College Sociology Due Date

College Sociology
Mrs. Surian
Due Date
Paper #1
Sociological Theories . . . a Critical Analysis
After having read C. Wright Mills’ The Promise, write a 2-3-page TYPED paper
that discusses the following:
Part I. The Sociological Imagination
 Explain and discuss C. Wright Mills’ notion of the Sociological Imagination, and
state why possessing such an imagination is essential in order to better understand society.
Cite at least 3 quotes from “The Promise,” and discuss what Mills means by them.
Do you agree or disagree with what he is saying about the social world from these quotes.
**Be sure to cite the page number of the quotes. Eg. (Mills 3)
 Describe what Mills refers to as the Promise? Discuss and analyze what is being promised?
Part II. Sociological Imagination at Work
 During class, we have discussed how using your sociological imagination
can be of great benefit in understanding society and you.
 Discuss an example of YOU using YOUR sociological imagination in an
area of your life or an experience you have had. Be sure to address how
your thoughts about your life change when you use the sociological
*Remember, ALWAYS include additional references as a separate
Bibliography at the end of your paper. The works cited should be in MLA
format as an annotated bibliography.
***Paper length: 3 pages, not including your Bibliography, 12 point, aerial font.
Proper Annotated Citation of Ferguson Text:
Mills, C. Wright. "The Promise." 1959. Mapping the Social Landscape: Readings in
Sociology. 5th Ed ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 1-7. Print.
Ferguson cites the first chapter of the Mills reading in her edited book. I used this reading to . .
Proper Citation of Websites:
Last Name, First Name (of Author). “Name of Section Used.”
Overall Title of Site. Date of Access. URL address.