Marketing Seminar in Marketing-Finance Interface

Marketing Seminar in Marketing-Finance Interface
Class Format
This course meets once per week. In general, each class period will address an important aspect of
MF applications.
At the beginning of each class, you need submit to me the required paper presentation &
discussion write-ups and other assignments (in hard copies) due for the day. I will start the class
by providing your some general background information (e.g., the history of the paper/authors,
industry events, why the papers are important), in a brief and quick manner.
After that, as typical in PhD level seminar classes promoting depth and quality of research, the
bulk of the class time will be devoted to presentation and discussion of the articles assigned. This
is not a MBA class (where the instructor lectures for most of the air time). Most PhD seminar
classes seem like the car driving training classes. Although I can lecture the theories of car driving,
the only way you learn how to drive successfully, however, is to get your hands on the wheel; that
is, you have to take in charge of the seminar preparation and discussion (& hands-on research
I tried to compile a reading list that is important and up-to-date. However, this list is not
exhaustive, but rather serves as a good starting point for your future research career. The approach
of reading and discussing scholarly papers, though not perfect, is one of the best available and
most important ways to comprehend and master a research area. Doing so you may gain a deeper
understanding, a more comprehensive grasp, and a better preparation in conducting high-caliber
academic research and publishing in journals such as JM, JMR, JCR, and MKS.
I expect you to be blooming colleagues. Full attendance (except extreme cases such as
hospitalized or nature disaster) of classes is appreciated. In addition, extensive preparation (e.g.,
reading academic papers, writing summaries, discussing papers, etc.) is expected before you step
into the classroom.
Given the challenging nature of the papers from elite journals in marketing and finance, it is not
uncommon if you do not fully understand the papers. In addition, because MF is a cutting-edge
research field bridging marketing and finance (large scale data, advance time-series models, etc.),
I do not expect you to understand everything of the MF details per se (just like I do not expect you
to be a car mechanic who can professionally fix car problems, even you know how to drive).
Therefore, when preparing, please focus more on the applications, theory and story side of the
papers, and try to relate the papers to your own experience at work and in research projects.
Expect plenty of questions (both easy and hard ones) from me during your presentation and
discussion. The success of the seminar class depends on your preparation. Each week, you are
expected to read the papers carefully and thoroughly before class.
The last several minutes of each class will cover the important learning points of the assigned
papers, guest speaking, and others. Each student will summarize his/her own one most important
point. In the end, I will wrap up the class with the key points learned for the day.
Marketing Seminar in Marketing-Finance Interface
Paper Presentation & Discussion
Please submit hard copies (one copy for me and another copy for your presentation/discussion in
class) of the required paper presentation & discussion write-up at the beginning of each class.
For each class with papers scheduled for the day, each student is expected to (1) submit paper
presentation & discussion write-ups, one for each paper scheduled, and (2) take full part in
discussing all papers (even you are not presenting for the day). Both will be evaluated and
reflected in the grade.
Follow the format in below for BOTH presentation and write-up. 12-point Times New Roman
font, one-page single-spaced printout.
(Your last name, first name)
(Assigned Paper # and Title)
Part A: The Paper (half-page in length)
1. The paper’s main research purposes and importance
2. Research questions/hypotheses (draw a picture, on the back of the write-up if out of space)
3. Theory applied, the justification of hypotheses (if no formal hypotheses, then write the general
research background)
4. Data source, variables, models, and results. For example, does the paper apply OLS, multivariate,
econometric, time-series or other models? Do the results support the hypotheses?
Part B: Your Thoughts to Discuss in Class (half-page in length)
5. on the strengths of the paper, what you find interesting
6. on assumptions and unanswered questions
7. on improving the writing style, theory, positioning, or models
8. on how (two points) this paper is related to another published journal article that deals with the
similar research questions/hypotheses (so, you need to find another paper on your own from JM,
JMR, JCR, MKS or other elite journals, see my website for a list).
9. on future research, make up your 1 new idea/hypothesis related to your own experience at work
and/or the research projects you desire to conduct (this is the most important in Part B)
If you do not present the paper, you only need give me copies of the write-ups following the above
If you do present the paper (see a schedule of your presentation dates on my website), you need to
give me copies of the write-ups and PPTs of your presentation at the beginning of each class.
Essentially, your PPT presentation follows the format above but in more details.
You begin your presentation with a real-world company/personal event. Select one current (less
than 4 weeks old) article related to marketing from BusinessWeek, Fortune, Harvard Business
Review, and the Wall Street Journal (all available online)*. You need to find an article that
addresses one key variable (i.e., stock return, risk, advertising, services,..) or the general title of the
paper assigned to you. In this way, we have a real-world, relevant context to start an interesting and
meaningful day. Give a copy of this current article to all students in class before you start your
You have 20 minutes (about 12 ppt slides) for your Part A content. Expect plenty of questions
(both easy and hard ones) from me during your presentation and discussion. (red card shown means
that it is time for your Part B content).
Also, you need to lead the discussion by including your new ideas/hypotheses (from Part B above)
in PPT and seeking the peer students’ answers. You also ask other students’ their new
ideas/hypotheses of the paper. Please put your peer students’ ideas/comments on the board and
your counter-arguments/comments on the board as well. In addition, your PPT need to present the
action steps for your ideas (i.e., possible variables, data source, moderators, and/or mediators) and
draw some pictures of the relationships among the drivers and outcomes in your context (see
below). You have 30 minutes (about 16 ppt slides) for Part B content.
Drivers of
Outcomes of
Key Variable
At the end of each paper presentation and discussion, each student will summarize his/her own
one most important point learned for the day. After that, the non-presenting students submit to
me a copy of the Paper Presentation EVA (so, every class you need submit me such EVAs if you are not
presenting, or no EVAs if you are presenting).
Marketing Seminar in Marketing-Finance Interface
Paper Presentation EVA
The Name of the Presenter
Your Name
To me, this presentation provides :
Effort put in :
Poor Effort
Excellent Effort
Critical Thinking :
Very Poorly 1
Very Nicely
PPTs :
Very Poorly 1
Very Nicely
Overall Evaluations :
(please Circle)
and below
C+ B-
Write down one strong point about this presentation:
Write down one weak point about this presentation: