from The Epic of Gilgamesh, pp

from The Epic of Gilgamesh, pp. 13-29
EQ: In what ways does the Epic of Gilgamesh fit the archetype of the hero’s quest?
Literary Terms to Know (p. 13):
1. Archetype2. Hero’s quest3. CharacterizationVocabulary to Know:
immolation, succor, somber, incantation , ecstasy, teemed, babel, and subsided (see page 13).
Prologue (p. 15):
1. What hints does the Prologue give about Gilgamesh’s quest?
2. How is Gilgamesh characterized as an extraordinary person?
The Battle with Humbaba (pp. 15-18):
1. Why does the goddess Aruru create Enkidu?
2. Who is Humbaba?
3. According to Gilgamesh, what character traits are required to battle a fierce enemy like Humbaba?
4. What is Gilgamesh predicting when he says that immolation and sacrifice are not yet for him?
5. Which god helps Gilgamesh in the battle against Humbaba? What does this action reveal about Gilgamesh’s
own powers and limitations?
6. What happened to Humbaba?
7. Do you think Gilgamesh was right to heed Enkidu and ignore Humbaba’s pleas for mercy? Why or why not?
The Death of Enkidu (pp. 19-20):
1. Why does the Bull of Heaven threaten Uruk?
2. How does the appearance of the Bull of Heaven lead to Enkidu’s dreams of his own death?
3. How does Enkidu initially feel about the dreams of his own death? Why do you believe he reacts this way?
The Story of the Flood, (pp. 21-25):
1. Identify (see page 19):
a. Anub. Enlilc. Ninurtad. Ennugie. Ea2. Why is Enlil upset with mankind?
3. Does Ea advise Utnapishtim to tell the whole truth?
4. What does Ea’s advice say about his character?
5. How did Utnapishtim prepare for the flood?
6. How long does the storm last?
7. What does Utnapishtim’s sacrifice suggest about the relationship between the people of his culture and the
8. In your own words, summarize the passage that begins, “Lay upon the sinner his sin…” on page 24.
9. Why is Enil enraged when he sees the boat?
10. Why has Enil made Utnapishtim and his wife immortal?
The Return, pp. 26-27:
1. What does Utnapishtim mean by the “life for which you are searching”?
2. What effect has Gilgamesh’s quest had on him, in spite of his remarkable strength?
3. Why does Utnapishtim tell his wife to bake the loaves of bread?
4. How does the plant on page 27 relate to Gilgamesh’s quest?
5. What power does the plant possess?
6. What happens to the plant?
7. What lesson did Gilgamesh learn from his quest?
1. Who is Gilgamesh?
2. Why does he go on a quest?
3. What does he encounter on the quest?
4. Does he achieve his goal?
5. What lesson did Gilgamesh learn because of his quest?