study guide p 27-38

Mrs. Gately
World Literature—Accelerated
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Gilgamesh Study Guide: pages 27-38
1. According to Enkidu, why is it a bad idea to try to kill Humbaba?
2. Why is Gilgamesh so determined to kill Humbaba? What is motivating Gilgamesh?
3. Why do Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to see the Elders of Uruk?
4. What special weapons does Gilgamesh take with him?
5. What does Ninsun tell Enkidu before the two men depart?
6. What emotions fill Enkidu and Gilgamesh as they approach the gate to Humbaba’s
7. Describe the dreams Gilgamesh has that evening.
8. According to Enkidu, what do the dreams mean? In other words, what does Enkidu
predict will happen?