Homework for Feb. 14, 20007: ENGL 2111
On-Line Discussion Questions
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1. Women play a particularly interesting role in the initiation of Enkidu and also
in Gilgamesh’s transformation from bad king to good. Choose one woman
whom you think is important to either Enkidu’s or Gilgamesh’s character
development, and discuss her significance.
2. Discuss fear. When and why or of what are Enkidu and Gilgamesh afraid?
Refer to Movie Help Guide posted on my webpage.
1. What themes are established in the first 5 minutes (or so) of the film? List at
least three themes.
2. Pick one theme from #1 and explain how it plays itself out in the film, i.e. how
is the theme explored and resolved?
3. What are Maximus’ material and emotional goals, and does he achieve them?
Study Guide
Genre: Epic poem and sacred text
Uruk: 150 miles south of Baghdad
Historical Gilgamesh: 2800-2500 BCE
Homework for Feb. 14, 20007: ENGL 2111
Story written: 8th century BCE
Sumerians invented beer --- called wine in the translation
Main Characters
Anu:chief of the gods, father of Ishtar, patron of the city of Uruk
Ea: god of sweet waters and wisdom, creator of humans, patron of the arts
Enkidu: Gilgamesh’s friend and equal
Enlil: god of earth and wind. He sent the great flood
Gilgamesh: King of Uruk; 2/3 god; 1/3 man
The Harlot: priestess of Ishtar sent to civilize Enkidu
Humbaba: “a ferocious giant” set by Enlil to guard the cedar forest
Ishtar: goddess of love, fertility, and war; queen of Heaven
Utnapishtim: priest and king; survivor of the Great Flood; dwells in Dilmun or Paradise;
granted immortality by the gods
Director: Ridley Scott (2000)
Setting: Rome, Spain, and Germania, 180 A.D.
Main Characters
Maximus: Roman general from Spain
Commodus: son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius; Emperor
Lucilla: daughter of Emperor Marcus Aurelius; sister of Commodus
Marcus Aurelius: Emperor of Rome
Gracchus: Roman senator; Republican; conspirator