Homework and Class Work for ENG 100B

Homework and Class Work for ENG 100B
Monday, May 6, 2013
3rd Pd: Shay Bentley, Allie Bowman, Greg Brakke, Taylor Conn, Daniel Johnson, Megan Nance, Trevor Newsome,
Luke Thaxton
5th Pd: Shelby Adams, Shayla Adkins, TJ Adkins, Matt Brown, Harold Chapman, Bradley Kim, Tristan Nolen, Chris
Perez, Rachel Schack, Nathan Williams
The class discussed common mistakes found in the grading of Critical Analysis essays:
a. MLA format (see MLA reference guide)
b. Parenthetical citation (see MLA reference guide)
c. Use of names in paper – After referring to someone the first time by full name, refer to he or she
by last name only from that point forward in the writing
d. Formal Language – No I, me, my, etc. No contractions
e. Amount of Evidence – try to have a minimum of three pieces of evidence for each point in your
f. Incorporating Quotes – any quotes used should flow into your writing and sound as if you wrote
it yourself
g. Numbers – spell out numbers under 20 and all numbers at the beginning of a sentence
h. Titles – Shorter works are punctuated in quotes, Longer works are underlined or italicized
i. In Chapter or On page number – use parenthetical reference instead
2. Be sure that the people you turned in peer reviews for show them to Ms. H – so that you are sure you get
credit. They are currently entered as zeros. It is your responsibility to see that they are turned in.
MLA Reference Guide: