of innovative entrepreneurial philanthropy. Newton started a CPA review
course for the staff of Price Waterhouse in 1957; it quickly became the pre-eminent CPA review
course in the U.S.A. Today, the Becker CPA Review Course (www.BeckerCPA.com) is available in
about 400 cities throughout the U.S.A. and the world, including one in Shanghai with more than
400,000 CPA alumni, constituting almost one-half of all CPA's in the U.S.A.
Newton received his BS in Business Administration from Kent State University. Earned an MBA from
Case Western Reserve University. Newton received an honorary Doctorate from Kent State University
in l984.
牛顿.贝克被誉称为“太阳能热发电之父”。在 1980 年,他作为 Luz 国际公司的创始投资人和
董事长,Luz 建造了至今世界上最大的太阳能发电厂。1984 到 1991 年间,Luz 建造并销售了 9
(SEGS I-IX)个总容量为 35 万千瓦的的太阳能热发电厂,足够洛杉矶地区 54 万居民所用的电
量。迄今这 9 座电厂仍然在运行发电。
牛顿同时还是“电燃料”公司在 1993 至 1995 年启动期时的投资人和董事长。该公司开发的汽
车用电池在 90 年代就能够达到高蓄电水平(对 EV1 可有 400 英里的行程,对奔驰车能走 250
英里)并能在 10 分钟内更换电池内新的锌板。
牛顿是位有很长历史的清洁能源的投资者和创新慈善家。在 1957 年,牛顿为普华永道开办了
一个注册公共会计师课程,如今贝克的 CPA 课程(www.BeckerCPA.com)在芝加哥的总部为全
球 400 多个城市包括上海提供会计师训练的重要课程。到今天,该教程培育了超过 40 万名
CPA 人才,占了全美今天注册会计师近一半的队伍。
牛顿在肯特州立大学获得商业管理的学士学位,在 CASE Western Reserve 大学获得 MBA 学
位。牛顿在 1984 年获得肯特州立大学的荣誉博士学位。
Boettcher, Jim
Founding Partner, Focus Ventures
Focus Ventures 创始合伙人
Mr. Boettcher has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA (as
an Arjay Miller Scholar) and MA degrees from Stanford University. He was one of the cofounders in
1986 and a Managing Director of a successful investment banking boutique, Amsterdam Pacific
Corporation, which was purchased by a large European bank in 1994. Mr. Boettcher has many years
of experience and a successful track record in expansion stage investing and was a General Partner of
BBU Mezzanine Funds I and II. Successful investments include Alteon WebSystems, CoSine
Communications, Telera, ONI, NetScaler, Starent Networks, P.A. Semi, Prism Radio Partners,
Deeptech, Hello Direct, US Filter and USA Waste. Prior to forming Amsterdam Pacific Corporation,
he worked at Ford Aerospace and was Vice President in the Telecommunications Section of the Bank
of America’s Investment Banking Group where he had investment banking assignments in the telecom,
media, and high technology fields. He has concluded numerous complex financings in the U.S.,
Europe, and the Far East while based in London and Hong Kong with Bank of America and Crocker
National Bank. Mr. Boettcher has lectured in corporate and project financing at Stanford and has
written numerous finance related articles including one published in the May-June 1982 issue of the
Harvard Business Review, which was subsequently selected as one of the year’s best and published in
a hardcover collection. Prior to attending business school, he worked for four years as a
telecommunications engineer in the U.S. Air Force, specializing in analog/digital voice systems and
digital networking.
Mr. Boettcher leads Focus Ventures’ business development efforts for its U.S. portfolio companies in
Asia. Value-added activities include recruiting, finding manufacturing and sales & marketing partners
and establishing new or joint-venture Asian entities. Working closely with Dr. CC Han, he helped to
establish Focus Ventures Shanghai Representative Office in 2001. Jim led the Focus Ventures
investment in and is on the Advisory Committee for Golden Sands River Ventures in Beijing, a
successful early-stage venture fund. As a long-time senior advisor to the Cha Group in Hong Kong, he
helped organize and is on the Investment Committee for the Beijing and Shanghai-based Mingly China
Growth Fund, one of China’s leading private equity firms managing both U.S. dollar and RMB funds.
Breckenridge, John
Managing Director, Good Energies
Good Energies 董事总经理
John Breckenridge was appointed Managing Director in December 2007. He joined Good Energies
from CCMP Capital Advisors, formerly known as J.P. Morgan Partners, where he served as Operating
Partner and Managing Director in both Tokyo and New York. During his seven years at the firm, he
was responsible for leading many of the firm’s portfolio companies, as well as advising on all aspects
of the purchase and sales of investments in the U.S., Asia and Europe. While at CCMP Capital
Advisors, Mr. Breckenridge led the development of companies in the renewable energy, traditional
energy, industrial service, manufacturing and chemicals sectors, among others. He also provided
guidance to companies expanding into China or other Asian countries.
Prior to joining JP Morgan Partners in Tokyo, Mr. Breckenridge was Chief Operating Officer of
Densei Lambda KK, a publicly traded Japanese corporation. Before that he was the manager of several
large divisions of Invensys plc and Exide Electronics in the US. Earlier in his career he held
engineering, sales and general management positions at AT&T, International Power Machines, Inc.,
and Strafor Facom SA.
John Breckenridge holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University
of Vermont followed by graduate business study at Rutgers University.
Buchner, Barbara
Energy and Environment Analyst (Europe), International Energy Agency (IEA)
Barbara Buchner, Ph.D. in Economics, University of Graz, Masters Degree in Economics within the
Economics/Environmental Sciences Joint Program, University of Graz and The University of
Technology of Graz, She joined the IEA in January 2007 to work on climate and energy policy issues
in the Energy Efficiency and Environment Division of the Long-term Co-operation and Policy
Analysis Office. Before, she was working as a Senior Researcher at the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
(FEEM), where she was involved in a number of activities related to FEEM’s Climate Change Policy
and Modeling Unit in the field of environmental economics. In fall 2006, she was a Visiting Scholar at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) within its Joint Program on the Science and Policy of
Global Change & Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR).
She is working on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of Kyoto Protocol mechanisms and of other
policy approaches to greenhouse gas mitigation, trying to identify the incentives that result from
different strategies in climate and energy policy. One of her main areas of work concerns the European
Union Emissions Trading Scheme, where she is currently involved in an ex-post evaluation of the first
trading phase. Special attention is given to the ancillary benefits of abatement measures and to effects
concerning technical change induced by various policies. An additional research topic is the integration
of climate change and energy efficiency policy issues. In this context, she also analyses the role of
carbon finance in triggering investments in carbon-friendly technologies, giving particular attention to
strategies to improve energy efficiency.
Her main activities and responsibilities have so far included: research in the economics and policy of
climate change, project management and development, organization and coordination of international
workshops, participation in and presentations at international conferences and workshops.
Budhraja, Vikram
President, Electric Power Group, LLC
Mr. Budhraja has extensive senior executive experience in the electric power industry in the areas of
operations, managing business units, strategy, industry restructuring, investments, technologies, startups, and venture capital. Mr. Budhraja Chairs the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology
Solutions (CERTS). Previously, Mr. Budhraja was with Edison International where he held senior
executive positions including: President, Edison Technology Solutions, Senior Vice President,
Southern California Edison with responsibility for Edison’s Power Grid Business Unit, Vice President
of Planning and Technology, Vice President of System Planning and Operation, Vice President of
System Planning and Fuel Supply, Manager of Planning.
Mr. Budhraja led industry efforts on reliability and creation of competitive electric markets, including
the formation and start-up of the Independent System Operator and Power Exchange for California’s
competitive electricity market. He is an expert on the electric power industry, power system operations
and planning, research and technology development, start-up ventures, business development and
strategy. He was responsible for SCE’s strategic plans and initiatives related to industry restructuring,
business unit formation, generation and transmissions expansion, and mergers. Prior to joining Edison,
he worked in the consulting field.
He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi, and his Master’s in Operations Research/System Engineering from the University of
California, Los Angeles. He has served or is currently serving on various boards, including: Energy
Advisory Board on Electric System Reliability established by the Secretary, U.S. Department of
Energy, Chair/Vice Chair and Member of the California Power Exchange Board of Governors.
Burke, Andy
Professor, ITS-University of California, Davis
Dr. Burke is an expert in electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and battery technologies at
the Institute for Transportation Studies, UC Davis (ITS-Davis). He has worked with and lectured at
Tianjin University, China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC), and tested and
evaluated China's battery technologies.
Caldwell, James
President, E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc
E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc 总裁
James T. Caldwell, Ph.D., is President of E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc., where he specializes in
building green energy alliances and energy systems integration. Founder of Pacific Rim Connections,
Inc., he was the first Editor of the Unicode Standard (ISO10646), and VP for Multilingual Technology
at Ion Global US. He is a Director of the 1990 Institute, a member of the California Biomass
Collaborative, of Sustainable San Mateo County a Director of Conexions and a member of the
Sustainovation steering committee. He is also a member of the Energy Voyager Corporation's
International Knowledge Trust. Jim specializes in building green energy alliances and sustainable
systems integration. He has taught university courses on the Politics of Energy and the Environment,
Comparative Politics and World History at SUNY Binghamton and Iona College, NY. He was Fellow
at the U.C. Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies and Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian
Studies at Stanford University.
柯玠博士是 E3 再生解决方案公司总裁,专注于建立绿色能源联盟和整合能源系统。八十年
者,同时兼任 Ion Global US 公司多国语言技术的副总裁。他是 1990 学社的董事,美国加州生
物质能联合会成员,圣马刁县可持续组织成员,Conexions 的指导,Sustainovation 指导委员会
Cazalet, Edward
Vice President, MegaWatt Storage Farms
MegaWatt Storage Farms 副总裁
Dr. Cazalet has over forty years of electric power experience as an executive, board member,
consultant, and entrepreneur.
In 2007 he co-founded MegaWatt Storage Farms. MegaWatt deploys and manages grid-scale
electricity storage farms for multiple applications including integration of intermittent wind and solar
Dr Cazalet was appointed by California Governor Schwarzenegger in 2004 to a three-year term as a
member of the five-person Board of Governors of the CAISO. The CAISO is charged with safe and
reliable real-time operation and planning of the high voltage transmission system in California.
Dr. Cazalet founded APX in 1996 and served for many years as CEO. He conceived the business
opportunity and raised $66 million in investment capital in three rounds. APX provides independent
transaction services for electric power and environmental registries.
He founded Decision Focus, Inc. (DFI) in 1976 and led DFI to become a leading firm in energy and
electric power market modeling and decision analysis consulting. Prior to DFI, he was an early
member of the pioneering Decision Analysis Group at SRI International. With both DFI and SRI, and
also as an independent consultant, Dr. Cazalet has participated in and led high-level consulting and
decision analysis engagements for several of the world’s largest corporations and many government
Chambers, John
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc
Cisco Systems, Inc 董事长兼首席执行官
Chapman, James
Partner and co-head, China practice Nixon-Peabody
Nixon-Peabody 合伙人兼中国区联合主管
Mr. Chapman is the Managing Partner of Nixon Peabody LLP’s Silicon Valley
office. He has extensive experience in securities, venture capital, mergers and
acquisitions, and international business transactions. Jim has been involved in
over 200 domestic and international mergers, acquisitions and financing
transactions. These transactions have included public offerings, private
placements, debt financings, venture capital transactions, mergers, and
acquisitions. He represents emerging companies in the areas of alternative
energy, energy storage, “green chemistry” and “green” building materials.
Mr. Chapman is the co-leader of Nixon Peabody’s China practice and splits time
between the firm’s Shanghai and Silicon Valley offices. Mr. Chapman also has a
significant experience in China-related transactions, including both assisting
Chinese companies in raising capital in and complying with U.S. Securities laws
and helping U.S. firms make investments, acquire Chinese companies and
operate in China. Mr. Chapman has written and lectured extensively on legal
issues related to IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions, and China. Recent Articles
include: “M&A in China – Ten Strategies For Successful Cross-Border
Transactions,” Asian Counsel, September 2008; “The Road to China: Ten Key
Lessons for doing Business in China,” The Licensing Journal, Vol. 28, No. 7;
“China IPOs—The Era of Transition,” Asian Counsel, Vol. 6, Issue 4, May 2008;
“Traps for the Unwary: The Application of the United States Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act in China,” Nixon Peabody, March 2008.
From 2003 through 2008, Mr. Chapman was noted one of Silicon Valley’s best
lawyers by San Jose Magazine and from 2004 through 2008; Law and Politics
Media voted him one of Northern California’s "Superlawyers."
Chan, Steve
Chief Strategy Officer, Suntech Power Holdings
Steven Chan was the former acting CEO and General Counsel of CDC Corp. where he gained
significant experience in business and corporate strategy development. He previously served as a New
York-qualified corporate attorney at US law firms Morrison & Foerster LLP and Mibank, Tweed,
Hadley & McCloy LLP.
Morrison & Foerster LLP and Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP.
Chen, David
Vice President, General Motors China Group
Dr. David S. Chen joined General Motors Corporation in 1984. His assignments during the first 10
years include automotive manufacturing automation and process optimization. He has been working on
GM programs in China since 1994. He has held positions as Managing Director of Delphi Shanghai
(then GM Automotive Component Group), Executive Director of New Business Development and
Planning, Executive Director of Product Development, and General Manager of Shanghai GM
Dongyue JV. He currently is the General Manager of GM China Beijing Operation responsible for
corporate affairs and advanced technology management. During his 10 years working for GM in China,
Dr. Chen played a key role in joint venture negotiations, merge/acquisition projects, product portfolio
planning/development, and joint venture management.
Dr. Chen has a Ph.D. (1990) in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus, master degrees in statistics (1983) and electrical engineering (1984)
from Purdue University, West Layette Campus, and a master degree (1998) in Sloan management
program from Stanford University. He earned his bachelor’s degree (1981) in mathematics from East
China Normal University in Shanghai.
陈实博士 1981 年毕业于上海华东师范大学数学系,获理科学士学位,之后在美国 Purdue 大学
获统计学及电子工程学硕士学位,在密执安大学获电子工程学及计算机博士学位, 在斯坦福大
1984 年,陈实先生加入通用汽车公司,在美国密执安 Warren 通用汽车研究中心从事生产自动
1994 至 1997 年, 先后任德尔福汽车零部件公司上海代表处总经理,通用汽车中国公司项目管理
1998 年, 任 Doraville 总装厂生产主管;
1999 至 2000 年,在通用汽车技术中心参与新产品开发工作;
2000 至 2002 年,任通用汽车中国公司产品规划及新车业务发展总监;
2002 至 2003 年,任中级轿车产品(凯越)项目执行总监;
2003 至 2004 年, 任上海通用东岳汽车有限公司总经理;
2004 至今, 任通用汽车中国公司北京分部总经理。
Chen, Donald
Director Hydrocarbon and Energy, Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical
Dr. Donald Chen is Dow Chemical's Hydrocarbons & Energy Business Director for Greater China and
the Pacific. Donald leads a team that covers all Hydrocarbons & Energy (H&E) businesses in Greater
China and the Pacific. His responsibilities include business and commercial aspects of Dow's
operations and new business development in olefins, aromatics, feedstock, energy systems, industrial
gases and alternative sources such as coal & bio-based energy & feedstock.
Prior joining Dow in February 2006, Donald worked for Shell International, and held various positions
in gasification research & operation in Holland, commercial / technical lead in London, LNG business
development manager in Oman, and sat in the Commercial Committee of Oman LNG overseeing
commercial operations of the project.
Donald's most recent postings include China Gas & Power Governance Manager in Singapore and
General Manager Business Development / Project Manager of the Coal-to-Liquids program in China.
Dr. Chen graduated Cum Laude in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology in
Holland and holds a PhD from the same university.
Dr. Chen is married to Helen, with two daughters. Family Chen is currently based in Beijing, China.
Chen, Gang
Deputy Director, Hebei DSM Center
河北 DSM 中心副主任
Mr. Chen Gang is the Director of Provincial DSM Administration and Instruction Center of Hebei. He
is in charge of all aspects of DSM work in Hebei Province including planning, administration,
program design and implementation, and verification of savings. He is on the team of experts to
develop the DSM plan for the Province.
Cheng, Xu
Director, Biomass Engineering Center, Beijing Agriculture University
1965 年从北京农业大学农学专业毕业,分配到中国农业科学院作物育种栽培研究所任实习研究
员。现兼任校生物质工程中心主任,农业部科技入户工程专家组组长。在 1977 年至 1986 年
一等奖。累计获省部级科技进步二,三等奖 7 项。
截止 2004 年底,承担国家重大基础研究(“973”)项目第 6 研究课题——北方草地与农牧交错
宁根大学)的 2 项国际合作研究项目。内容分别为农业生态系统中氮、磷生物地球化学循环和
Chiang, Amy
Director of International Affairs, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department
of Energy.
Amy Chiang was appointed by President George W. Bush to the U.S. Department of Energy as the
Director of International Affairs for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).
Ms. Chiang oversees international energy efficiency and renewable energy activities for EERE. She
also facilitates development of global partnerships. Ms. Chiang leads public and private partnership
outreach activities. She works globally with corporations, other government agencies and educational
institutions facilitating the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to address
global energy challenges.
Ms. Chiang has held a wide array of public and private sector roles over the past fifteen years with a
substantial focus on clean technologies, finance and China. She was the Co-founder and Managing
Partner of China Capital Ventures, LLC, a China-focused investment advisory firm. Prior to founding
her company, she served as Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Congressman Sherwood Boehlert,
Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Science.
Ms. Chiang began her career on Wall Street as a foreign exchange derivatives trader for Citibank and a
management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. In addition, she led a water technology focused
transfer mission to China for the United Nations Development Program. Ms. Chiang has also held
several research positions focusing on biomedical and materials science engineering.
Ms. Chiang holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
an MBA and a Certification in Health Administration from the University of Chicago.
Clark, Drew
Strategy Director, IBM Ventures
IBM 投资战略总监
Director of Strategic Insights, Venture Capital Group IBM Corporate Strategy, Drew Clark drives
external innovation into IBM business units. A 20-year IBM veteran, Clark led several entrepreneurial
initiatives, including the formation of IBM's Internet Division. He also led IBM's search, text mining
and knowledge-management initiatives for IBM Software.
Clark has been awarded two patents in software testing and Artificial Intelligence and holds a BS in
physics from Western Carolina University and has completed all coursework toward a PhD in plasma
physics at University of Texas at Austin.
Conley, Gary D.
CEO, SolFocus
SolFocus 首席执行官
CEO, Chairman and co-founder of SolFocus, Inc., founded November 2005 to commercialize the
concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology developed initially through his renewable research
company H2Go. Mr. Conley led the company through funding of over $95million and grown the
organization to over 130 employees globally. He is also Chairman of SolFocus Europe Inc., which was
founded in 2007 to capitalize on the outstanding opportunities in European markets.
Prior to SolFocus, Mr. Conley was CEO of GuideTech, a leading edge developer of advanced highspeed timing interval analyzers. In his first five months at GuideTech he stabilized and converted a
$13M investment and four years of losses into four consecutive profitable months through a major
reorganization, employee training, and an aggressive R&D program.
Before joining GuideTech, Mr. Conley began angel/mezzanine financing of advanced technology startups. He has actively managed investments through strategic planning, mentoring, and leveraging the
capabilities in others. He raised $600K in angel financing, grew revenues and won $3M VC funding
for FlyteComm, a real-time flight intelligence provider. He was Senior Vice President at Credence
Corporation, VP Sales/Marketing and then CEO at EPRO, and he was a co-founder of a Singapore
based semiconductor equipment distributor Engage Electronics.
Mr. Conley was awarded the 2005 Clean Energy Entrepreneur of the Year Award at NREL’s 18th
Industry Growth Forum and, in 2008, the Best Clean Technologies Investment Award at the World
Investment Conference. He is currently a Board Member at H2Go, Glacier Bay Inc., AOTest and
Microfield (MICG). He is also a member of IEEE, AIAA, and SPIE
Coppinger, Steve
Director of Energy Service, CalPortland
CalPortland 能源服务总监
Mr. Coppinger created CalPortland’s energy management program in 2003 and has managed it ever
since. He has been with the company for 22 years.
Mr. Coppinger has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University
in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of UCLA’s Executive Management Program and a
licensed professional engineer in the State of California. He participates on several industry
committees including the Portland Cement Association and ENERGY STAR®’s Cement Focus Group.
He is the Vice Chair of the IEEE Cement Industry National Committee and is the Co-Chair for the
Portland Cement Association’s Energy Subcommittee. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the
U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Matters Newsletter.
CalPortland has been honored with several national energy awards including EPA’s ENERGY
STAR® Awards for four years in a row.
Dale, Larry
Environmental Economist Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Larry Dale is an environmental economist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Associate
Director of the U.C. Berkeley Climate Change Center. He has worked on water resource, energy and
environmental projects for the past 25 years and on the economics of climate change for the past 5
years. As Associate Director at the Climate Change Center, Larry Dale led a three-year effort to
estimate the economic impact of climate change on water and energy use, agriculture, and the
environment. Dr. Dale earned his Masters degree (resource economics) from the University of
California, Davis and his Ph.D. (resource economics) from the University of Hawaii. He is now
teaching economics in the Public Policy School at the University of California, Berkeley.
Deng, Xihong
Managing Director, Hony Capital
Ms. Deng joined Hony Capital in 2004. She oversees direct investments in the consumer goods and
financial services sectors, and post investment management across the Hony portfolio.
Prior to joining Hony Capital Ms. Deng served as a vice president at J.P. Morgan in the areas of
investment banking, equity capital markets and private equity. She also worked in Citibank for two
years in fixed income research.
Ms. Deng has more than 12 years of experience in investment banking in Wall Street, Hong Kong and
China, having served in senior officer roles at J.P. Morgan and Citigroup. Ms. Deng also brings
extensive private equity investment and company-leadership experience to Hony. She served as
president of Solarfun, a company that she led to successful Nasdaq IPO. Additionally she co-founded,
invested and sat on the board of four private US biotechnology and nanotechnology companies in
Silicon Valley. During the past 20 years Ms. Deng has established extensive relationships with Chinese
companies and government bodies while advising Chinese companies on overseas capital raising and
joint ventures formation.
Ms. Deng received two master degrees, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and
Tsinghua University in Beijing respectively.
Fang, Peng
President, Best Solar
Peng Fang, PhD, President of Best Solar Hi-tech ltd. Suzhou China. He has more than 20 years
experience in world leading Semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley as well as China.
From 1989 to 2002, he has been in various research and management positions in AMD and Applied
Materials Silicon Valley USA. From 2002-2004, he was President of Huahong-NEC, which is one of
the largest Semiconductor companies in Shanghai China.
Dr. Fang received his PhD degree from University of Minnesota, USA. He was also a postdoctoral
research fellow at EECS Department, UC Berkeley. Dr. Fang was Chairman of IEEE EDS Society,
Silicon Valley Chapter. He has published many technical papers and delivered invited speeches in
international conferences and holds many US patents.
Fei, Zonglian
Chief Engineer (Former), Ministry of Machinery & Electronics Industries, China
Gloria Fei has successfully brought many U.S. companies into China with industries in multimedia
computers and wireless transmission, etc. She not only has helped U.S. companies in setting up a
representative office, but also has directly operated subsidiaries of U.S. companies in China. She is
well connected in various industries in China, including but not limited to computer,
telecommunications, Internet, software, and networking.
She received her PhD in EECS at University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, Master’s Degree in Electrical
Engineering, Ohio University, USA, and Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Harbin
University, China.
Feinstein, Dianne
Senior United States Senator, California and Chairperson of the U.S. Senate Rules and Administration
As California's senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built a reputation as an independent voice,
working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing
California and the Nation.
Since her election to the Senate in 1992, Senator Feinstein has worked in a bipartisan way to build a
significant record of legislative accomplishments helping strengthen the nation's security both here and
abroad, combat crime and violence, battle cancer, and protect natural resources in California and across
the country.
In the 110th Congress, Senator Feinstein assumed the Chairmanship of the Rules and Administration
Committee, where she oversees ethics, campaign and election reform. Senator Feinstein also serves on
the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she is the Chairman of the Terrorism, Technology and
Homeland Security Subcommittee. And she is a member of the Senate Select Committee on
Senator Feinstein is also a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. She currently serves as
the Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Interior Department and Related Agencies, and is a member
of the Subcommittees on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies; Commerce, Justice,
and Science; Defense; Energy & Water; and Transportation, Treasury, the Judiciary, Housing and
Urban Development,
and Related Agencies. She previously served as the Ranking Member of the Military Construction and
Veteran Affairs Subcommittee.
In addition to her official committee assignments, Senator Feinstein is also a member of several
organizations and associations. Among Senator Feinstein’s many affiliations, she serves as Co-Chair of
the Senate Cancer Coalition, the Anti-Meth Caucus, the Congressional Dairy Caucus and the
Congressional Former Mayors Caucus. She has served as a member of the Aspen Strategy Group since
Feng, An
President and Executive Director, Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (CET)
Dr. Feng is the founder and executive director of the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation
(ICET), and non-profit organization based in Beijing, China. He is also a founding president of Energy
and Transportation Technologies LLC, a technology consulting company based in California. Dr. Feng
has been a world expert in sustainable transportation, fuel economy standards, and climate change for
over a decade. He has worked in numerous national and international-level research institutions as a
technical advisor and consultant. From 2000 to 2003, he served on a joint US-China National
Academy Committee and co-authored a book: "Personal Cars and China". In recent years, he has been
actively involved in various automotive fuel efficiency and GHG mitigation programs around the
world, especially for China, the United States, European Union, Mexico, Brazil and India. He currently
serves as transportation consultant and advisor to Hewlett Foundation’s Latin America program,
Energy Foundation’s China sustainable transportation program, International Council for Clean
Transportation, and US Department of Energy Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Feng is instrumental
in helping China to establish the first-ever fuel economy standards for its passenger cars and light-duty
commercial vehicles. His work has been widely reported by the New York Times and other
international media. Dr. An received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1992, MS from
Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1986, both in Applied Physics. Dr. Feng has authored numerous
publications, including seventeen Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) technical papers, in the
area of automotive technologies and their impacts on energy and environment.
Finamore, Barbara
Director of China Program, Natural Resources Defense Council, SF, CA, Natural Resources Defense
Council, SF, CA
Barbara Finamore is a Senior Attorney and Director of NRDC's China Program, which promotes
innovative policy development, capacity building and technology demonstration in the areas of energy
efficiency, green buildings, clean energy, environmental law and public health. Ms. Finamore has over
twenty-five years of experience in environmental law and energy policy, and has worked or lived in
greater China for nearly twenty years. She has also worked in NRDC's nuclear program, at the U.S.
Department of Justice, and for the United Nations Development Programme and the Center for
International Environmental Law. Barbara served as president and chair of the Professional
Association for China's Environment (PACE), and is the co-founder and president of the China-U.S.
Energy Efficiency Alliance, a nonprofit organization who promotes global sustainability by working
with China to harness efficiency as a viable energy resource. She holds a J.D. degree with honors from
Harvard Law School.
Flannery, Russell
Senior Editor and Shanghai Bureau Chief,Forbes
Russell Flannery has been reporting on Asia's businesses for top-tier U.S. media for more than a
decade. Since joining Forbes Global as an associate editor in early 2001, he has interviewed and
profiled Asian business leaders such as Legend Holdings Chairman Liu Chuanzhi, Taiwan
Semiconductor Manufacturing Co-Chairman Morris Chang, Formosa Plastics Group Chairman Y.C.
Wang, Haier Group Chairman Zhang Ruimin, and BenQ Chairman K.Y. Lee. Before moving to
Forbes, Russell was a correspondent in Taipei and Shanghai for Bloomberg News (1991-1997) and in
Taipei for the Asian Wall Street Journal (1998-2000).
Russell wrote a cover story in May 2002 in which Forbes Global named Shanghai as the best city for
entrepreneurs in the world; six months later, Russell himself was named the Chief of Forbes’ first-ever
bureau in Mainland China, located in Shanghai. The Forbes bureau has greatly helped to expand
Forbes’ coverage of China’s increasingly important economy, its entrepreneurs, and the strategies of
foreign business that hope to succeed in its thriving yet complex markets. Russell also leads the
compilation of the Forbes China Rich List and frequently appears in Chinese media.
A fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker, Russell holds a master’s degree in agricultural and resource
economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is married with one daughter.
Fraker, Harrison
Dean and Professor, College of Environmental Design Engineering, UC Berkeley
Chosen as the fifth Dean of the College of Environmental Design, Harrison Fraker was educated as an
architect and urban designer at Princeton and Cambridge Universities and is recognized as a pioneer in
passive solar, daylighting and sustainable design research and teaching. He has pursued a career
bridging innovative architecture and urban design education with an award-winning practice. He was
awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for creating a new College of Architecture and Landscape
Architecture at the University of Minnesota and was appointed the founding Dean. He was granted
Fellowship in the AIA College of Fellows for his distinguished career of bridging education and
practice. He has published seminal articles on the design potential of sustainable systems and urban
design principles for transit-oriented neighborhoods. He teaches design studio and believes in
integrating pragmatic and theoretical analysis to create new knowledge about the most critical
environmental design challenges facing society. He is currently pursuing his interests through a whole
systems design approach for entirely resource-self-sufficient, transit-oriented neighborhoods of
100,000 people in China.
Frogner, Bjorn
Managing Director, OSC
OSC 董事总经理
Dr. Bjorn Frogner has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from University of California in Berkeley. He has
30 years of experience across a broad range of industries: nuclear power, electric utilities, coal-fired
power plants, process control industry, and information technology. He has also been a part-time MBA
professor for 9 years. His R&D has been reported in 26 refereed papers in technical journals and
conference proceedings.
Dr. Frogner recently completed a one-year engagement with Open Systems Control in China. Since
July 2008, he has been an independent management consultant working on green energy projects in
China. His focus is to identify “green” US technologies and companies that can result in attractive
business opportunities in China. One ongoing project is related to optimizing the combustion
efficiency of coal-fired power plants. Another current project is related to deployment of highly
accurate optical sensors for high voltage transmission lines. Other emerging projects are in the pipeline.
Frye, Terry
Senior Vice President, Nexant
Nexant 资深副总裁
Mr. Fry is a Sr. Vice President in Nexant’s Energy & Carbon Management group in San Francisco and
has been an active proponent of efficient energy production and use for more than 25 years. He has
focused on energy industry restructuring policies and regulations that encourage energy efficiency—
with particular emphasis on demand-side management (DSM), environmentally friendly technologies,
and private sector services. Working with the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance and counterparts
in the Jiangsu DSM Center, he directed the development of the DSM Program Manual for Industrial
Energy Efficiency. The manual provides a focal point for a series of NDRC-led training activities that
were initiated in Beijing in October 2008.
Terry holds an M.Phil in Economics from Cambridge University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
from Stanford University. He has been active in China energy projects and issues since 1984, when he
was resident in Xi’an.
Geesman, John
Co-Chair, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and Former Commissioner, California
Energy Commission
John Geesman has been a prime mover in California's energy policy for the past 30 years, most
recently as a California Energy Commissioner from 2002 to early 2008. He was the Chairman of the
Board of Governors of the California Power Exchange during the ill-fated market restructuring in the
late 1990s, and also served on the Board of the California Independent System Operator. His first
service in government was as Executive Director of the California Energy Commission from 1979 to
1983. An attorney by training, he worked as an investment banker in the bond markets for nearly 20
years. He is the co-Chair of the American Council on Renewable Energy and the originator of the
provocative blog, GreenEnergyWar.com.
Geng, Shu
Dean, Graduate School of Environment and Urban Studies, Peking University, Shenzhen; Professor,
UC Davis
加利福尼亚大学 (戴维斯校区)植物科学系教授; 北京大学深圳研究生院环境及城市学院院长
Dr. Geng received his B.S. from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, and M.S. in Agronomy and
Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Kansas Sate University. He has worked at the Upjohn Company and the
University of California at Davis since 1976. He served as Associate Dean of the College of
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from 1988 to 1991. Dr. Geng has organized and sponsored
more than a dozen international conferences in the past 10 years. Over the years, he has served as a
consultant to a number of governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and companies including,
World Bank, United Nations FAO, Engineering Science Consulting Firm; Foster Farms; Calgene;
Plant Genetics; California Farmers Rice Cooperative; Upjohn; Eureka Laboratory; and Seminis
companies in the US.
Dr. Geng’s research areas include environmental impact models, sustainable agricultural systems and
multivariate systems. He has collaborated with colleagues of many countries. He has published more
than 126 papers in international scientific journals and has received a number of awards and honors
including the election as a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and the American
Association for the Advancement of Science: the highest academic recognition the academic
association can bestow to its members.
统计学博士学位。历任美国 UPJOHN 公司工作生物统计师,加利福尼亚大学 (戴维斯校区)植
物科学系教授。1988-1991 年,耿教授担任 加利福尼亚大学(戴维斯校区)农业和环境科学学
院副院长。耿旭教授组织和主持了 10 余次国际会议. 多年来,耿旭教授作为顾问,为许多国际
斯特农业公司、 CALGENE 公司、植物基因公司、加州稻农协会、UPJOHN 公司、优利卡实验
室、SEMINIS 种子公司 等。
耿旭教授的研究领域包括:环境影响评估模型、持续性农业生产系统,和 农业信息。他和许多
国家都有合作项目。耿旭教授在国际科学刊物上发表了 126 篇多论文以及 6 本研究教学专著,
获得过许多奖励和荣誉, 包括遴选为 美国农学会“ 院士” 和美国科学促进学会 “ 院士”,
这是这两个在美国具有重要 影响的学会给予其会员最高的学术认可。
Girard, Noel
Strategic Marketing Director, Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co.
Noël Girard began working for Schneider Electric in 1980, when he joined the Merlin Gerin Electronic
business unit. He quickly assumed the position of Manufacturing Engineering & Logistics Manager,
before becoming General Manager of a UPS plant for CEV. Four years later he lead the Industrial
department of the Merlin Gerin UPS Division, only a year before becoming Vice-President of
Operations for the UPS American Division of EPE in 1990.
In 1992, he was transferred from Merlin Gerin to Schneider Electric’s Power Products Division, where
he successively occupied the following responsibilities: Low Voltage Modular Breakers Plant General
Manager for MGAIes, Low Voltage Modular Breakers Project Director. In 1998, he had reached the
title of Final Low Voltage Business Unit Vice President. He later became Low Voltage Unit Senior
Vice President (2000-2002), Low & Medium Voltage Business Unit Senior Vice President (2002-2004)
and Power Protection and Control Business Unit Senior Vice President (2004-2007).
Noël was transferred to China in 2007 to head Schneider Electric China’s Marketing Division.
He holds a PhD in Aeronautics and Aerospace techniques as well as an MBA from the Grenoble
Business School.
Noël is also used to working in a multi-cultural environment and travels frequently around the world
for business and pleasure.
纪华德 1980 年就职于施耐德电气,当时他加入的是梅兰日兰电子业务部。他很快担任了生产
工程和物流经理的职务,随后又成为一间 CEV UPS 厂的总经理。4 年之后,他开始领导梅兰日
兰 UPS 部的工业部门,仅仅一年之后的 1990 年,又成为 UPS 美国 EPE 分公司的运营副总裁。
1992 年,他由梅兰日兰转至施耐德电气的电力产品部门,在那里成功地承担了以下职责:
MGAIes 的低压模块式断路器厂总经理、低压模块式断路器项目主管。1998 年,他做到了最终
纪华德在 2007 年调往中国,领导施耐德电气中国的市场营销部门。
Gong, David
Secretary General, US-China Green Energy Council;Managing Director, Terraza Venture
美中绿色能源促进会秘书长, 阳光创投咨询公司董事总经理
David Gong has over ten years of technology business creation and operational experience in the high
tech, retail and clean tech sectors. He is the Secretary General and COO of US-China Green Energy
Council. He is the Managing Director of Terraza Venture, a Cleantech business and financial advisory
firm in both the US and China. Prior to that, David was a founding partner and VP of Business
Development for Hoosier Genetic Engineering, a Cleantech/Alternative Energy company providing
technologies to produce ethanol from cellulosic biomass. He was also the founder and CEO of
JudoSoft, a startup providing intelligent outsourcing value management services to global companies.
Early in his career, David served in engineering leadership roles for several venture backed and large
multinational technology companies, including Taviz (EAI Solution provider), Openwave
(Software.com), and Schlumberger's semiconductor operations. David received a BS in Physics from
the University of Science and Technology of China, a MSEE from Purdue University and a MS in
Physics from University of Miami, as well as an MBA from Santa Clara University.
进会秘书长和执行长。他目前是阳光创投咨询董事总经理, 为在美国和中国的清洁能源技术公
司提供企管和融资咨询服务。之前,他是生物质乙醇公司 Hoosier Genetic Engineering 的副总
裁, 并担任过软件外包服务公司 JudoSoft 的执行总裁。贡力拥有物理和电机双硕士并获得美国
Grueneich, Dian
Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Dian M. Grueneich to the California Public Utilities
Commission (CPUC) in January 2005. Commissioner Grueneich is a nationally recognized expert in
energy and environmental issues, with over 30 years of experience in the field. At the CPUC, she
focuses on energy efficiency, transmission planning and permitting, climate change, renewable energy
resources, and low-income consumer issues.
Commissioner Grueneich is the lead Commissioner on energy efficiency and oversees the $8 billion
energy efficiency program of the California investor-owned utilities. She provided leadership for the
development of the California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan and in August 2008,
received the national Champion of Energy Efficiency Award by the American Council for an EnergyEfficient Economy for outstanding career-long leadership in the energy efficiency field and innovation
in utility regulation.
Commissioner Grueneich is committed to building partnerships nationally and internationally that
advance best practices in clean energy and policies to achieve maximum energy savings. She serves on
the Leadership Group of the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency, the Leadership Council of the
China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance, the International CHP/DHC Collaborative sponsored by the
International Energy Agency, the International Committee of the National Association of Regulatory
Commissioners, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electric and Smart Grid Advisory Committees.
Commissioner Grueneich is a graduate of Stanford University and holds a J.D. from Georgetown
Gu, Weidong
Chief Scientist in Wind Energy, National 973 Project, Director of Jiangsu Macroeconomics Institute
中国国家“973”计划风能项目首席科学家, 江苏省宏观经济研究院院长
Dr. Gu, one of the research fellows and Head of Jiangsu Institute of Macroeconomic Research, is the
first Chief Scientist of the Wind Energy Project (Basic Science Research on large-scale non-gridconnected wind power system, 2007CB210300) National Basic Research Program of China in the field
of energy sources. Devoted to scientific research on new energy sources such as the exploitation and
utilization of wind power, he has successively taken charge of more than 10 provincial-and-ministeriallevel projects. Among these were three projects that reached the advanced international level, two
world-leading projects, and four domestic leading projects. He has received and sixteen patents.
He has been doing researches in the field of wind power exploitation and utilization as early as 1980s,
and Gu’s non-grid-connected wind power theory, as called by wind power experts at home and abroad,
was brought out in the thesis published on China Wind Energy and Journal of Jiangsu Institute of
Technology (the Core Journals in China) in 1985 and 1986. He creatively combined the researches of
new energy source exploitation & utilization and the macro-economic development strategy as a whole,
and the research achievements have mostly been adopted and converted into real actual productivity by
governments at all levels.
Seven series of his books have been printed, among which three series received awards by People’s
Government of Jiangsu Province and four received awards given by The National Development and
Reform Commission. More than 80 theses were published both home and abroad, and have been
awarded many times. The magnum opus with 270 thousand Chinese characters, named New Strategy
for the Development of the Wind Power Industry in China and the Non-grid-connected Wind Power
Theory won the Second - grade Prize of Excellent Research Achievements of National Development
and Reform Commission.
顾为东,江苏省宏观经济研究院院长、研究员、博士,中国第一位国家 973 计划能源领域风能
项目(“大规模非并网风电系统的基础研究 ”2007CB210300)首席科学家。长期坚持风能开
发利用等新能源的科研工作,先后主持省部级课题 10 余项,3 项到国际先进水平,2 项世界领
先、4 项国内领先,并先后获 16 项专利。
早在 1980 年就开始进行风能开发和利用的研究,1985 年和 1986 年分别在中国核心期刊《中国
出版论著 7 部,其中 3 部获江苏省人民政府奖励,4 部获国家发改委奖励,在国内外发表论文
80 余篇,多次获奖。其代表作、27 万字的《中国风电产业发展新战略与风电非并网理论》专
Hagerman, Joe
Federation of American Scientists
Hamrin, Jan
Director, Center for Resource Solutions
Dr. Jan Hamrin is CEO of HMW International, a consulting firm specializing in the implementation of
sustainable energy policies. She is a past President of the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a nonprofit organization created to foster leadership in the implementation of clean energy and sustainable
development practices through education, training and expert assistance. Jan’s work has provided
policy and technical support for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency
programs throughout North America and globally. Jan has been part of the China Sustainable Energy
Program, Renewable Energy Team since 1999. Internationally she has also worked on renewables,
energy efficiency and climate policy in Mexico, Brazil, Europe and elsewhere. She has co-authored
numerous publications and serves on Advisory Committees for the International Energy Agency, the
US Department of Energy and others.
Dr. Hamrin received her Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California at Davis, with emphasis
on public policy evaluation of environmental and energy programs. She also holds Masters Degrees in
Consumer Science and Public Administration.
Han, Qide
Vice Chairman, Standing Committee of National People's Congress of China and President of China
Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
Hausler, Elizabeth
Executive Director, Build Change, Chengdu
Build Change 成都执行董事
Hawkins, Neil
VP for Sustainability, Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Neil Hawkins currently serves as Vice President, Sustainability for The Dow Chemical Company.
In this global role, he is responsible for driving Dow’s sustainability performance, including
implementation of Dow’s landmark 2015 Sustainability Goals, including the transformational
Sustainable Chemistry goal. He is also accountable for Product EH&S, Global Regulatory Affairs,
Health Services, Remediation, and the regional EH&S implementation.
Hawkins has previously held
a wide range of Environment, Health & Safety, and Public Affairs roles across Dow. He has served as
Vice President, Global Advocacy and Public Policy, and Global Director for Issues Management and
Industry Affairs. He led Environment, Health, Safety, and Security programs for a major Dow
manufacturing and R&D site and also for the largest commodity chemical business in the world. In the
1990’s, Hawkins led global issues management activities for chlorine, vinyl, and related products.
Early career assignments included regulatory affairs, product stewardship, and risk assessment
leadership roles. Hawkins joined Dow in 1988, and is in his 20th year with the company. Hawkins
holds masters and doctoral degrees from Harvard University, School of Public Health, and a bachelor’s
degree from Georgia Tech. Hawkins is an expert in environmental risk assessment and environmental
policy. Hawkins is currently a board member of Midland Area Community Foundation; a member of
the State of California Green Chemistry Science Advisory Panel; a member of the Advisory Panel for
the Pardee RAND Graduate School of Public Policy; board member of The Keystone Center for
Science & Public Policy; and member of the International Leadership Council for The Nature
Conservancy. He is also a former board member of the Chippewa Nature Center and Little Forks
Conservancy, and he served an appointment to Midland County Local Emergency Planning
Commission. Hawkins is married to Annemarie Hawkins and has two daughters, Rachel and Deborah.
The entire family is very active in disability advocacy in the community.
He, Dexin
President, Chinese Wind Energy Association
贺德馨,男,1940 年 1 月生,研究员,中国空气动力研究与发展中心原总工程师。1961 年西北
工业大学空气动力学专业。自 20 世纪 80 年代初,开始从事风能技术研究,先后主持和参与过
风能合作项目。曾获原部委级科技进步一等奖 2 项、二等奖 1 项,2004 年获世界风能奖。现任
He, Jiankun
Director, and Former Executive Vice President, Low-Carbon Energy Lab; Tsinghua University
何建坤,研究员,博士生导师。1964 年考入清华大学工程物理系,1970 年留校在清华大学核
能技术研究所工作。1981 年获清华大学管理科学与工程专业工学硕士学位。1991 年晋升为研
党委副书记,清华大学秘书长,清华大学副校长,常务副校长,2004 年 2 月连任清华大学常务
等。作为主要负责人承担多项国家科技攻关及重大国际合作项目。曾获国家科技进步二等奖 1
项、三等奖 1 项,教育部科技进步一等奖 3 项,其他省部级科技进步二等奖 2 项、三等奖 3
Hu, Xuehao
Professor, China Electric Power Research Institute
Prof. Xuehao Hu was born in Shanghai, China, on June 1, 1946. He graduated from the Electrical
Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in 1968 and the Graduate School of China Electric
Power Research Institute (China EPRI), Beijing, China with M.S. degree in 1982. From 1982, he
joined the China EPRI as an engineer, senior engineer and professor of Graduate School of China
EPRI. He was a visiting scholar in the Energy Systems Research Center, University of Texas at
Arlington, U.S.A, from 1986 to 1988. He is now the deputy chief engineer of China EPRI and a tutor
of doctor candidate. He is the chairman of IEEE PES Beijing Chapter. His special research field
includes power system planning, operation and automation, nuclear power station modeling and
system simulation, demand side management and energy conservation, FACTS technology and its
application in power system, power grids interconnection, distributed generation, micro-grid,
renewable energy power generation and its integration into power network etc. His publications
include about 30 papers and several books. He got the First Prize Award of the State Science and
Technology Advance in 1985. He is an expert entitled to Government Special Allowance (GSA) since
1993. He is also an Expert with Outstanding Contribution nominated by the State Ministry of
Personnel in 1999.
Huang, Zhen
Director, Professor, Energy Research Institute
Dr. Zhen Huang is the Cheung Kong Chair Professor of Ministry of Education, Dean of Energy
Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University
in December 1988 after obtaining a Ph.D. in Engineering from the university. His current research
includes alternative fuel, engine combustion and emission control, energy policy and stratagem. In
recent year, he and his group carried out research work on fuel design and HCCI combustion,
alternative for engine, including DME, natural gas, GTL and biodiesel, and developed first DME and
LNG city buses in China. He has published more than one hundred and fifty papers in engine
combustion and alternative fuel. He received the Advancement of Science and Technology Award of
Government five times. He was a recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation in
Jia, Feng
Deputy Director, Center for Environmental Education & Communications, China
As deputy director for Center for Environmental Education & Communications of Ministry of
Environmental Protection of China, Jia Feng is also the editor-in-chief of the World Environment
Magazine. He has been invited as professor for several universities such as Peking University. He has
expertise in fields of environmental public policy, environmental public participation, climate change,
commercialization of environmental technologies, and environmental awareness etc. He has organized
many large campaigns such as “Clean the Mountain Everest”, and “Setting Marker of the Headstream
of Yangtze River” etc. He is also the director of TV series Window on American Environment, Window
on Japanese Environment, Window on European Environment, and China’s Environmental Protection.
He won the National Prize for Audio and Video Products and National Award of Advanced
Individuals for Popular Science.
Jia is appointed as Vice Chairman of Environmental Science and Engineering Teaching and Supervise
Council by Ministry of Education of China. He is the vice president of the Professional Association for
China's Environment (PACE). Jia was the visiting fellow at the college of public policy, the University
of Washington in Seattle (USA). He holds a master’s degree in environmental law and bachelor’s
degree in law from Peking University.
Jiang, Yi
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Tsinghua University
Head of the Building energy research centre, Tsinghua University, Head of the dept. of building
science & technology, Professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineer, Major research field:
building energy efficiency. He is the organizer of an international collaboration research project on
global building energy data study, Chief Editor of Chinese Building Energy Efficiency annual report;
founder of the DeST software for building energy modeling.
Jiang, Yuanfu
CEO, PowerU
Kalonji, Gretchen
Professor, Director of International Strategy Development, University of California Office of
the President
加州大学教授 , 加州大学总校长办公室 国际策略发展主任
Gretchen Kalonji is Director of International Strategy Development for the University of California. In
this position her responsibility is to lead in the design and implementation of the first coordinated and
comprehensive international strategy for the ten-campus UC system, vital to keeping the university
competitive in the future and to enhancing its role as a driver of economic progress. Kalonji came to
the UC Office of the President in 2005 from the University of Washington, where she served as
Kyocera Professor of Materials Science. Prior to joining the UW in 1990, Kalonji served as Assistant
and Associate Professor in the Department of materials science and Engineering at MIT, where she
earned her B.Sc. degree in 1980 and her PhD in 1982. At the UC, Kalonji has worked with faculty and
administrators from throughout the system to launch several large-scale initiatives, including the
“10+10” program with Chinese partners.
Kau, Andrew
Managing Director, Walden International
Andrew Kau focuses on communications and semiconductors. Andrew joined Walden International in
1994. Prior to WI, he was President of Chemical Technologies Ventures. He was also a management
consultant at Strategic Planning Associates and Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Earlier in his career he was
a research scientist at Systems Planning Corporation and a VLSI semiconductor engineer at IBM.
Andrew currently sits on the following boards: Matisse Networks, Mobius Power, Narus, NeoConix
and Synacor. Andrew has been on the following boards: CoVi Technologies, Fastmobile, Fibex,
Gigabit Optics, Obsidian, OpenClovis, ScanVision, SiRF Technology, Sonoma Systems, Transmeta
Corporation and Xponent Photonics. Andrew holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brown
University and an MBA from the University of Virginia.
Klein, Barry
Professor, Vice Chancellor, University of California, Davis
Barry M. Klein received his PhD in condensed matter theory from New York University following an
undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from NYU. He has held several professional and
management research appointments at the Naval Research Laboratory and the National Science
Foundation prior to arriving at UC Davis as Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics in 1992.
In 1998 Dr. Klein was appointed Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, a position he held for three
years before his current appointment as Vice Chancellor for Research.
Dr. Klein is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fellow and Chartered Physicist of the Institute
of Physics, London, U.K., and he is a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Klein
has been a member of numerous NSF, DoD and DoE and DoE Laboratory committees including: the
NSF Supercomputing Center Peer Review Committee; the High Performance Computing Advisory
Board for Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories; the Advisory Committee for Physical
Sciences and Space Technology and the Director’s Advisory Committee at the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory; and the Materials Science and Technology Advisory Committee at the Los
Alamos National Laboratory. He has over 140 scientific publications.
院和国家科学基金会担任过专业和管理人员。 1992 年被聘为加州大学戴维斯分校教授物理系
主任和教授。1998 年克来因博士被任命为该校的副教务长,3 年后担任他目前的职务:科研副
发表过 140 篇科学论文。
Kline, David
Project Lead II, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department Of Energy
美国能源部国家可再生能源实验室项目主管 II
Dr. Kline has conducted analysis of public policy toward renewable energy research development,
demonstration and deployment. He has also provided analysis on the development of policies to
support technology innovation and diffusion. Since 1999, his work has focused on market-oriented
strategies for the transfer of clean energy technologies from developed to developing countries. He has
worked with partners in China, Ghana, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, and South Africa, and participated in
a number of international forums on related issues.
Dr. Kline received his undergraduate degree in mathematics and Ph.D. in Management Science and
Engineering from Stanford University.
Lam, Eric
Director, Prof., Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment, Rutgers University
Eric Lam is a professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology since 1989 and is currently
serving as the Director for the Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment at Rutgers.
He also serves on the advisory board for the newly established Rutgers Energy Institute. His research
interests include the study of mechanisms that control programmed cell death and stress tolerance in
plants, the regulation of global gene expression via chromatin organization, and more recently, the
application of genetic engineering approaches in higher plants to facilitate cellulosic fermentation of
plant biomass. Dr. Lam has authored over 130 publications in journals including Science and Nature
and has been awarded 5 patents relating to biotechnology methods. In addition to actively translating
advances from basic research to applications in the field, he is also developing close ties in education
and research with partners in Brazil, Germany and China.
Larson, Robert
Managing Director (former President of IEEE), Woodside Fund
Woodside 基金董事总经理,美国电气和电子工程师协会前任主席
Robert Larson is Co-founder and Managing Director of the Woodside Fund. Dr. Larson has enjoyed a
challenging and fruitful career in the computer and electronics industry for the past 35 years. He has an
exceptionally broad exposure to the most recent developments in these technologies. Dr. Larson was
co-founder, President, and CEO of Systems Control, a computer systems and software company with
500 employees, including 100 with Ph.D. degrees, prior to its sale to British Petroleum. In addition, he
was President of the international Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the 340,000 member
professional society for electrical engineers and computer scientists.
Dr. Larson has worked for IBM, Hughes Aircraft, and SRI International. He was also a Consulting
Professor at Stanford University in the Engineering-Economic Systems Department for over 20 years.
He received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Stanford University, and a B.S. degree from MIT, all in
Electrical Engineering. He has written six textbooks and 140 technical papers on software and
computer systems. His favorite pastime is golf.
Lee, Steve
Senior Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, M.I.T., 1969; Master of Science in
Electrical Engineering, M.I.T., 1970; Electrical Engineer, M.I.T., 1971; Doctor of Philosophy in
Electrical Engineering, M.I.T., 1972, specializing in Power System Engineering and Control Theory.
PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: IEEE - Senior Member; Honorary Editorial Committee, DianLi
ZiDongHua SheBei (Electirc Power Automation Equipment), China
REGISTRATIONS: Licensed Professional Engineer in: Massachusetts and California.
RECENT RECOGNITIONS & AWARDS: EPRI Chauncey Starr Awards (three times) • President’s
(EPRI) Award
Levin, Joel
VP, California Climate Registry
As the Registry's Vice President of Business Development, Joel Levin is responsible for strategic
development of the California Registry and has overseen the development of the Climate Action
Reserve from inception to its current status as the recognized environmental standard for carbon offset
projects in the United States. He is the California Registry’s primary liaison to the business community
and is a frequent and popular speaker on the Registry’s programs and other climate change topics.
Joel has served as staff to the California Market Advisory Committee and the California Climate
Action Team. Prior to working at the California Registry, Joel worked at Feeva Wireless in Berkeley
and APX in Santa Clara. He has also served on the Capitol Hill staff of Senator Timothy E. Wirth (DColorado).
Joel is a member of the Sierra Club’s National Global Warming and Energy Committee and former
chair of Energy Committee in both the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Chapters of the Sierra Club.
In these roles, he has been active in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency as key elements
in California’s energy future. Joel holds an M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley
and an M.A. in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced
International Studies (SAIS).
Levine, Mark
Group Leader of China Energy Group, Former Director of Environment Energy Technologies Division,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mark D. Levine was director of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) from 1996-2006, a division of 400 people working on energy
efficiency, both R&D and policy analysis. Previously he led the Energy Analysis Department (19831996). His major passion in the past two decades has involved analyzing and promoting energy
efficiency in China. In 1988, he created and has since led the China Energy Group at LBNL. Today
he spends the majority of his time working with collaborators in China on energy efficiency policy in
that country.
Dr. Levine is a board member of four leading non-profits in the United States (American Council for
an Energy Efficient Economy, Center for Clean Air Policy, Center for Resource Solutions, and the U.S.
China Green Energy Council). He is a member of the Energy Advisory Board of Dow Chemical
Company, the Board of Directors of an energy venture capital firm (California Clean Energy Fund),
and of the Advisory Board of the Asian Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) in Tokyo. In 1999,
he was elected a fellow of the California Council on Science and Technology. In 2008, he was selected
as the recipient of the prestigious Obayashi Prize for his contributions to sustainable development,
especially in urban areas. He is the fourth person to ever receive this award, which is given to one
individual every two years. Also in 2008, he received the Federation of American Scientists’ Public
Service award, an award significant contributions to science in the public interest that has been given
to only four people over the past decade.
Mark D. Levine 于 1996 年至 2006 年任劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室环境能源技术部的前任主管,
这一部门内有 400 人致力于能源效率工作,包括研究,开发和政策分析。在这之前(1983-1996
年),他任能源分析部的主任。在过去的 20 年里,他积极投身于分析和促进中国的能源效
率。1998 年,他创立并从此领导着劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室中国能源组至今。目前,他的主要
Mark D. Levine 博士担任四家美国非盈利机构的董事会成员,包括美国能源效率经济理事会,
在 1999 年,他被选为加州科学和技术委员会(与美国的国家科学院相对应)的研究员。在
2008 年,因为他对可持续发展,尤其是城市的可持续发展所做出的贡献,他被授予相当权威的
Mark D. Levine 博士不仅发表了大量的技术性论文,而且还领导了一系列的能源研究工作:如
Mark D. Levine 以最优等生从普林斯顿大学毕业,从加州大学获得博士学位,并获得了富布赖
Li, Dajue
Vice President, Beijing Green Energy Institute
Prof. Li Dajue, Founder and Vice President of Beijing Green Energy Institute, has more than 50 years
of experiences in collection, evaluation, characterization and breeding of economic plants including
guar bean, safflower, sweet sorghum, chickpea, lentils and ornamental plants; regeneration and
enhancement of plant genetic resources. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers in both
Chinese and English, and authored 12 books including some of the authoritative reference books on
safflower and sweet sorghum in the world.
From 1959 to 1999, Prof. Li served as a Research Fellow and Professor for the Institute of Botany,
Chinese Academy of Sciences. His early work created about 2,800 accessions of safflower germplasm
and many new cultivars of sweet sorghum and safflower. Supported by FAO, he organized the First
International Sweet Sorghum Trails in India, Indonesia, Thailand and China; sponsored the First
National Sweet Sorghum Training Course. He presided over the First International Sweet Sorghum
Conference in 1997, the Second International Sustainable Agriculture Conference for Food, Energy
and Industry in 2001 and the Third International Safflower Conference in 1993. After his retirement
from the Institute of Botany in 1999, Prof. Li in 2001 founded the Beijing Green Energy Institute
(BGEI) and served as Vice President since. With BGEI he continued his research on sweet sorghum
and has bred several new cultivars and many innovation germplasm. Major progresses in his research
also include a super male sterile line with high stalk sugar content; a patented storage technology of
sweet sorghum stalk and sugarcane, greatly improving the efficiency of sugar refinery and ethanol
plant using those as feedstock.
主持、完成了联合国粮农组织和国际植物遗传资源研究所等国际组织资助的 14 个国际合作研
究项目,4 个国家自然科学基金会项目,一项中国科学院重点研究项目,发明专利三项。先后
收集了国、内外红花种质资源 2800 多份,收集了国、内外重要甜高粱种质资源和主要优良品
的中、英文红花、甜高粱专著 12 部。选育了一批优良的红花、甜高粱品种并在生产上推广应
Li, Longsheng
Vice President, China Energy Conservation Company
Lim, Wei Wah
Area IT Management Lead, Greater China Region, Microsoft
Lim Wei Wah is overall responsible for the IT management for Microsoft Greater China region,
covering 42 sites. His responsibilities encompass end users’ IT services delivery, IT infrastructure,
information security and client technology. He is also the Global Program Manager for Microsoft
internal Field Service Expert program.
Wei Wah’s primary objective is to provide a technology environment across Microsoft Greater China
that enables a productive workforce by using and showcasing Microsoft products (often in beta release
stage and Unified Communication being one of them) and latest technology from our partners. Wei
Wah has been driving internal IT Environmental Sustainability program to reduce carbon footprint and
Data Center virtualization.
As a part of the Field IT responsibility, he also own and manages the relationship between the internal
Microsoft clients, vendors and the rest of worldwide IT team.
Prior to Microsoft, Wei Wah worked for HP (formerly Compaq) for 5 years where he was Regional
Helpdesk Engineer supporting call center business for Compaq Asia Pacific region. And later became
Regional Management Center Engineer responsible for Compaq Asia Pacific network and system
A graduate of the Stafford University, United Kingdom, Wei Wah holds Honours degree in Computing
Liu, Deshun
Professor, Tsinghua University
Liu, Rulin
Vice President & Secretary General, Chinese Institute of Electronics
1968 年毕业于清华大学工程力学数学系计算数学专业。曾先后在北京广播器材厂、中国计算机
部委科技进步奖。1993 年到 2005 年在电子工业部信息产业部综合规划司从事电子信息产业宏
Ma, Jingjing
CDM project director, COWI
COWI 公司 CDM 项目总监
Ms. Ma is responsible for Climate Change business. She especially focuses on Chinese Clean
Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in China. COWI A/S is a world engineering consulting
leader in Fields of Engineering, Environmental Science and Economics founded in 1930 in Denmark.
The company provides knowledge-based solutions within the areas of transportation, energy and
environment. On the International scene COWI is a specialist Leader with the following services:
Major Bridges, Tunnels and Marine Structures
Development Assistance
Climate Change Counselling
Environmental Due Diligence
COWI hold a long history in China. Since the early eighties COWI has been involved in big projects in
China. COWI's present strategy in China is to offer solutions within the areas of transportation, energy
and environment. COWI has successfully created a good business of CDM, Project Design Document
(PDD) and Technical Due Diligence-projects in the Carbon-trade market. COWI's success can be
addressed to the company's strong engagement in the Chinese market and the company's profile as an
independent international consultant. COWI has a strong focus to continuously secure objective and
professional advises for it partners.
Ms. Ma has been working actively in Chinese carbon market since 2004 especially focus on the
biomass direct burning, wind mill, district heating, Landfill Gas to power generation, waste
incineration etc. Ms. Ma holds Master of Science in Environmental engineering degrees (2003-2005)
from Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and MBA Candidate (2008-2010) of Peking University
and Joint Belgium Leuven University Business School International MBA Program (BiMBA) operated
by China Center for Economic Research (CCER).
Ma, Jiong
Informatics Specialist, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Visiting Professor, School of Environment and Urban Studies, Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate
School, China
Dr. Ma is a well-published biologist and expert on computational biology with extensive experience in
both wet-bench research and in silico biological data analysis ranging from statistical modeling, highthroughput data mining, and genomics. Dr. Ma received his B.S. degree from Peking University, M.S.
from Rutgers University, both in Plant Molecular Biology, and Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Biological
Sciences from Stanford University. Following the Ph.D. studies, he also completed a one-year
postdoctoral work at Stanford. Dr. Ma was previously a Research Associate at the Genetic
Information Research Institute in Mountain View, California for three years, where he carried out both
laboratory and bioinformatics research in human genetics and disease studies. In 2006 he started his
own consulting company focusing on bio-IT and bio-energy related projects across the Pacific.
In addition to his scientific expertise, Dr. Ma has developed a wide array of experiences in web
technologies and interface design. He has been a freelance web/graphic designer and consultant for
more than 10 years and was the founder of an on-line community for overseas Chinese with 6,000+
members. He also worked for a year for an early-stage web technology company as one of the first
Dr. Ma has been closely involved in community services since 1996. Since 2002 he has been serving
on the Board of Directors for The 1990 Institute, a think tank dedicated to the study of major economic
and social issues relating to China, where he co-organized an award-wining, 5-year project on
children's art and the environment in the two countries. Currently he is also serving as Vice President
of IT and Session Chair of Bio-Energy for the US-China Green Energy Council.
息和试验室研究工作。在 2006 年他建立了自己的咨询公司专注于在中美两地的生物信息技术
验。他一直在业余从事网络和平面设计工作,并且创立了一个迄今有 5 年历史,六千多会员的
马炯博士从 1996 年起一直致力于社区服务。从 2002 年起他成为美国湾区一个研究中国重要经
济和社会问题的智库,一九九十学社的理事,并是一个长达 5 年的关于中美儿童艺术和环保的
Martin, Paul
Senior Director, Worldwide Channel Marketing, Western Digital
Western Digital 全球行销资深总监
Paul Martin directs Western Digital’s worldwide channel marketing for WD’s enterprise business unit.
Mr. Martin began working for WD in 1993 as a field engineer. With more than 20 years of experience
in engineering, sales and technical marketing, Mr. Martin served WD as senior director of worldwide
field engineering and technical sales before he took on the worldwide channel marketing role for
Mr. Martin is responsible for evangelizing WD’s technical advantages in enterprise products to
regional OEM’s and distributors around the world. He leads WD’s initiative to be the pioneer and
storage leader in the Green IT industry and engage with WD’s 3rd party storage partners to ensure WD
enterprise products have the best-in-class attributes to meet the customer’s needs.
Previously, Martin worked in engineering roles for companies such as Texas Instruments, Memorex
and as a consultant.
Martin earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Oklahoma State University.
Mendonca, Lenny
Chairman, McKinsey Global Institute
Lenny Mendonca is a Director (senior partner) in the San Francisco Office of McKinsey & Company,
Inc., the world's leading global management consulting firm, where he leads the Firm’s knowledge
development. Mr. Mendonca is on the Shareholders' Council of McKinsey (its board of directors),
oversees the Firm's communications, (including the McKinsey Quarterly), and is Chairman of the
McKinsey Global Institute. He has helped dozens of corporate, government, and nonprofit clients solve
their most difficult management challenges.
Mr. Mendonca is the Chairman of the Bay Area Council, on the board of directors of the Economic
Institute of the Bay Area and the Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium. He is on the board of
The New America Foundation, Common Cause, is a Trustee for the Committee for Economic
Development, and serves on The Advisory Council for the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He
serves on the board of ChildrenNow, DonorsChoose, and The California Business for Educational
Excellence Foundation, and is a member of the Alliance for the San Francisco Unified School District.
Mr. Mendonca has led several McKinsey research efforts. He has written and spoken extensively on
globalization, corporate social responsibility, economic development, regulation, education, energy
policy, healthcare, financial services, and corporate strategy. He received his M.B.A. and certificate in
public management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He holds an A.B., magna cum
laude, in economics from Harvard College.
Mr. Mendonca lives on the Half Moon Bay coast, south of San Francisco, with his wife and two
daughters, where he is the founder and owner of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.
Mills, David
Chairman and Founder, Ausra, Inc
Ausra Inc.董事长兼创始人
Dr. David Mills
Chief Scientific Officer and Founder
Mills is known worldwide for pioneering Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology and
for his work in non-imaging optics, solar thermal energy, and PV systems over 32 years. His lab at the
University of Sydney developed and licensed the evacuated-tube solar water heater technology, which
comprises 60 percent of the world's solar collectors and is used widely throughout China for
distribution of low cost domestic hot water. Mills originated and ran the research program that in 1991,
with colleague Dr. Q-C. Zhang, developed the most advanced sputtered double cermet selective
absorber coating, which is now used in evacuated tube receivers by China's largest solar company,
Himin. He developed or co-developed other commercial systems including the Prism solar
concentrator (Sol X) and the "S" evacuated tube reflecting system (Solahart). A solar sterilizer design
he originated won a World Health Organization award in 2002, and he was a finalist in the 2002 World
Technology Awards for Energy.
Mills is a former president of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and served as inaugural
chair of the International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI). While at ISES, he chaired the International
Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol for Renewable Energy in partnership with the
U.S. Department of Energy. Mills has published and refereed numerous academic reports and articles
on solar energy in such publications as The Journal of Solar Energy and Applied Optics. At Ausra he
continues to personally innovate while coordinating the highly talented Ausra R&D team and steering
the direction of the company as chairman of the board.
Musier, Reiner
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, APX, Inc.
APX, Inc.副总裁,首席市场营销官
APX Inc. is one of the largest platform providers for international environmental markets, and Reiner
Musier is responsible for the company's market strategy for its environmental and energy market
businesses. Dr. Musier’s area of specialization is in technology and software for environmental and
energy markets. He has more than 18 years of experience, and prior to joining APX Dr. Musier was
Vice President with the Siemens Corporation division providing energy market solutions for trading,
risk management, market operations, and market simulation. He represented APX during Governor
Schwarzenegger's recent California Trade Mission to Canada, represents APX in policy discussions,
and frequently appears in the environmental trade press, including Environmental Finance, North
American Windpower, and Point Carbon, and as a conference speaker.
Dr. Musier holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, and a B.S. degree from Northwestern University. He also completed the Wharton
Management Program - a two-year certificate program for executives, and a one-year postgraduate
fellowship at the Universität Karlsruhe in Germany.
Ni, Weidou
Academician, Chinese Academy of Science and Former Vice President, Tsinghua University
Prof. Ni Weidou is an important and influential scientist in the field of energy and power in China. As
the member of the Consultant Group of State Fundamental Research and Planning and the Cochairman of Energy Group of CCICED, he is continuing giving consultation on state energy policies as
well as on the planning and approving of important research and engineering projects in Chinese
energy field.
Prof. Ni is now paying great attention on the sustainable development of energy in China. He has put
forward the point of view of that, polygeneration based on coal gasification is the key strategy for the
sustainable development of China and spares no efforts in promoting the research and implementation
of polygeneration strategy in China. He also paid attention in the research of renewable energies in
China, including the Concession Approach for wind power exploitation, Renewable Portfolio Standard
(RPS) for market cultivation of renewable energy and biomass gasification for cooking, heating and
small scale power generation in agricultural provinces.
Prof. Ni has extensive connections with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and
international industrial and academic circles. He is now keeping close cooperation with University
Committee of Environment (UCE) of Harvard University and Center for Energy and Environment
Studies (CEES) of Princeton University.
倪维斗,1950 年入清华大学,1951 年到苏联包曼高工学习,1957 年初获工程师称号,回清华
任教。1960~1962 年赴列宁格勒加里宁工学院为研究生,获副博士学位。历任清华大学燃气轮
机教研组主任,热能工程系、汽车工程系系主任,1988~1994 任清华大学副校长,在此期间曾
任国家煤燃烧重点实验室主任,国家“攀登 B”项目首席专家。1990 年被俄罗斯圣彼得堡国立
技术大学授予荣誉科学博士,1999 年被选为中国工程院院士,现任教育部科学技术委员会主
Norbeck, Joseph
Professor, Director of Environmental Research Institute, University of California at Riverside
加州大学河滨分校教授 ,环境研究院院长
Dr. Norbeck's research topics include: thermo-chemical conversion, synthetic and bio-fuels and
hydrogen production technologies, thermodynamics of power conversion, characterization of vehicle
and stationary source emissions and assessment of their environmental and health impacts;
development of advanced vehicle technology such as alternative fuels, hydrogen fuel-cells and
electrical vehicles; environmental and air quality modeling; renewable transportation fuels; and
stationary source emission control, sustainable development related to climate change. He was the
founding Director of the Bourns College of Engineering’s Center for environmental Research and
Technology (CE-CERT) from 1992 to 2004, which is a collaborative research center between industry
and the regulatory community. CE-CERT has grown to become the largest research center at the
University of California Riverside with 120 staff, faculty, and students. CE-CERT has active programs
in over 20 foreign countries. In 2004, Dr. Norbeck became the founding Director of the Environmental
Research Institute at the University of California, Riverside that integrates several new and several
internationally renowned interdisciplinary environmental research centers and educational programs
related to air, water, biodiversity, and natural resources. The UCR Environmental Research Institute
will assume the challenge of developing the tools and technologies for integrated resource planning
and management. The heart of this strategy will be to implement a new comprehensive vision for an
integrative approach to air, water, energy, and biodiversity to meet the 21st century challenge to the
Dr. Norbeck 的研究课题包括:热化学转换,燃料合成和生物燃料技术,氢能源生产技术,能量
Bourns College of Engineering’s Center for environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) 系
由企业资助并与环保规范制定机构合作的研究中心。作为 CE-CERT 的创始人之一,Dr.
Norbeck 自 1992 年至 2004 年期间担任该中心的主任。CE-CERT 目前已发展成为 University of
California, Riverside 最大的研究中心,拥有多达 120 名工作人员,教师和学生,并与超过 20 个
国家有合作项目。2004 年,Dr. Norbeck 成为 Environmental Research Institute at the University of
California, Riverside 的创始人兼主任,该研究所现已与数个国际知名的跨学科环境研究中心达
成 在 空 气 , 水 , 生 物 多 样 性 , 自 然 资 源 等 方 面 的 合 作 协 议 。 UCR environmental Research
Institute 将积极迎接挑战,开发综合利用资源的规划和管理工具与技术。其战略核心将着重于
Oathout, Doug
Director, Energy Efficiency Offerings, IBM
IBM 能源效率部总监
Doug Oathout is director of IBM Energy Efficiency Solutions. Based in Research Triangle Park, North
Carolina, Doug leads strategy, solution development and marketing across IBM for energy efficiency
solutions. Doug also leads the New Enterprise Data Center Business Partner program for Systems and
Technology group.
Having joined IBM in 1997, Doug brings extensive experience in solution development, marketing and
strategic alliances to his current role as leader of the IBM Energy Efficiency Offerings. Early in his
IBM career, Doug was instrumental in creating the X-Architecture business strategy — the blueprint
for bringing IBM innovation and differentiation to the otherwise commoditized x86 market. Because
of Doug’s commitment to X-Architecture over the last ten years, IBM advancements in reliability,
performance and utilization have brought the x86 architecture to the forefront of enterprise computing
— helping thousands of clients to streamline their business operations. In Doug’s previous role, he
served as Director of Investments and Offerings for Global Engineering services, where he led the
transformation of our engineering services portfolio.
Doug has broad experience running business units and marketing. He was the Vice President of Office
Solutions in IBM Printing Systems Division and Director of IBM System X High-end Servers. He was
responsible for product execution, sales, marketing and alliances.
Prior to his career at IBM, Doug was a Product Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation, where he had
responsibility for OEM business product line. Doug started his career as a Research and Development
Engineer at NCR Corporation. [More than 250 words. See http://ucgef.org/ for the rest.]
Or, George
General Manager, Greater China Region, NetApp
NetApp 大中华地区总经理
George Or is the general manager for the Greater China Region at NetApp. Based in Hong Kong, Or
heads a team that is responsible for driving NetApp's business growth, customer and partner success
throughout Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
Or brings a wealth of relevant experience to his position at NetApp. Prior to joining NetApp, Or spent
more than three years as general manager for HP Storage in China, during which time the company
achieved the #1 market share position for storage. Previously to this, Or was general manager of HP's
APAC Storage solutions, with responsibility for sales across the Asia Pacific and Japan region. He has
also held the position of sales director of HP APAC Software, where he was responsible for the
internet software business.
Before joining HP, Or held various sales, marketing, services and technical consultancy management
position at Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) and IBM China/HK.
Or graduated from MIT with BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management.
柯志明现任 NetApp 大中华区总经理,驻任香港,专责推动中国内地,台湾、香港及澳门的业
柯志明拥有丰富的业界经验。加盟 NetApp 前,他曾担任 HP 存储部的中国区总经理达三年多,
期间 HP 在区内的储存市场称冠,独占鳌头。在此之前,柯氏曾出任 HP 亚太区储存方案部总
经理,执掌亚太区及日本的销售业务;早年亦曾担任 HP 亚太区软件部销售总监,专责管理互
加入 HP 前,柯志明先后在 Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) 及 IBM 中国/香港办事处工作,
他在美国麻省理工学院毕业, 持有机械工程及管理学士学位。
Pan, Jian-Yue
Corporate Vice President, Synopsys
Mr. Jian-Yue PAN is responsible for Synopsys Asia Pacific business operation. Synopsys, Inc is a
world leader in electronic design automation (EDA) software for semiconductor design. The company
delivers technology-leading system and semiconductor design and verification platforms, integrated
circuit (IC) manufacturing and yield optimization solutions, semiconductor intellectual property and
design services to the global electronics market. These solutions enable the development and
production of complex integrated circuits and electronic systems. Through its comprehensive solutions,
Synopsys addresses the key challenges designers and manufacturers face today, including power
management, accelerated time to yield and system-to-silicon verification. Synopsys is headquartered in
Mountain View, California, and has about 1500 people, 10 offices located the Mainland China, Korea,
India, South Asia and Taiwan within Asia Pacific. Its EDA tools have been adopted by the majority of
regional leading IC companies as their primary design solution.
Since 1995, Mr. PAN has been taking different position at Synopsys as China Sales Manager, China
Chief Representative and Senior Director, President of Synopsys Shanghai Ltd. Prior joining Synopsys,
he engaged R&D, Sales and management roles in the China Academy of Science and US based
Mentor Graphics Inc.
Mr. PAN holds Bachelor (1985-1990) and Master (1990-1992) engineering degrees from Beijing
Tsinghua University, and Executive-MBA degree from China-Europe International Business School
(CEIBS) (2001-2003).
Paniagua, Frank
CEO, Green Plug
Green Plug 首席执行官
Frank is the Founder and CEO of Green Plug, Inc. A two and one half year old technology company
dedicated to fixing the AC to DC consumer charging experience and changing the world. As a serial
entrepreneur, Frank has spent his entire career involved in start-ups. Frank was the co-founder of the
Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and was Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales at
RasterOps and VideoLogic (both companies executed successful IPO's), founder of KidWise
LearningWare, co-founder of Eskape Labs and AutoNetworks and the president of IXMICRO.
(EskapeLabs, and AutoNetworks were acquired.) Frank has a history of success including 26+ years of
"solution selling" into the industry's most respected PC and consumer electronic manufacturers (Apple,
Compaq, Digital Equipment, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun and Sony). Frank's expertise is building and
growing new ventures into successful companies. Frank holds a BA degree from California State
University Hayward.
Porat, Marc
CEO, Calstar Cement
Calstar Cement 首席执行官
Marc has founded and led technology and materials companies since 1983. In the past six years, he has
created a group of companies focused on climate change and the built environment.
Marc is Chairman of Serious Materials, leading manufacturer of sustainable building materials
including Quiet brands, EcoRock and ThermaProof windows all focused on reducing energy
consumption and CO2 emission. Chairman & CEO, CalStar Cement, a developer and manufacturer of
a high-performance, sustainable low-CO2 cement suitable for bricks, precast concrete and general use
cement. He as served as Chairman, ZETA Communities, manufacturer of affordable factory-built
homes that operate at net zero energy and Chairman, Heliotricity, a developer and manufacturer of
solar modules that can be integrated into the building envelope.
Marc’s Stanford University doctoral dissertation is The Information Economy. Following, he served as
senior economist at U.S. Department of Commerce and then a Director of the Aspen Institute. Marc
was recruited by Apple Computer to lead a project that developed a smart PDA. He served as
Chairman & CEO of General Magic, an Apple spin-out that created communication and software and
pioneered the concept of personal communicators and intelligent agents and took the company through
its IPO; Chairman, Perfect Commerce, an enterprise supply management company providing CRM,
sourcing and procurement software and supply chain optimization; Chairman & CEO, Private Satellite
Network, a DBS pioneer that built and operated business television networks for Fortune 500
Marc is a supporting member of Natural Resource Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, U.S.
Green Building Council, China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Rocky
Mountain Institute, Alliance for Climate Protection and Global Green.
Price, Lynn
Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lynn Price is a Research Scientist in the China Energy Group of the Energy Analysis
Department, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, of Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory. Ms. Price has a MS in Environmental Science from the University of WisconsinMadison and has worked at LBNL since 1990. Ms. Price has been a member of the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007,
since 1994 and was an author on the industrial sector chapter of IPCC’s Fourth Assessment
Report on Mitigation of Climate Change. Since 1999, Ms. Price has provided technical
assistance to the Energy Foundation’s China Sustainable Energy Program related to
international experience with industrial sector energy efficiency policies. Ms. Price led an
effort to introduce Chinese experts and policymakers to international experience with
industrial energy efficiency target setting through development of a pilot program with two
steel mills in Shandong Province. Following the pilot program, China’s National Development
and Reform Commission established the Top-1000 Energy-Consuming Enterprises Program
in which China’s largest energy-consuming industrial facilities were given energy-saving
targets for 2010 in support of the national goal to reduce energy use per unit of GDP by 20%
between 2005 and 2010. Ms. Price is currently providing technical assistance for the Top1000 Enterprise Program as for a number of projects focused on improvement of energy
efficiency and emissions reductions in China’s industrial sector for the U.S. EPA, World Bank,
International Energy Agency, and the Asia Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and
Climate (U.S. Department of State).
大学麦迪逊分校获得硕士学位, 于 1990 年起工作于劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室至今。蒲思琳女
士自 1994 年起成为政府间气候变化委员会的成员,此委员会于 2007 年获得诺贝尔和平奖;她
也是政府间气候变化委员会《减缓气候变化》的第四次评估报告的工业章节的作者。从 1999
定了至 2010 年的节能目标,以支持国家制定的在 2005-2010 间年降低单位 GDP 能耗 20%的目
Ren, Dongming
Deputy Director, Center for Renewable Energy Development (CRED) Energy Research
Ren Dongming is an Associate Professor at the Center for Renewable Energy Development (CRED),
Energy Research Institute, PRC National Development and Reform Commission, a position he has
held since 2001. From 2002 to 2004, he was Deputy Director of the Management Office of the
Renewable Energy Scale-up Program for the PRC government. Among other positions, Dr. Ren has
also served as a Project Officer in International Development for China’s Ministry of Finance, a staff
person in China’s Renewable Strategic Partnership Program, and Visiting Research Fellow at the
Institute for Marine Development Strategy at China’s State Ocean Administration.
Dr. Ren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Liaoning Normal University, a Master’s degree
from the Institute of Oceanic Economy, also at Liaoning, and Ph.D. from the Department of Regional
Economy at the Institute of Geography, Science, and Resources. He held a postdoctoral fellowship in
the Department of Resources and Environment Sciences at Beijing Normal University. Dr. Ren is the
author of dozens of reports on energy policy, sustainable development, maritime resources, and other
Rodriguez, Gene
Director, Southern California Edison
Gene Rodriguez is the Director of Energy Efficiency for Southern California Edison Company. Over
the last six years, Southern California Edison has partnered with its customers to save more electricity
through energy efficiency programs than any other utility in the nation. In addition to overseeing SCE's
Energy Efficiency, Low Income, California Solar Initiative and Self Generation Incentive programs,
Mr. Rodriguez serves on the board of directors for the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, the
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance.
Gene also serves on the Leadership Group for the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, a
voluntary initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection
Rooney, Tom
Managing Director, RCI consulting
RCI 咨询公司董事总经理
Thomas Rooney is the managing partner at RCI Consulting, where he advises clients on all facets of
the global water industry with a particular emphasis on critical water infrastructure issues.
Prior to joining RCI Consulting, Mr. Rooney was the President and CEO of Insituform Technologies,
Inc., a technology company that has become the world’s largest water, sewer and oil pipeline
rehabilitation company. During his tenure the company expanded its operations to include sewer, oil
and drinking water technologies, while also expanding the company into Eastern Europe, Australia,
China, India, Malaysia, Mexico and various other countries, ultimately operating in 45 countries
around the world.
Mr. Rooney currently serves on the board of directors of Duoyuan Global Water Company, a leading
water products manufacturing company based in Beijing, China. Mr. Rooney also currently serves on
the board of several NGOs and, through this involvement, Mr. Rooney advises governments around
the world on the difficult challenges associated with critical water shortages and aging water
Mr. Rooney holds a civil engineering degree from Cornell University and an MBA, with a
specialization in finance, from The University of Chicago.
Mr. Rooney is the author of numerous water and infrastructure-related business commentaries in
several major publications including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times,
and the Washington Times as well as frequent appearances on national news programs including NBC,
CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX News and NPR Radio.
Sastry, Shankar
Dean, College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
S. Shankar Sastry is dean of the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley. Prior to serving as dean he
was director of CITRIS (Center for Information Technology in the Interests of Society) an
interdisciplinary center spanning UC Berkeley, Davis, Merced and Santa Cruz. In February 2007, he
was appointed the faculty co-director of the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He chaired the
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley from January 2001
through June 2004; he was director of the Information Technology Office at DARPA from 1999 to
early 2001 and director of the Electronics Research Laboratory at Berkeley, conducting research in
electrical, computer sciences and engineering from 1996-1999.
Dr. Sastry received his Ph.D. in 1981 from the UC Berkeley. He was on the faculty of MIT as assistant
professor from 1980-82 and at Harvard University as a chaired Gordon Mc Kay professor in 1994. He
has held visiting appointments at the Australian National University, Canberra the University of Rome,
Scuola Normale and University of Pisa, the CNRS laboratory LAAS in Toulouse (poste rouge),
Professor Invite at Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (CNRS laboratory VERIMAG), and as
a Vinton Hayes visiting fellow at the Center for Intelligent Control Systems at MIT. His areas of
personal research are embedded and autonomous software for unmanned systems (especially aerial
vehicles), computer vision, computation in novel substrates such as quantum computing, nonlinear and
adaptive control, robotic telesurgery, control of hybrid and embedded systems, network embedded
systems and software. Most recently he has been concerned with cyber security and critical
infrastructure protection, and has helped establish an NSF Science and Technology Center, TRUST
(Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technologies)
He has coauthored over 350 technical papers and nine books.
Dr. Sastry was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2001 and to the American Academy
of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) in 2004. He is on the Technical Advisory Group of the President’s
Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. He was on the US Air Force Science Board from
2003-2006, and is chairman of the board of the International Computer Science Institute. He is also a
member of the boards of the Federation of American Scientists and ESCHER (Embedded Systems
Consortium for Hybrid and Embedded Research). Among his many honors, he received the President
of India Gold Medal in 1977, the IBM Faculty Development award for 1983-1985, the NSF
Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1985, the Eckman Award of the of the American Automatic
Control Council in 1990, the Ragazzini Award for Distinguished Accomplishments in teaching in 2005,
an M. A. (honoris causa) from Harvard in 1994, Fellow of the IEEE in 1994, the distinguished
Alumnus Award of the Indian Institute of Technology in 1999, and the David Marr prize for the best
paper at the International Conference in Computer Vision in 1999.
Shaw, Roman
Founding Partner, DT Capital Partners
• 51Auto Limited
• ChinaAA Corporation
• Chaoli Holdings Limited
• Fastrackids International Ltd.
• Wiscomm Microsystems Inc
Roman is a founding partner of DT Capital Partners. As the former founding CEO of DragonTech
Ventures, one of the earliest China-focused venture capital firms, Roman served as investor and
director of SunTech Power, Harbour Networks, and ChinaPay. Prior to that, Roman served in various
management positions and directorships for five years within the Shanghai Industrial group, a major
investment arm of the Shanghai municipal government with its flagship company listed in Hong Kong.
In 1998, Roman co-founded a joint venture asset management company between Salomon Brothers
and Shanghai Industrial focusing on the greater China market. Roman began his professional career
with Merrill Lynch in 1992.
Roman received his MBA degree from USC Marshall School of Business; he graduated with honors
from University of Hawaii and Shanghai Fudan University majoring in finance.
In 2005, Roman was elected as “Top 10 Most Active Venture Capitalist” for the third time by
Zero2IPO. In 2007, Roman was named to the Forbes China Midas List for the second time. He is
currently a governor of the China Venture Capital Association (CVCA).
Shi, Jian
Vice President, Sichuan University
Shi, Lishan
Deputy Director, Energy Bureau
Shu, Jack
HP, Vice President
Jack Shu is the Senior Vice President and Director of Government Affairs & External Development of
China Hewlett-Packard located in Beijing of PRC. Jack is responsible for working closely with other
senior HP managers in shaping public decisions and strengthening HP’s sustained operation and
positive exposure and visibility in China. Jack joined HP on August, 03 2000 after working as the GM
of Schmidt Electronics Group Limited (China) for about 4 years responsible for business operation in
China and as the MTS of AT&T Bell Labs in U.S.A for about 8 years.
Jack received a Bachelor Degree in Physics from Nanjing University in 1982 and a Master Degree in
majoring in Computer Engineering from Manhattan Institute of Engineering in 1986. Jack is a senior
member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics. Jack is now HP’s corporate member in AmChamChina, vice chairman of Entrepreneur Advisory Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and adviser
for the mayor of Wuhan.
舒奇先生曾在美国 AT&T 公司贝尔实验室工作八年;之后在兴华科仪(中国)有限公司工作四
年,任总经理, 负责兴华科仪在中国的运作;于二零零零年八月三日正式加入惠普公司。
舒奇先生 1982 年毕业于南京大学物理系, 取得物理学学士学位. 1985 年至 1986 年就读于美国曼
哈顿工程学院电子工程系, 取得计算机工程硕士学位。舒奇先生为中国电子学会高级会员。
舒奇先生现担任中国惠普有限公司在 AmCham-China 的主会员,中关村科技园企业家顾问委员
Sperling, Dan
Professor/Director, ITS-University of California, Davis
Daniel Sperling is Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, founding
Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies and acting Director of the UC Davis Energy
Efficiency Center at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis). He was appointed by Governor
Schwarzenegger to the "automotive" seat on the California Air Resources Board in 2007, and chairs of
the "Future of Mobility" Council of the Davos World Economic Forum. Dr. Sperling has authored or
co-authored over 200 technical papers and ten books, was "lead author" of the transportation chapter in
the 2007 IPCC Mitigation report, and is a recent member of eleven U.S. National Academies
committees on Energy Efficiency, Gasoline Taxes, Hydrogen, Transport in China, Biomass Fuels
R&D, and Sustainable Transportation. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from
the University of California, Berkeley (with minors in Economics and Energy & Resources), Professor
Sperling worked two years as an environmental planner for the US Environmental Protection Agency
and two years as an urban planner in the Peace Corps in Honduras.
St. George, Anthony
Executive Director of GLOBE, University of California, Berkeley; Director of Development, CITRIS
Anthony St. George is Director of Development for the Center for IT Research in the Interest of
Society (CITRIS) and Executive Director of the Dado and Maria Banatao GLOBE Center for Global
Learning and Outreach from Berkeley Engineering. In this capacity he leads corporate development for
CITRIS and strategic international initiatives and global executive education for both CITRIS and the
College of Engineering. Recent initiatives include those with Tsinghua University, the Cheung Kong
Design Research Center, and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Prior to his
arrival at UC Berkeley in November 2005, Dr. St. George was Assistant Dean for Development and
Communications in the School of Engineering at MIT and before that served as an associate director in
MIT.'s Office of Corporate Relations, where he lead a team of officers to develop and foster research
relationships between MIT. and U.S. and Pacific Rim corporations in the ITC and financial services
industries. Dr. St. George received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in East Asian Languages and
Storms, Brian
Chief Executive Officer, APX
APX 首席执行官
Brian Storms joined APX in January 2008 to help accelerate the firm’s growth and to realize its vision
as the infrastructure backbone and provider of choice for the energy and environmental commodities
market. Mr. Storms has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, spanning such
diverse disciplines as sales, marketing, and distribution; new product innovation; operations; and risk
management and insurance. Prior to joining APX, Brian was CEO of Marsh Inc., the worlds leading
risk advisory and insurance brokerage firm, with revenues of $5 billion and 26,000 employees. While
at Marsh, Brian was a committed advocate on the issue of climate change, including collaboration and
participation with numerous high profile partners and initiatives, such as: the Clinton Global Initiative;
the U.S. Climate Action Partnership; the Business Environmental Leadership Council of the Pew
Center for Climate Change; and Ceres.
Sun, Ray
Managing Director, Applied Ventures, Applied Materials
Ray Sun is Managing Director for Business Development and Venture Investment, Great China,in
the Corporate Business Development group of Applied Materials since Nov.2007, responsible for
identifying, recommending and managing new business opportunities and venture capital investments
in the great China region. He also serves as the head of China Regional Marketing for Applied
Materials China.
Prior to his current position, Mr. Sun was General Manager of the strategic semiconductor Account in
China for Applied Materials since Nov. 2001. He had managed and built up the Account team from
scratch and witnessed a recorded year of revenue in 2004 with customer. He had also been a Board
Director and Auditing Board member of AFOP since 2001, a NASDAQ listed fiber optical component
company at Sunnyvale.
Prior to joining Applied Materials, Mr. Sun was a Managing Partner and Representative of North
America for Global Investment Management Co. LTD. (GIM), a Venture Capital firm from Taiwan.
Before joining GIM, he ran his own consulting partnership since 1998 for raising capital and helping
the development of start-up companies. From 1996 to 1998, he was a founding member, Board
Director and VP of Business Development at Storm Technology Inc at Silicon Valley. Prior to that, he
served as one of the early founding members of Primax, a listed company at Taiwan, as VP of
Computer Business Group, later as the US subsidiary President and a Board Director.
Mr. Sun received his bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University
at Taiwan and his master's in Industrial Engineering from Kansas State University at Manhattan,
Sun Qixin
Vice President, China Agricultural University
Sung, David
President, Greater China Region, VMware, Inc
VMware 公司大中华区总裁
David Sung is President of VMware’s Greater China region, which covers Mainland China, Hong
Kong SAR, Macau and Taiwan.
In this position, Sung leads VMware’s Greater China business and is responsible for strategic planning,
business operations and management of key functions, including sales, channels, services and
Sung has more than 26 years extensive experience in IT and business management. Prior to VMware,
Sung served as general manager of IBM’s key large client department where he was responsible for
corporate management as well as product and service distribution. Sung has hands-on management
experience across the Asia Pacific region, including Greater China, and in the US. Sung brings
extensive IT and customer experience in key industries such as finance, telecommunications, energy
and aviation. Sung graduated from National Taiwan University, majoring in Economics.
宋家瑜先生现任 VMware 公司大中华区总裁,主管中国大陆、香港特别行政区、澳门特别行政
作为大中华区总裁,宋家瑜先生领导 VMware 大中华区的业务发展,并主要负责战略规划、关
键职能部门(包括销售、渠道和市场营销)的业务运营与管理。宋家瑜先生在 IT 和商业管理
方面拥有超过 26 年的丰富经验。
加入 VMware 之前,宋家瑜先生曾担任 IBM 重大客户部门总经理,负责企业管理和产品与服务
金融、电信、能源和航空等重点行业,宋家瑜先生亦拥有全面而丰富的 IT 和客户管理经验。
宋家瑜先生毕业于台湾大学 (National Taiwan University),主修经济学。
Sutardja, Sehat
Chairman, President and CEO, Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
Marvell 科技集团公司董事长、总裁兼首席执行官
Dr. Sehat Sutardja, one of Marvell’s co-founders, has served as President and Chief Executive Officer
of Marvell Technology Group Ltd. since its inception and as Chairman of the Board since 1999. In
addition, he serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and as a Director of Marvell Semiconductor,
Inc. While remaining deeply involved in the daily challenges of running a 5000 person company, Dr.
Sutardja participates heavily in Marvell’s engineering efforts across analog, video processor, and
microprocessor design while offering input across all of the company’s other product lines. His
persistent drive to invent creative technologies has allowed him to achieve 78 patents to date and he is
highly regarded as a leader in the design of semiconductors. Dr. Sutardja holds the IEEE’s Fellow
Grade status—a prestigious distinction that is bestowed upon an individual with an extraordinary
record of accomplishment in an IEEE field of interest. No more than one-tenth percent of the total
IEEE voting membership is recognized annually with this designation. In 2006 Dr. Sutardja was
recognized as the Inventor of the Year by the Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association and
he holds Master of Science and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the
University of California at Berkeley.
Swartz, James M.
Chief Information Officer, Sybase, Inc.
Sybase 首席信息官
As chief information officer, James Swartz is responsible for all of Sybase’s worldwide systems and
information technology infrastructure, allocating and managing global IT resources including data
centers, applications development and telecommunications. He has been with Sybase since 2000.
Previously, Mr. Swartz worked at SRI International, where he held the position of chief information
officer. Before that, he was at Science Applications International Corporate, where he led the direction
and maintenance of corporate information systems development, management and training of
information technology and information system planning.
Mr. Swartz earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Muskingum College, and attended
graduate school studying Russian Linguistics at Ohio State University.
Teng, Xia
Special Assistant, International Strategy Development, UC Office of the President
Xia Teng is Special Assistant for the International Strategy Development at University of California
Office of the President. In this position, her responsibility is to assist the Director in developing the
system wide UC-China partnership, which aims to build a coordinated and collaborative research and
educational agenda to develop solutions to the most pressing common challenges facing both China
and California. Her interdisciplinary experiences including: conducted post-doctoral research in the
field of brain imaging at the Functional Imaging Department in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab,
worked as information system developer at Philips Medical Systems. She also served as a member in
the Chinese e-Learning Technology Standard Committee, and contributed to strengthen the
committee’s relationship with various international organizations of e-Learning standards development.
Prior to her arrival at UCOP, She was a visiting scholar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
at UC Berkeley (2003-2005), and in the Educational Technology Institute at Tsinghua University
(2001-2003). She participated in the development of Engineering Pathway project, the portal for
Engineering Education of the National Science Digital Library, and conducted research about the
criteria and guideline for quality evaluation of web-based educational content. She graduated with a
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.
Thresher, Bob
Director, National Wind Technology Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department
Of Energy
Dr. Robert Thresher, longtime director of the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) at the
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), was appointed to the position of NREL Wind Energy
Research Fellow on April 1, 2008. NREL Research Fellow appointments are reserved for outstanding
scientists and engineers who have achieved exceptional and/or internationally recognized positions of
leadership in their fields, but who wish to devote the majority of their time and energy to scientific and
technological endeavors.
As the former Director of the National Wind Technology Center, Dr. Thresher was internationally
recognized as a visionary, leader and architect of the national wind energy agenda. Over three decades
he has laid the foundation for wind technology advancement, nurtured its development and remained a
vigilant shepherd through deployment of those technologies. He earned a tenured professorship in
Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University where he taught courses in Applied Mechanics,
and initiated pioneering researcher in the mechanics of Wind Energy Systems during the 1970’s and
early 80’s. He joined NREL in 1984 and has provided leadership for the growth of NREL’s wind
program from $5MM/year at its inception, to its current level of about $30MM/year. He has published
extensively and is recognized internationally as one of the leading experts in research, development
and commercialization of wind technologies.
Toy, Thomas
Managing Director, PacRim Venture Partners
PacRim Venture Partners 董事总经理
A twenty year venture capitalist, Thomas J. Toy is Co-founder and Managing Director of PacRim
Venture Partners (www.pacrimpartners.com), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm specializing
in diversified information technology and clean technology companies. Mr. Toy is also a Partner with
SmartForest Ventures (www.smartforest.com). Mr. Toy is currently on the boards of directors of
UTStarcom (NASDAQ: UTSI), White Electronic Designs (NASDAQ: WEDC), Solarfun Power
Holdings (NASDAQ: SOLF) and several private companies. In addition to these, Mr. Toy’s past
companies include SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR), Catalina Marketing (NYSE: POS), LifeCell
(NASDAQ: LIFC) and SyStemix (IPO, then acquired by Novartis). Mr. Toy graduated from
Northwestern University with B.A. and MBA degrees.
Tu, Rongjiang
Managing Director, JX-CAST Beijing
Mr. Tu is managing director of JX-CAST, heading energy and power IT development. He is primarily
focusing on infrastructure solutions that will optimize power delivery in Chinese power systems,
including distribution grid loss optimization and distributed generation control. He is also developing
innovative solutions for Integrated System Model (ISM) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
based on Real-time Data Center (RtDC).
Mr. Tu is an executive representative of PI China Technical Support Center. He has defined the
strategic direction of RtDC and AMI solutions for Chinese electrical power, and successfully
supervised the solutions that help customers move towards more efficient technology and service, as
well as bring Real-time Performance Management (RtPM) to Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS)
solutions in Chinese electrical power grids.
Mr. Tu has over 26 years experience in electric power system, real-time systems control and
information technology solutions. He has successfully brought innovative technologies into Chinese
electrical power systems, and created more efficient solutions and service, including RtDC, AMI,
WAMS, DSM (Demand Side Management), even before SCADA/EMS, DMS and TMR solutions. He
received B.S. and M.S degree from the University in Chengdu and Xian China respectively.
Turrentine, Tom
Director, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Research Ctr, UC Davis
Dr. Tom Turrentine is Director of the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center and a Research
Anthropologist at the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis. For the past
20 years, Tom has been applying methods and theory from anthropology to guide research on
consumer response to alternative fuels, vehicle technologies, road systems, and policies with
environmental benefits. His most recent projects have been studies of consumer’s response to fuel
economy, hybrid electric vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, and new types of energy use
instrumentation in vehicles.
Vilimek, Mark
CEO, Tahoe Water System
Mark W. Vilimek is the CEO of Tahoe Water Systems (TWS), a Silicon Valley based startup company
he co-founded in 2006 to focus on the development of renewable energy based water systems. He
actively supports the development of green technologies in China, with core R&D and manufacturing
centered in Xiamen.
Prior to TWS, Mark held management and engineering roles at notable enterprises including Cisco
Systems, Nortel Networks, Lockheed-Martin, General Electric and LSI Logic. He previously started
two companies, Infolinx, a meta-object database technology company and Marale, a technology
investment and strategy firm. Mark also serves on the advisory boards of several successful high-tech
startups and technology based organizations.
Wallace, William
Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department of Energy
William Wallace is a Senior Project Leader and member of the International and Environmental
Studies Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis and Applications Center of National Renewable
Energy Lab.
Areas of expertise: Development and pilot testing of sustainable development models for rural
electrification; Renewable energy programs in developing countries; Business development and
commercialization strategies for biomass, wind, and solar applications
Primary research interests: International cooperation with China for renewable energy development;
Sustainable rural energy development and rural electrification; Applications, markets, and policy
development for solar, wind and biomass
Education and background training: B.S. in chemistry, Memphis State University, Memphis, Tenn.
(1972); M.S. and Ph.D. in physical chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. (1974/1977);
Post-doctoral research in electrochemistry, University of Texas at Austin (1977-1979).
Wang, Gehua
Vice-Dean, Tsinghua Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy
Wang, Guangqian
Professor, Tsinghua University
王光谦 1962 年 4 月生,1982 年毕业于武汉水利电力学院,1989 年在清华大学获博士学位,
出。他参加了三峡坝区泥沙模型试验,为 1994 年 7 月三峡工种设计审查提供了依据。他先后
发表论文 40 多篇,并著《固液两相流基本理论及其应用》一书。他的科研成果得到了国内外
Wang, Hao
Director and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Water Resources, Chinese
Academy of Water Science
水资源研究,主持完成了国家科技攻关项目、国家 973 项目、中国工程院重大咨询项目等重大
项目 10 余项,并完成多项国际合作项目及数十项省部级及地方咨询项目;创立并发展了我国
大突破,积极推动了水资源学科的新发展。曾获国家科技进步二等奖 4 项,省部级一等奖 5
项,二、三等奖多项;并被评为全国先进工作者,获中央国家机关“五一 ”劳动奖章。
Wang, Lan
Professor, China Building Materials Academy
Wang Lan is a full professor of China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) and a leading scientist of
the State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials. He was graduated from Wuhan University of
Technology (WUT) with bachelor degree in 1982 and Master degree in 1986, and then took the
position of lecturer, associate professor and full professor of Beijing Post-graduate Institute of WUT.
During that time, he was assigned to study in Britain and USA by Ministry of Education of PRC and
received PhD degree and P.E. of Louisianan State University. He is senior expert and tutor of doctor in
the field of building materials industry.
Wang Lan has long research experience in the manufacturing and application of building materials
industry, and made a lot of great achievements with cement burning technologies, AFR and coprocessing, and energy management. He directs or participates in a dozen of national and international
research projects and once won 2nd Prize Project of the National Sci-Tech Advance Award and 1st
Prize Project of Provincial Sci-Tech Advance Award. He published two important books as well as
many academic papers. He is currently directing research projects including the National Science &
Technology Pillar Program, National Basic Research Program, National Natural Science Foundation of
China, the Program in Formulating and Review GB and international cooperation (with EPA, LBL,
World Bank, etc.) in the field of policies and standards enactment, AFR, newly developed technology
relative to the energy saving and emission reduction of cement industry.
Wang, Rong
Deputy Director of Power Division, Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission
Ms. Wang Rong is the Deputy Director of Power Division at the Jiangsu Provincial Economic & Trade
Commission. She has been leading the Province’s DSM work since 2001 and played important roles in
developing “Jiangsu Province DSM Implementation Procedures” and “Jiangsu DSM Plan.” She has
also played an instrumental role in initiating and developing Jiangsu Efficiency Power Plant program
that has attracted attention of the State Council.
Wang, Sicheng
President, Board member of China Solar Energy Association, Beijing Jike New Energy
Technical Reputation: Receiving the “Government Subsidy for Special Contribution to China Science
and Technology” issued by Concil of China in 1993; Award Received: 4 times of Technical Progress
Prize issued by Ministries Suntech Special Contribution Prize of PV at 9th PV Conference of China
Robert Hill PV Contribution Award at 22nd EU PV Conference.
Publication: More than 40 publications and papers has been published since 1983; Patents: Invention:
Methode of proven of battery over-discharge and the controller, NO.: ZL2003 1 0121339.9; New Type:
New type of PV Controller and its systems; NO.: ZL2003 2 0126884.2
Qualification: Being involved in PV products and system engineering since 1982; As chief director,
hundreds of PV systems have been installed, include: PV project for un-electrified counties in Tibet;
Arli PV project in Tibet, SDDX project, Solar powered cathodic protection for sluice gates and oil
pipeline, communication systems, fire warning system for forest, PV system for Qinghai-Tibet railway,
solar schools, solar pumping systems, grid-connected PV systems, MW Scale LS-PV project in Gansu,
etc.. Products development, covering charge controllers, DC-AC inverters, test equipment, solar
streetlights, etc. Sponsored development of National GB standards. As chief director, carried out
international cooperation projects, like: GEF/World Bank MMS project, GEF/World Bank SHS
projects, UNDP wind-PV hybrid village power projects, REEEP project for rural electrification, etc.
Attending the compiling of “Energy from the Desert”.
线测试仪的开发”等三十余篇论文,参加编写《太阳能光伏发电实用技术》等专著 4 部。
发明专利 “防止蓄电池过放电的控制方法及控制器和系统”,专利号:ZL2003 1 0121339.9;
实 用 新 型 专 利 “ 蓄 电 池 充 放 电 控 制 器 和 使 用 该 控 制 器 的 控 制 系 统 ” 专 利 号 : ZL2003 2
工作成绩:1982 年至今,主持或参加完成的光伏发电工程项目数百项,包括:西藏无电县建
国能源部太阳能学校,科技部九五、十五光伏并网发电工程,科技部 863MW 级荒漠光伏电站
阳能光伏电源系统技术条件和试验方法(GB/T 19064-2003)”、“光伏系统并网技术要求
合作项目数项,参加编写 IEA Task 8 太阳能光伏荒漠电站专著“Energy from the Desert”。
Wang, Yanjia
Professor, Tsinghua University
Wang Yanjia has experiences in researching energy efficiency in industry, energy policy and energy
economics for more than 20 years. She has research experiences in France, Thailand, USA, Japan and
Mongolia. She has worked with energy intensive industrial sectors such as iron & steel, cement, pulp
& paper and textile. She taught a course titled “Energy and Environment in China” at UC Berkeley,
USA. She is teaching a course titled “Enterprise Energy Management and Conservation” at Tsinghua
University which covers the items of ESCO, financing energy conservation project, energy efficiency
case study and energy auditing. She has practice at energy conservation in industry. She is invited as a
guest lecturer at many training-on-the-job programs domestically and internationally on energy
efficiency technology.
Ms. Wang received a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1984, an M.S. in energy system engineering in
1989, both from Tsinghua University.
开设了“企业能源管理与节能”的课程,内容涵盖了 ESCO、节能项目融资、能效案例研究和
王教授分别在 1984 年和 1989 年获得清华大学化学工程学士学位和能源系统工程硕士学位。
Wang, Yichao
Senior Editor, Caijing
Wang Yichao is a news editor at Caijing Magazine – a leading business and financial publication in
china – where he is in charge of environment and science desk. Caijing Magazine was first published
in April 1998 in Beijing with a mission of being the authoritative media to deliver thorough and indepth analysis on current economic issues and events in China. Caijing is published on every other
Monday. Its online edition and its English Newsletter can be found at www.caijing.com.cn.
He ever covered energy, telecommunication and technology fields as a senior journalist, and began to
lead an environment and science desk from July 2006. Yichao graduated from the University of
Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1999. He has a master's in physics. Before he joined
Caijing Magazine in October 2001, he was a reporter for Yangcheng Evening News and China News
Service. Wang spent two spring semesters at Berkeley, University of California in 2004-05 and 200506 as a visiting scholar.
Wang, Yunshi
Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation, UC Davis
Mr. Yunshi Wang is the director of China Center for Energy and Transportation at the Institute for
Transportation Studies, UC Davis. As an energy economist, he participated in China Renewable
Energy Scale-Up Program, a joint project between the World Bank and the National Development and
Reform Commission. He also worked on a joint project with the Development Research Center of the
State Council and the World Bank on China’s long- term energy demand and supply forecast and
energy development strategies, which resulted in a book: Sustainable Energy in China: The Closing
Window of Opportunity. Most recently, he served as a research fellow with Dean Emeritus Dr. Lester
Thurow of Sloan School of Management on China’s economic issues and is currently co-writing a
book with him. As a senior economist and financial analyst, Mr. Wang has participated in many
international energy and IT projects supported by the Japanese government, working in more than ten
countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
展研究中心合作的中国能源长期规划有[机不可失—中国能源可持续发展] 一书。他曾是麻省理
对外援助项目。在亚非拉十几个国家参与能源和 IT 有关的项目。
Wang, Zhifeng
Group Leader, Institute of Electric Energy, CAS
Many creative and innovative successes have been made in solar high-temperature concentrator,
thermal performance evaluation of solar collectors, numerical simulation of heat transfer in complex
geometric bodies, radiation and heat exchange, theoretical research on solid-liquid phase change,
development of high-efficient heat exchange components and etc. More than 30 papers have been
published and 5 invention patents have been possessed. Major achievements include, 1) Completion of
solar dish power system overall design and equipment commissioning, 2) Completion of parabolic
trough power system overall design and equipment commissioning, 3) Parabolic trough concentrator
overall design and instantaneous simulation of thermal-technical performance, 4) Overall design of
heliostat and wind load simulation, 5) Quick evaluation methods for thermal performance of solar
collector, 6) Design of dehumidifying air conditioner using solar evacuated air collector and 7)
Research on radiation, flow, conduction coupling and heat exchange on complex ship surfaces
件的开发等方面作出了许多有创造性的成果,发表论文 50 余篇,申请发明专利 10 项。其主要
1)MW 级太阳能塔式电站总体设计;
Wei, Belle
Dean of Engineering School, San Jose State University
Dr. Belle Wei is the dean of the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. She has done energy
related researches and has been successful in working with the Silicon Valley companies to establish a
$25 million endowment to materialize the College's priorities. She is the founding member of China
Green Energy Council.
Wells, Charles
Platform Architect, OSIsoft, Inc.
OSIsoft 平台架构师
Dr. Wells helps OSIsoft customers maximize value from their software and assisting with the
development of new features and functions in OSIsoft products. With over 30 years experience in realtime control and monitoring, Dr. Wells published over 50 technical papers, awarded five US Patents,
and co-authored two textbooks.
Dr. Wells originated the large scale distributed generation applications with Detroit Edison using the
DEW software developed at EPRI, designed Phaser applications with Entergy, and compliance
monitoring systems with California Independent System Operator. He developed and patented new
technology in detecting power grid stability in real time and systems for improving efficiency of
pulverized coal fired boilers. He developed carbon efficiency reduction programs using United Nations
approved methods. He has also applied innovative OSIsoft technology to Pacific Ocean Environmental
measurement systems, transformer condition monitoring systems, and large-scale traffic forecasting
At Systems Control, Inc Dr. Wells was a leading developer of large-scale state estimators and worked
for many years in the field of sparse matrix inversion techniques. Dr. Wells participated in the
development and use of dynamic Kalman filters for real time grid fault detection.
Dr. Wells received his BS in Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and a MS in Chemical
Engineering majoring in Polymer science and PhD in Electrical Engineering under Prof. John
Zaborszky at Washington University specializing in modern control theory and large dynamic
electrical power systems. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Chemical Engineering and
Control Systems.
Wells, Rich
Vice President, Energy, The Dow Chemical Company
Rich Wells was named Vice President, Energy, The Dow Chemical Company, in January 2007. In this
role, Wells has responsibility for the generation, management and procurement of Dow’s energy
requirements. In addition, he also plays a key role in Dow’s energy advocacy efforts and is leader of
Dow’s climate change efforts.
Wells joined Dow in 1982 and has held diverse roles within Engineering and Manufacturing in
Freeport, Texas. From 1992 to 1998, he served as Production Leader within the Epoxy Products and
Intermediates Business. In 1998, he was named Global Director of Hydrocarbons and Energy Supply
Chain and relocated to Terneuzen, the Netherlands. In 2001, with Dow’s merger with Union Carbide,
Wells returned to the United States and assumed the added responsibilities of Business EH&S Director.
Wells was named Business Vice President of the Chlor-Alkali business in August 2004, and added
responsibility for Dow’s Chlorinated Organics business in February 2006. As part of this role, he
served as Vice Chairman of the Chlorine Institute Board of Directors.
In April of 2007, Wells was elected to Board of Directors of the Alliance to Save Energy where he
serves as co-chair of the Policy and Programs Committee.
Wells holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the South Dakota School of
Mines and Technology.
Wells 于 2007 年 1 月获任命为陶氏化学能源副总裁,主要负责制定、管理和采购陶氏的能源需
Wells 于 1982 年在美国德州 Freeport 加入陶氏并在工程及生产部担任多项职务。1992 年到
1998 年期间,他担任环氧产品和中间体业务的生产主管,并于 1998 年调往荷兰 Terneuzen 出
任碳氢化合物与能源部供应链的全球总监。2001 年陶氏与联碳合并后,WELLS 回到美国并同
时兼任业务环保、健康与安全总监。WELLS 于 2004 年 8 月被任命为氯碱业务部业务副总裁,
并于 2006 年 2 月兼管陶氏有机氯化物业务,同时担任氯气学会 (Chlorine Institute) 的董事会副
主席。2007 年 4 月,WELLS 被选入美国节能联盟董事会,也是该组织政策与项目委员会的联
Wells 毕业于南达科塔大学,持有化学工程学士学位。
Wildenberg, Hans
Executive Vice President, Media Storage Division, Spansion
Spansion (飞索)执行副总裁,媒体存储事业部主管
Hans Wildenberg is the executive vice president of Spansion’s Media Storage Division (MSD). He is
responsible for expanding the presence of Spansion’s MirrorBit® and MirrorBit Quad technologies in
digital media markets. Wildenberg brings over 25 years of experience in the wireless and
semiconductor industries to his current role.
Wildenberg previously served as corporate vice president of Spansion’s Wireless Solutions Division in
Japan where he was responsible for expanding Spansion’s market presence, driving business
opportunities and satisfying customer requirements in Japan. Before that, Wildenberg was COO of
Fairchild Semiconductor, overseeing the daily activities of Fairchild’s 9,500 employees and its global
operations. As COO, Wildenberg focused on strategic planning, operations and business development
and successfully managed all product lines, sales, manufacturing activities, quality, technology,
logistics and planning for this global corporation.
Wildenberg also spent 16 years with Motorola Semiconductors Products Sector (SPS) where he held
management and executive-level positions working in nearly all aspects of the company’s business
including marketing, sales, operations and order fulfillment. His proactive work in all of these
departments led to his promotion as corporate vice president and director of the Motorola SPS Order
Fulfillment Organization where he successfully managed a global team of 23,000 employees,
supporting a sales volume of $8 billion. Previous to this, having proven his ability to effectively
implement a profitable global strategy, Wildenberg served as vice president and director of Motorola’s
Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) Global Sales.
Wildenberg holds bachelors and master’s degrees in industrial engineering from the Technical
University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Hans Wildenberg先生是Spansion媒体存储事业部(MSD)的执行副总裁。他负责扩展Spansion
MirrorBit®和MirrorBit Quad技术在数字媒体市场上的应用。Wildenberg先生在无线和半导体行
先生曾担任Fairchild Semiconductor的COO,负责管理Fairchild 9500名员工的日常活动及其国际
Wildenberg 毕业于荷兰艾恩德霍芬技术大学(the Technical University of Eindhoven),获得工
Williams, Don
Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Don S. Williams is a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, where he practices corporate and
securities law.
His practice encompasses a broad range of general corporate and transactional matters, including
venture capital financings, public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. Don has represented private
and public companies across many industries, including Alchip, Autodesk, BCD, Bridge
Pharmaceuticals, Google, EPIN, Fangtek, Polycom, and Sigma Designs. He also represents investment
banks, including Credit Suisse First Boston, JMP Securities, Morgan Stanley, and UBS, in connection
with public offerings, as well as venture funds, including Sequoia, Granite Global, SBCVC, IDG, IFC,
CID, JAFCO, and Advanced Technology Ventures, in connection with portfolio investments. Don also
has represented both buyers and sellers in a large number of M&A transactions, including: Autodesk in
its acquisition of Discreet Logic, Buzzsaw, and other companies; Equator in its acquisition by
Pixelworks; PeoplePC in its acquisition by Earthlink; Polycom in its acquisition of PictureTel and
other companies; Caretta Integrated Circuits in its acquisition by Cirrus Logic; Xicor in its acquisition
by Intersil; Zeevo in its acquisition by Broadcom; and Google in various transactions in China.
A Mandarin speaker, Don plays an active role in the firm's Asia practice, working with both U.S.
companies conducting business and raising funds in Asia and Asian companies conducting business
and raising funds in the United States.
廉律师代表多个行业中的上市和非上市公司,包括 Alchip, 欧特克(Autodesk), BCD, Bridge
Pharmaceuticals, 谷歌(Google), EPIN, Fangtek, Polycom 和 Sigma Designs。同时,他在上
市业务中代表投资银行,如 Credit Suisse First Boston, JMP Securities, 摩根士丹利(Morgan
Stanley) 和 UBS,以及在创业基金与综合投资业务中代表 Sequoia, Granite Global, 软库中国
创业投资有限公司(SBCVC), IDG, IFC, CID, 日本集富株式会社(JAFCO)和 Advanced Technology
(Autodesk) 收购 Discreet Logic, Buzzsaw 和其他公司;Equator 被 Pixelworks 收购;PeoplePC
被 Earthlink 收购;Polycom 收购 PictureTel 和其他公司;Cirrus Logic 收购 Caretta Integrated
Circuits;Xicor 被 Intersil 收购;Zeevon 被 Broadcom 收购;和谷歌(Google) 在中国之多项交
Wise, Bob
Senior Project Manager, Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC
Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC 资深项目经理
Robert Wise specializes in visionary and practical approaches to sustainable development, strategic
planning, public policy development and management, and relations with complex communities. Mr.
Wise served as planning director or policy development advisor to four U.S. Governors (New York,
Idaho, Arizona and Oregon) and served for seven years as the Executive Director of the Council of
State Planning Agencies/National Governors' Association, the "think-tank" for U.S. governors.
Selected Professional Experience: Sustainable development strategies - Team Oregon, LLC; City of
Portland, Oregon; Taiwan Council of Economic Planning and Development, Tainan City, Taiwan;
International Sustainable Development Foundation; Grand Canal, Hangzhou, China; China-US Center
for Sustainable Development.
Woo, Carolina
Principal (former President of SOM, International Ltd), CW Group
CW 咨询集团总裁,美国 SOM 建筑设计事务所国际有限公司前任总裁
Carolina Y.C. Woo is the owner of the CW Group, a consulting firm focused on real estate
development, planning, and design in the US. She began her career in architecture and real estate in
1969, when she joined Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP (SOM), one of the largest architectural
firms in the US and the designer of the Sears Tower in Chicago as well as the Freedom Tower in New
York City. She became a Partner at the firm in 1984 while also serving as the President of SOM
International Ltd., with overall responsibility for SOM's work in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the
Asia-Pacific region.
Ms. Woo has an international reputation as an effective manager of large-scale private and public
sector development. In Vietnam, she directed the planning of Saigon South, a new community south of
Ho Chi Min City. In London, she directed the planning and first-phase implementation of Canary
Wharf -- at 6.5m square feet, Europe's largest privately sponsored development. She directed the
design and construction of the new San Francisco International Terminal Building, the renovation of
San Francisco's historic U.S. Court of Appeals, and also led the renovation and expansion of the
nearby, equally important California Supreme Court Building as a new State Office & Courts Building
in San Francisco's Civic Center. In China, she directed major commercial projects in Beijing, Shanghai,
and other cities, including the new headquarters of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China in the
heart of Beijing near Tiananmen Square, the JinMao Tower, and the Master Planning of XinTianDi.
Ms. Woo received an MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in
Architecture from the Road Island School of Design. She is a Trustee of the Rhode Island School of
Design and sits on the Board of Directors for China Housing and Development Co., Ltd.
Wu, Robert
Chairman & CEO, US-China Green Energy Council
Robert Wu is Chairman and CEO of the US-China Green Energy Council, Co-Chairman and founding
president of the Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association, the Co-Chairman and founding
president of the Fudan University Business Education Foundation and a director of The 1990 Institute.
Mr. Wu is a veteran of the Computer and Semiconductor Industry in both the U.S. and China. He
received his BSEE with highest honors from University of California, Berkeley in 1953 and his MSEE
from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1954. He was a project manager in semiconductor
development for the Transitron Semiconductor Corporation before returning to China in 1956.
In China, Mr. Wu became a member of the Chinese Academy of Science and played an active role in
the early development of the Institute of Semiconductors, the Institute of Computing Technology, and
the Institute of Microelectronics. He was a technical director in developing China's first transistor, the
first transistorized mainframe and its first microcomputer with silicon IC. He was recognized as a
founding member of China's computer and semiconductor industry.
Mr. Wu returned to US in 1978 and joined HP Labs. He facilitated the establishment of HP China, the
first joint venture between the US and China. HP China grew to be one of the most successful joint
ventures in China with revenue of more than $1 billion in 1999. Early in 1982, he supported immediate
VLSI implementation on RISC architecture and became the project manager of HP's first RISC
microprocessor. In 1985, he made the initial proposal of utilizing the vast amount of cost effective
manpower resources in China and India, and became the program manager of HP International
Contract Programming. Mr. Wu cofounded Silicon Magic Corporation in 1994, where he served as the
Director of Human Resources, Planning, and China Business Development until 1999.
• 1932 年生于上海,1949 年由沪赴美留学。1953 年毕业于美国柏克莱加州大学电子工程系。
1954 年 取 得美 国 麻省 理 工 学院 电 子工 程硕 士 , 其后 担 任波 士顿 Transitron Semiconductor
Corporation 晶体管设计和制造经理,是美国第一批掌握晶体管的研究人员。
• 1956 年追随钱学森返国,在中国科学院工作 22 年。先后担任物理所半导体室器件组组长、
电路研制的微机任务。1978 年因父母双亡、由国务院副总理、中国科学院院长方毅批准,出国
• 去美国后、在硅谷惠普(HP)研究院从事科研和技术领导工作 16 年。曾负责国际上第一个
RISC 微机处理集成电路的研制,得到公司重视。他念念不忘祖国,促进了第一个中美合资中
• 1994 年,他和友人创建 Silicon Magic 半导体公司,1999 年退休。现任美中绿色能源委员会主
Wu, Wenhua
Deputy Director, NDRC/Institute of Transportation
通投资项目评估、交通运输发展战略与政 策分析等领域的科研工作,在运输经济、交通政策分
物流和交通能源利 用效率等领域的研究与咨询。先后主持或参与国家、省区市委托的相关项目
研究 30 多项,参与国际机构或国外政府合作项目多项,具有扎实的经济理论与专业功 底。
Wu, Yong
Deputy Director General, Ministry of Construction, Beijing
Xiao, Xin
Assistant Director, Institute of Engineering Process, CAS
Xue, Victor
Director at large, US-China Green Energy Council
Currently as an Intellectual Properties strategy and Solar Energy consultant, clients including
companies, academic and government agencies in US and China. Over 20 years working in US
mainstream industry with combined experiences in technology, business and intellectual properties.
Past experiences include being General Manager of a Fujitsu company in US, CTO of Pocketpass,
partner in a VC fund, Program Manager at IBM, Technical Manager at Autodesk and researcher at
Exxon and IBM.
Victor Xue graduated from Peking University, came to the US in 1982 and obtained a PhD from MIT.
He is a registered US patent agent and author of a popular Chinese book "100 Significant US Patents".
构。 致力于促进美中之间的技术转让和交流。有着 20 多年在美国主流公司工作经验,包括技术,
商业管理和知识产权。工作经验包括:富士通子公司在美国的总经理; Pocketpass 公司的技术总
监;硅谷一家风险投资公司的合伙人;IBM 和 Autodesk 的高级经理;以及在 Exxon 和 IBM 的研
薛维珂是北京大学 77 级学生,1982 年来美留学,获取麻省理工学院(MIT)博士学位。他是美国
专利局注册的专利代理人。他的著作“影响美国的 100 例专利”也广受中国读者的欢迎。
Yang, Ian
Vice President, Intel
Xu (Ian) Yang is a vice president of Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group, Intel Corporation, and General
Manager of Intel China. Effective January 1, 2007, China became an independent region, reporting
directly to Intel corporation headquarters in Santa Clara, California. China formerly was part of Intel’s
Asia Pacific region. During that time, Mr. Yang had shared with John A. Antone the responsibility of
General Manager for Intel Asia-Pacific region.
In 2000, Mr. Yang was appointed Country Manager for Intel China. In this role he managed the
company’s sales and marketing operations and focused on further developing Intel’s presence across
the country.
Mr. Yang first joined Intel in 1986 as a student intern. During his twenty-year career with the
company he has held numerous marketing, sales and management positions in both China and the
United States. These include: OEM sales district manager in China, where he was responsible for
developing Intel’s local PC OEM business in China; and business development manager in Intel’s
OEM Products and Services Division where he focused on growing Intel’s motherboard business in the
western region of the United States and across the Asia-Pacific region.
Yang received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the GMI Engineering and
Management Institute in Flint, Mich., in 1990.
杨叙现任英特尔公司销售与市场营销事业部副总裁兼中国大区总经理。2007 年 1 月 1 日,新的
部分,当时,杨叙与蒋安邦(John A. Antone)共同出任英特尔亚太区总经理。
杨叙自 2000 年起担任英特尔中国销售与市场营销事业部总经理一职,负责管理公司的销售和
杨叙于 1986 年以实习生的身份加盟英特尔公司。在他服务英特尔的 20 年职业生涯中,他在中
销售区域经理,负责开发英特尔在中国本土的个人电脑 OEM 业务;英特尔的 OEM 产品和服务
杨叙于 1990 年毕业于美国密歇根州 Flint 市的 GMI 工程管理学院,获电机工程学学士学位。
Yang, Jialin
Ye, Dong
Managing Director, Tsing Capital
Mr. Don Ye is the Managing Partner of Tsing Capital, the first Cleantech capital management firm in
China with a serial of China Environment Funds (www.cefund.com) under management. Don Ye
founded the firm in 2001, as well as China Environment Fund 2002 and China Environment Fund
2004, which have become the first and most prominent Cleantech funds in China.
In China, Mr. Ye was selected as 2002 “the Most Active Venture Capitalist”, 2003 “Top Ten Best
Venture Capitalists” in China, 2003 “China New Economy People 100”, 2004 “China Environment
People” nominee, as well as 2005 “Pioneer Award” by Cleantech Venture Forum.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of International Business and
Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China.
Yu, Danke
CFO, Goldwind
Yu, Oliver
President, The STARS Group
The STARS Group 总裁
Dr. Oliver Yu, President of the STARS Group, a premier technology and resource-strategy consulting
firm spun off from SRI International in year 2000, is an internationally recognized expert on
technology and resource strategy planning and analysis. He is also Director of the Silicon Valley
Business Stars Program and an Adjunct Full Professor on Technology Portfolio Planning and
Management for the MBA-MSE (Master of System Engineering) Dual Degree Program at San Jose
State University in California. In that position, he managed numerous large projects on technology and
resource strategies throughout the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, France, Japan, Korea,
China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, he was a senior technical and strategy advisor to the
Vice Chairman of Commonwealth Edison in Chicago, the Chairman of Taiwan Power Company, the
Energy Minister of China, and the President of Philippines. Dr. Yu holds a BSEE from National
Taiwan University, an MSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MS in Statistics and a PhD
in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. He was a Fulbright Fellow, and an
officer as well as the 1984 General Chairman of the national meeting and the 1995 General Chairman
of the first international meeting of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science
(INFORMS). Dr. Yu is an Honorary Professor at the National Dong-Hwa University in Taiwan and
has been a Consulting Associate Professor in the engineering schools of Stanford University and
University of California, Berkeley.
•The Stars Group
荣誉:美国名人录, 美国科技名人录(摘要)20072008中国科学院客座演讲人2007台湾国立东华大学温氏基金特邀讲座与荣誉教授20052007国际科技管理大会讲员20032004亚太科技展望大会主讲人2001东北亚电力论坛主讲人1999东北亚经济论坛主讲人1995
著作:《技术预测与管理》(中国清华大学出版社 2008),Technology Portfolio Planning
2003)等6本, 论文80余篇。
Yu, Suyuan
Deputy Director, Institute of Nuclear and New Energy, Tsinghua University
Yurek, Greg
CEO, American Superconductor (AMSC)
Dr. Yurek founded AMSC in April 1987 with three fellow MIT professors. In 1989, he became
president and chief executive officer of AMSC and was named chairman of the board in 1991.
From 1976 to 1988, Dr. Yurek was a professor of MIT's Department of Materials Science and
Engineering, and was co-founder and co-director of MIT's H.H. Uhlig Corrosion Laboratory. At MIT,
he focused his research and teaching on the thermodynamics and rapid solidification processing of
metals and ceramics and the development of corrosion-resistant materials, work that led to the
invention of methods by Dr. Yurek and one of his co-founders for manufacturing HTS wire. These
inventions became the basis for the founding AMSC.
Dr. Yurek has won numerous awards including being named a Fellow of Britain's Institute of Electrical
Engineers (IEE) and receiving IEE's 2003 Achievement Medal for his work on the manufacturing of
HTS materials. He was also the first non-Japanese recipient of the Award of Merit conferred by the
Japanese Science and Technology Agency for his leadership in developing HTS wires. From 1973 to
1974 he served as a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld in Germany.
A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Yurek holds a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering from Ohio State
University and B.S. and M.S. degrees in metallurgy from Pennsylvania State University.
Zeng Ming
Professor, North China Electric Power University
Ming ZENG, Professor of Technical Economics and Management, Director of Research Center of
Energy and Electricity Economy North China Electric Power University. Degrees: M.E. and Scholar,
Power Plant Engineering at North China Electric Power University.
His teaching and Research Interests include Power Market Theory and Application Research;
Marketing Theory and Its Application in Electricity Market; Economic Operation Theory of
Generation Plants and Management Consulting on Generation & Distribution Utilities.
In 1998 he was Chief Advisor for the Electricity Market Trial in Six Provinces in China, then he joined
SRI International, USA as a Visiting Fellow on Power Industry Deregulation. Prior to that he was a
Visiting Fellow of Pacific Electric Power Co. Ltd., Australia on Power System Deregulation and
Restructuring and a Senior Visiting Scholar, Energy Economy Institute of E.E.C, Université
Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.
厂工程专业,获工学硕士学位。教学与科研兴趣包括: 电力市场理论与应用研究;电力市场市
原国家电力公司和原国家经贸委聘请的中国6 省市电力市场试点首席咨询顾问。还担任美国斯
坦福国际研究院(SRI)客座研究员。 曾被国家教育部(原国家教委)选送到原欧共体运筹与
Zhang, James
VP, Mendel Biotechnology
孟德尔 生物技术公司副总裁
Dr. James Zhang is Vice President of Business Development at Mendel Biotechnology. Mendel has
two major business segments: a collaboration with Monsanto on improving the yield and yield stability
of row crops (such as soybean and corn); and a partnership with BP on developing seeds and cellulosic
feedstock for the biofuels industry. Mendel is also applying its technology for the improvement of
ornamentals, plantation forestry species, and novel agricultural chemistries. James started at Mendel in
August of 1997 as one of its founding scientists. He held various technology leadership roles in the
company and became Vice President of Business Development in 2005. James started his
undergraduate studies at the University of Science and Technology of China (entering class of 1983).
He holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of California at Davis (1992) and completed
postdoctoral studies at Stanford University.
Zhang, Jianyu
China Program Director, Environment Defense Fund
Zhang Jianyu is the Program Director of Environmental Defense Fund’s China project headquartered
in Beijing. He co-founded the first environmental consulting firm in China. He is a graduate of both
Tsinghua and Stanford Universities. He has been working with Environmental Defense Fund in China
since 1998.
Zhang Jianyu is a fellow at School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University. He is an
executive board director of China Association of Non-Governmental Organization (CANGO), a
member of the Lead Expert Group (LEG) for China Council for International Cooperation on
Environment and Development (CCICED). He is the author or co-author of numerous papers and a
contributor to the Open-editorial column of China Daily.
清华大学与斯坦福大学。自 1998 年起,负责美国环保协会在中国的项目。
Zhang, Jianhua
Professor, North China Electric Power University
Zhang Jianhua, Professor of North China Electric Power University and head of Power Transmission
and Distribution Research Institute. He is one of the 14 experts in Energy Consultant Group for “973
planning” of the Science and Technology Department of China, member of several professional
committees in power supply, and IEE fellow.
Professor Zhang’s research interests are focused on power system operation and control, power supply
network planning and security assessment, power distribution automation, etc. In recent 5 years, more
than 50 research projects in the fields of power supply capability and reliability assessment for city
networks, power network planning and power system security assessment, and supported by the state
government and local enterprises have been completed by group with the direction and organization of
professor Zhang. And he has been honored 3 scientific and technology awards by the state
government, and has published more than 150 papers.
张建华,华北电力大学教授、博士生导师、输配电系统研究所所长。中国科技部 973 计划能源
咨询组 14 位专家之一,中国工程建设标准化协会电气工程委员会委员,中国水电工程学会计
算机专委会委员,全国石油和化学工业电气技术委员会委员,IEE Fellow,。
究工作,近 5 年来主持完成了“城市电网供电能力和可靠性评估”、“地区电网规划研究”、“电力
系统安全评价和防御研究”等 50 余项国家和省市级科技项目;3 次获得省部级科技进步奖励,
发表论文 150 余篇。
Zhang, Mike
Vice President, US-China Green Energy Council
Dr. Zhang is a senior manager/director at Spansion Inc., the world's largest pure-play provider of Flash
memory solutions. Prior to that, he was a department manager and a staff technologist at Intel. He is
also a visiting full professor at Tsinghua University. Dr. Zhang has over ten years of leadership records
in operations management, semiconductor manufacturing, and clean tech.
Dr. Zhang is Director of the 2008 US-China Green Energy Conference Organizing Committee who
oversees the conference program, finance, logistics, marketing, publication, fund raising, event
management, and public/governmental relationship. He has served as Chairs, Advisory Board
Members, or Steering Committee Members for many international conferences. He is Co-Chair of an
IEEE Technical Committee and Associate Editor of an IEEE TRANSACTIONS journal. He was awarded
three patents and published over 60 papers and four books/book chapters. Dr. Zhang is Member of the
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. He is also the recipient of the Li Foundation Heritage Prize for
Outstanding Achievement (two awardees per year in the U.S.), the Outstanding Young Industrial
Engineer Business/Industry Award by the Institute of Industrial Engineers (one awardee per year
worldwide), and the Early Career Industry/Government Award by IEEE RAS (one awardee per year
worldwide). He is recognized by the U.S. Government as an Alien with Extraordinary Ability and
listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
Dr. Zhang received the M.S. and the Ph.D. degrees, as well as the Management of Technology
certificate from the Haas School of Business and the College of Engineering, all at the University of
California, Berkeley in record-breaking 3 years. For more information, please contact
张涛博士是 2008 中美绿色能源论坛组织委员会主任,负责管理会议日程、财务、总务、市
利,并在世界一流会议和刊物上发表了 60 多篇论文。他是 Phi Kappa Phi 荣誉协会会员,曾被
师奖” (全世界每年一人获奖)以及“(美国)电气电子工程师协会机器人与自动化杰出青年奖” (全
世界每年一人获奖)。张涛博士是美国政府认定“杰出人才”,并被列入美国 Marquis 世界名人
商学院科技管理项目证书。更多详细信息,请联系 mike.zhang@ucgef.org
Zhao, Zhongxian
Vice President, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
1941 年 1 月出生,辽宁新民人,中共党员。1987 年被选为第三世界科学院(TWAS)院士。曾
区转变的临界点与临界电流呈线性关系,独立发现液氮温区超导体 Ba-Y-Cu-O。1987 年 9 月被
授予第三世界科学院物理奖。1990 年所在的集体被授予国家自然科学一等奖。曾是国家
“863”计划、攀登计划和 “973”计划重大研究项目的专家组成员。发表科技论文 160 余篇。
先后获陈嘉庚物质科学奖及王丹萍奖,1997 年获何粱何利科技进步奖,1987 年被授予“国家
有突出贡献的中青年科技专家”称号,2002 年获国家自然科学奖二等奖,所在集体被授予中国
Zheng, Yi
Venture Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Dr. Adam Zheng is a venture partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Previously, Dr. Zheng was a
managing director of the Investment & Development Department at TongFang Co., Ltd., a publicly
traded high-tech company in Beijing. Dr. Zheng specializes in restructuring state-owned enterprises
(SOEs) and focuses on the growth capital investments in the clean tech, energy, consumer products,
manufacturing, retail, and media industries. Before joining TongFang, Dr. Zheng co-founded
Baihe.com with his classmates at UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University. Baihe.com is now the largest
online/offline marriage services company in China. Prior to that, Dr. Zheng was an associate at TPGNewbridge Capital based in San Francisco and was a team member successfully acquiring the
controlling stake of Shenzhen Development Bank.
Dr. Zheng received a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from UC Davis and a Master in Financial
Engineering from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. He also holds a Master's degree from
Tsinghua University in Environmental Engineering.
的同学共同创办了百合网 baihe.com。百合网是中国领先的婚恋服务公司。在回到中国之前,郑
博士曾任美国新桥投资集团 Newbridge Capital 的投资经理,投资了深圳发展银行的控股股权。
郑毅在美国加州大学戴维斯分校(UC Davis)获得环境工程的博士学位,在加州大学伯克利分
校哈斯商学院(UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business)获得金融工程的硕士学位,在清华大学
Zhou, Peng
Director of Reach and Development, Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors 研发部总监
Dr. Peng Zhou joined Tesla Motors, Inc. in Jan 2007 as Director, Research and Development. He
manages Tesla Motors’ Advanced Projects group. He led the development of 1.5 powertrain for Tesla
Roadster; and recently Dr. Zhou was named Chief Engineer for Model S powertrain. Before joining
Tesla Motors, Inc., Dr. Zhou served in various start-ups including High Speed Solutions, Inc. (acquired
by Intel Corp.) and Cooligy, Inc. (acquired by Emerson Electric). At Cooligy, Dr. Zhou led the
technology development of a mass-produced micro-channel liquid cooling systems for high-end
workstation. Dr. Zhou received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and MS
and BS degree from University of Science and Technology in China.
Zhou, Wei
Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Wei Zhou, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), J.D. (Stanford), is a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
(WSGR) and leader of the firm’s China life science and clean technology practice. He was previously
senior vice president of intellectual property at Affymetrix, Inc., and also served as Affymetrix’s
general manager of China operations. Wei has worked with many successful start-up teams on
corporate formation, financing, business, and IP strategy, both as an attorney and as an advisory board
Zhou, Dadi
Senior Energy Policy Advisor and Former Director, National Development and Reform Commission
Zhou Dadi is director general of the Energy Research Institute (ERI) and was formerly a Research
Professor at the Institute. He has held various positions at ERI for 22 years, with a focus on energy
economy and energy system analysis. Professor Zhou is also an expert on energy import/export
policies, energy price reform, energy efficiency, and climate change.
Currently, he is a member of the Expert Committee on Energy for the 863 Program of China; a
member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) for the Global Environment Facility;
deputy director, Executive Office of the China Green Lights Program; chief scientist for the Expert
Team of China for Work Group III on Climate Change; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chinese
Energy Economics at the Chinese Society of Energy Research; Executive Member of the Board of
Directors of the Chinese Society of Energy Research; board member of the Chinese Society for
Sustainable Development; board member of the Chinese Society of Input/Output Research; and Lead
Author of the Third Assessment Report, IPCC WG III.
Professor Zhou has participated in over 30 key research projects and published more than 50 papers
and books. He graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in Engineering and Physics in 1970
and holds a Master’s degree from the Department of Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua. Among
other awards, Professor Zhou was honored by the OECD Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in 2000.
Zhou, Fuqiu
Beijing Energy Efficiency Center, Beijing Energy Efficiency Center
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