Ancient Egypt Research Project

Ancient Egypt Research Project
The Task
You will be conducting research on one of the Ancient Egyptian topics we have
covered in class throughout the past few weeks. Once you have completed your
research, you will write a research paper and create a model that represents
your knowledge of Ancient Egypt.
1. Choose your Research Topic from the list below and let me know by Monday,
May 6.
 Pyramids and Temples
 Gods and Goddesses
 Mummification
 Pharaohs and Queens
 Hieroglyphics
 Afterlife and the Underworld
2. Follow the attached syllabus to make sure you stay on track with your
project’s due dates.
3. Look over the research rubrics to make sure you understand what I expect to
see for each piece of your project.
4. See me with questions ASAP. Do not wait until the last minute to clarify
Good luck!
Mrs. Silvia
Ancient Egyptian Project Timeline
Weeks 1 & 2
May 6/May 13
Weeks 3 & 4
May 20/May 27
Weeks 5 & 6
June 3/June 10
Weeks 7 & 8
June 17/June 24
Choose Topic and begin collecting research!
Write first draft of Research Paper. Your first draft is due to
me by 6/1 so that I can edit and you can make revisions to
your paper.
Revise and write final draft of your Research Paper. Work
on your Ancient Egyptian Topic Model. Your Research Paper
and Model are due in school by Monday, June 17.
Ancient Egyptian Presentations
* Each student must turn in their own Research Paper. However, students may
work in groups of 2 to create their model if they have the same research topic.