WS Hypotheses w example

WS Hypotheses
Scientists pose questions after observing natural phenomena as part of the scientific method.
Develop the following questions into hypotheses and identify the each independent and dependent
* Note: Some of these questions may not convert into hypotheses with independent and
dependent variables ... Be sure to identify these questions!!!!
Example: How much water flows through a faucet?
Independent variable: Diameter of the pipe
Dependent variable: Amount of water
Hypothesis: The larger the diameter of the pipe the more water that comes out.
1. How fast does a candle burn?
2. How does an elevator work?
3. Does the amount fertilizer make a plant grow bigger?
4. Does an electric motor turn faster if you increase the voltage?
5. Does the amount of water affect the sound made by a hitting a glass with a spoon?
6. Are waters in urban areas more polluted than in rural areas?
7. How can we make metal float?
8. Can quarters and feathers fall at the same speed?
9. Do different colors absorb heat differently?
10. What causes landslides?