Sociology Final Review Sheet

Sociology Final Review Sheet
1. Be able to identify and recognize the difference between these items:
Sociological perspective, social location, social sciences, and social
2. What are the basic components of the three sociological perspectives?
(Symbolic internationalism, functionalism, and conflict theory)
3. Who are the following: Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Jane Addams, Emile
Durkheim, and other founders?
4. What I the difference between applied and pure sociology?
5. What is globalization?
6. What is the difference between macro- micro- level sociology?
7. What is culture? Material culture? Language? Ethnocentrism? Culture
8. Be able to define and identify the following – Norms, Mores, Folkways,
laws and taboos.
9. How are a counterculture and a subculture different from mainstream
10. What is the difference between the following terms cultural leveling,
cultural lag, and cultural diffusion?
11. Be able to explain the nature /nurture debate and understand specific
12. Identify the following theory and its components:
a. Cooley’s Looking glass self
b. Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory
c. Kohlberg Moral development
d. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive development
e. Herbert Mead’s Roles theory
13. What is socialization?
14. What is gender socialization?
15. What are the agents of socialization?
16. What are the stages of a life span?
17. Identify the following terms: crime, deviant, stigma, sanctions ( +, -), inner
and outer controls.
18. Understand the three perspectives of deviance (SI, F, &C)
19. What is the labeling theory?
20. What are white/blue collar crimes?
21. Understand the significance of Furman v. Georgia 1972
22. Identify the difference between sex and gender.
23. What is gender stratification?
24. Why are there differences between males and females according to
25. Who has more prestige when working similar jobs between the genders?
26. How are women classified as a minority group?
27. Why did the women’s movement begin? What were their main goals?
28. What is the glass ceiling? How does this work?
29. What is sexual harassment? When was it recognized as a problem?
30. How are women involved in politics? What are the background careers
needed to be successful?
31. Identify the 3 components of social class.
32. Who really makes the decisions in American society?
33. How does social class impact trends in politics?
34. What are the basic characteristics of different groups in social class?
Largest group, race/ethnicity, etc.
35. How is the poverty line determined?
36. Where are the majority of the poor in the US?
37. How is Horatio Alger? Why is he significant?
38. What is ageism?
39. What are the three theoretical perspectives of age?
40. What does education say about society?
41. When did formal education in the US formalize?
42. What are the components of religion?
43. What makes up a family?
44. How does religion shape society?
45. What are the three perspectives of family?