Character Analysis for The Crucible

Character Analysis for The Crucible
For this assignment, you are to select 1 character from The Crucible and write a
thorough analysis of this character. An analysis is not just a recap of the character and
his/her role in the story. Rather, an analysis forces you evaluate a particular character trait
and the motivations behind his/her actions.
Steps for a Successful Writing experience:
 Select a character you want to write about
 Brainstorm various traits you might consider using in your paper
 Brainstorm events that support a particular trait
 Don't take on more than one trait---Pick one that you can really support
 Brainstorm the motivations the character had for acting a certain way.
 Take a look at the handout How to Write a Character Analysis in 10 Easy
Steps to help you narrow your focus.
Paper Requirements:
This is a formal paper so you must follow proper English conventions.
 Proper English conventions (heading, header, title, grammar, etc)
 Uses at least 2 quotes effectively
 500-800 words
 Typed, DS, Times New Roman, 12 font
Grading Rubric
This paper will be graded on the following
 Focus---How well you established a clear thesis and maintained that throughout.
 Organization---How well you were able to make paragraphs relate to each other
(transition words and phrases).
 Support---How well you gave examples and further explained the support you
used. Using quotations from the text are required, but only as they help to further
your analysis.
 Conventions---Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, etc (All the things
on your writing error sheet)
 Integration---Overall effectiveness of your paper. Introduction and conclusion
are thoughtful and connected. All parts of paper work together.
DUE DATE: October 20 (beginning of class)
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