The Promise C. Wright Mills

The Promise
C. Wright Mills
1. What is “The Promise” that Mills
was talking about?
2. What was meant by, “Neither the
life of an individual nor the history of a
society can be understood without
understanding both.”? (p.1)
3. What is the sociological
imagination? (p.2)
4. How would you apply the
sociological imagination to yourself?
5. What are examples of troubles and
issues for you? (p.3)
• 6. Please apply the quote, “… no problems of
the private life can be stated and solved
without recognition of the crisis of ambition
that is part of the vary career of men at work
in the incorporated economy.” to the current
housing and foreclosure crisis in America.
• (p. 5)
• 7. How does the general society and specific
individuals determine a person’s view of
reality? What can the individual do to
overcome or change a hindering reality to
create more opportunity for them?