American Literature & Wr.

American Literature
Description: In this class we will study writings and authors in the following
periods of American History: Colonial, Revolutionary, Romanticism, Regionalism
and Realism. As time allows, we may consider Modern and Post-Modern works
as well as the American Musical. We will review the terms of literature, styles of
literature, and purposes of literature while connecting these components with the
events and development of US History.
Along with reading assignments, students will have research projects and written
essays/papers. Class periods will focus on discussion and evaluation; most of
the preparation and assignments will need to be completed during the week
outside of class time. [Students desiring Honors credit will complete specific
additional assignments; these will require additional time so summer
reading is recommended. Please indicate interest to Mrs. Hale/Mrs. Johns
before June 1 to receive the reading list.]
** This course will be loosely linked with American History also being offered at
Tuition: $40/month
Supply Fee: $30
Texts: Classic American works and novels- specifics will be given in August
Student will need a flashdrive/memory stick for study guides.
Min./Max: Min 5/ Max 12
Instructor: Wendy B. Hale
Contact: [email protected]
Mrs. Hale has a BA in English from Mary Washington College, Summa Cum
Laude. She was an English Instructor for Spotsylvania County Schools from
1988-1995. Mrs. Hale has taught her own four children at home since 2000 and
partnered with Arete Christian Academy as a board member, parent, and a tutor
since its founding in 2006.