Descriptive Writing Paper - Middle School Language Arts Help

Descriptive Writing Paper
(6.7, 6.8)
1. Choose a picture (from teacher’s folder) that you like and can easily
2. On notebook paper, make a list of all of the things you see in the
picture. Be specific: colors (light or dark), shapes, large, small,
numbers of things, everything you see.
3. Write a descriptive paper rough draft about your picture. There has
to be at least three (3) paragraphs.
Introduction: Setting
Time of year
Day or night
What do you think the picture is about?
Body: In a paragraph, describe your picture using your list. Use
words like: in the front, in the back, at the top, at the bottom, in the
middle, behind, to the right, to the left, in the center, above, under,
beside, next to, etc.
Conclusion: Why did you choose this picture?
Why do you like this picture?
What do you think is the purpose of the picture?
4. Proofread and edit paper in red pen or pencil (self, partner, teacher).
Write final copy.
Note: After descriptive papers have been turned in, the teacher will pass them
out to students with a piece of white copy paper. Students do not get their own
paper. Read paper and students draw exactly what they read. Color is very
important. On the following day, students will try to match their pictures to the
original pictures. We usually vote as to who drew the best picture from their
description, and who did the best job in writing/describing their paper. Students
learn how important details, adjectives, and directional words are in their writing.