Gabriel Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude


Gabriel Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude Reading assignments 1. 1 -101 Due Date_____________________________ 2. 103 - 201 3. 203-313 Due Date_____________________________ Due Date_____________________________ 4. 315- end Due Date_____________________________ Journals must be typed. All journals must also be submitted to Critic Robert Antoni says that the language of magical realism is “synchronic, hyperbolic, crowded with metaphor, oxymoron, synesthesia, personification and verisimilitude.” If any of these terms are unfamiliar, look them up. You will be asked to cite examples of these devices in your journals as you come across them in your reading. If you have bought a book, highlight them as you read. General things to do as you read either highlighted (if your own book) or on notebook pages separate from your journal: Take note of the word solitude when it is used. How does everyone/thing have a unique form of solitude? Take notice how often the word nostalgia is used. Note imagery, descriptions of the house, & descriptions of the almond trees. Assignments 1, 2, and 3 (26 points possible) 1.

Keep a running list of IMPORTANT EVENTS (30 minimum). You do not have to comment on why you feel the events are important, simply list the events and their page numbers. Please note: Lists of important events without page numbers will receive ZERO points. (10 points) 2.

List four examples of figurative language (metaphors, oxymorons, similes, personification, synesthesia, hyperboles). Comment on why these descriptions are appropriate. Choose your selections from beginning, middle and end of the selection (16 points) Assignment 4 (38 points possible) 1.

Choose four of your favorite/significant events, images or sentences. You may also include examples of figurative language. Once again, choose from beginning, middle and end of the selections. Comment on why you feel these are important/good. (16 points) 2.

Include a running list of important events (30 minimum) with page #s. (10 points) 3.

Continue to highlight what is said about the almond trees. When you finish the book, go back, find, and list all the references to the almond trees from the entire work. Include page numbers. As you look at your list, explain how Gabriel Marquez used this motif in the story. (10 points) 4.

ALSO, list two topics from the novel that you are interested in expanding upon for a paper. (1 point each) Please keep in mind that the journals are the vehicle through which you can demonstrate to me that you are reading and thinking about what you are reading. Of course, no two journals will ever be the same, yet there are certain important events, character descriptions, etc. that occur in each assignment. Therefore, there will be a few obvious points that I will expect you to notice, a large portion of your journals will be what interests you the most.