Academic Seminar: High School BEP Getting Started

Academic Seminar: High School BEP Getting Started 2014
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The High School Behavior Education Program, HS-BEP
Steps for Implementation
Academic Activities
1) Identify outcomes for Academic Seminar
2) Plan Logistics
a. Schedule period(s) for Academic
Seminar during the school day
b. Allocate staff (page 11) & train staff
(page 40)
c. Identify behavior support team
3) Initial enrollment of students (page 9)
4) Plan instruction (use academic activities)
5) Ongoing enrollment of students (page 13)
6) Monitor student progress (page 21)
7) Utilize decision rules for fading, follow-up,
and exit criteria (page 32)
8) Evaluate and Refine
a. Modest modifications (page 39)
b. Troubleshoot any obstacles (page 42)
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