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100 – The founder of Islam.
Who is Muhammad?
200 – Barriers made of desert and sea protected this civilization.
What is Egypt?
300 – The land between two rivers.
What is [the meaning of] Mesopotamia?
400 – Allah means God in this language.
What is Arabic?
500 – The people with whom God made a sacred agreement.
Who are the Hebrews? OR Who are “people of the covenant?”
600 – A travel guide through the afterlife.
What is the Book of the Dead?
700 – A writing system of wedge-shaped characters.
What is cuneiform?
800 – The role of religion is a similarity between these three cultures.
Who are the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hebrews?
900 – He called Egypt the Gift of the Nile.
Who is Herodotus?
Archetypes all in Gilgamesh
100 – An example of the Hunting Group
Who is Enkidu?
200 – An example of the Quest
What is the search for immortality?
300 – An example of the Castle
What is Uruk?
400 – An example of the Fall
What is the death of Enkidu?
500 – An example of Numbers
What are the 7 loaves of bread?
600 – An example of Good vs. Evil
What is the battle of Humbaba?
700 – An example of Supernatural Intervention
Who are Shamash + Ea? Daily Double
800 – An example of the Temptress
Who is Ishtar?
900 – And example of the Crossroads
What is ‘losing the flower?’
100 – Created as 1/3 man and 2/3 god.
Who is Gilgamesh?
200 – A list of all the great fears performed by Gilgamesh.
What is the prologue?
300 – Ea saves Utnapishtim by these means.
What is ‘instructing him to build a boat in a dream?’
400 – This character gains confidence when Gilgamesh says, “If your heart is fearful, throw
away fear.”
Who is Enkidu?
500 – A difference in self-confidence compares these two characters.
Who are Gilgamesh and Enkidu?
600 – The loaves of bread symbolize this truth.
What is ‘all earthly things die?’
700 – Fearful and prophetic describe this event.
What is Enkidu’s Dream of the Underworld?
800 – It is for this reason that Enlil was berated by the other gods.
What is ‘the flood [nearly killed all the humans]?’
900 – Gilgamesh learns this lesson after fighting Humbaba.
What is ‘victory does not guarantee pleasure of the gods?’
100 – Non-tolerance for humanities behavior is common in these two stories.
What are Genesis and Gilgamesh?
200 – A dove, a swallow, and a raven.
What are the birds sent out by Utnapishtim?
300 – The symbol of God’s covenant.
What is a rainbow?
400 – Seven pairs of these were taken on the ark.
What are clean animals?
500 – Utnapishtim was allowed to bring these additional members onto his boat.
Who are the craftsmen?
600 – Noah’s extended life span is a reward for this quality.
What is loyalty/obedience to God?
700 –The archetype of survival is symbolized by this object.
What is the ark?
800 – The length of time the waters covered the earth in Genesis.
What is 7 days?
900 – The god who floods the earth in Gilgamesh.
Who is Adad?
Elephant in the Dark
100 – Celebrated Persian mystic and poet.
Who is Rumi?
200 – An alternative title for the poem.
What is ‘Overcoming the Limits of Human Understanding?’
300 – In the analogy, it is compared to the world.
What is the elephant?
400 – In the analogy, it is compared to the five men.
What is a lack of cooperation?
500 – In the analogy, it is compared to the darkness.
What is the search for truth?
600 – The lesson taught by Rumi.
What is ‘that people should work together?’
700 – The basis of people’s opinions.
What is partial knowledge?
800 – The form of poetry in which this is written.
What is free verse?
900 – The larger work in which the poem is found.
What is the Masnavi?
Fisherman and the Jinnee
100 – Origin of the stories.
What is “The Thousand and One Nights?”
200 – To entertain the common people.
What is the purpose of folk tales?
300 – Punished for their good deeds.
Who are the Fisherman, Duban, and the falcon?
400 – Stories-within-a-story.
What is a framework story?
500 – Allah punishes those who repay kindness with evil.
What is the theme of “Fisherman?”
600 – People with power should be merciful.
What is the theme of “Yunan?”
700 – Those who act rashly will be sorry later.
What is the theme of “Sinbad?”
800 – The over-arching narrator.
Who is Sheherezade?
900 – These two supernatural elements occur within the stories.
What is the jinnee and doctor’s cure?
100 – This character is fair and kind toward Ruth.
Who is Boaz?
200 – Self-pity is a trait of this character.
Who is Naomi?
300 – A style that involves stating an idea in the first half of a verse and then, using a similar
grammatical structure, repeating, negating, completing, or otherwise elaborating on it in the
second half.
What is parallelism?
400 – A word meaning “House of Bread.”
What is Bethlehem?
500 – Ruth gathering the excess grain from the fields reveals this trait about her.
What is dedication?
600 – The quote “‘… for wither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge…’”
reveals this trait about Ruth.
What is steadfastness?
700 – The resolution of the story.
What is the birth of Obed?
800 – Faithfulness is generally rewarded.
What is the theme?
900 – This statement best describes what the Book of Ruth is about.
What is ‘the outcome of performing good deeds?’