Guilfoyle Thematic Units

Guilfoyle—Thematic Unit Outlines
1301 Fall
SAT vocab introduction and list #1
Huck Finn quickwrite
“What is HF about” (big ideas not content)
Reading questions—pull names
HW: identify most important sentence in the novel
and write it down
Reading questions—pull names
Share sentences in groups
1302 Spring
Read excerpt from Capital and summarize main
Read Lochner vs. New York, identify facts and
outcome; evaluate SC decision
HW: Identify moments in the novel where Huck must
make a decision, summarize what happens and write
page #s
Hwk: Read p.39-49 “Life in the Iron Mills”; identify
and analyze 10 quotes that describe setting and
Discuss quotes and develop analysis
Read “Good Poor, Bad Poor,” discuss using 3As
protocol (assumptions, agree, argue)
HW: Read Douglas excerpt
Objective test
Reading questions
Hwk: Read p.50-end LITIM, identify and analyze 10
quotes related to plot, character, setting, theme
Douglas excerpt: Text based protocol--rendering
Read Dredd Scott case and watch video: How does
Twain use Jim’s treatment by the King, the Duke and
Tom Sawyer to illustrate common attitudes towards
slaves during this time period? Identify commonalities
between the Douglas article, the Dred Scott case and
Twain’s depictions of slavery in the novel?
Discuss LITIM quotes and respond to text, context,
subtext questions
Hwk: read Fikes article on HF
Rhetorical précis
Hwk: Read “The Laboring Classes”
HF conflicting forces essay outline
Thesis, TSs, Thematic statement
Complete section summaries of “The Laboring
Write an analysis connecting LITIM with “The
Laboring Classes”
Write essay analyzing conflict and theme in
Huckleberry Finn
Watch The One Percent
Read “Show Me the Money” and selections from
Nickel and Dimed; discuss using protocols
Read Death of a Salesman Act I, discuss setting and
Identify and analyze literary elements in 2 poems—
imagery, diction, figurative language, sound devices
Identify attitude/tone in 2 poems
“Ka Ba” and “Mr. Z”
Write paragraphs comparing/contrasting attitude in 2
Read Death of a Salesman Act II, discuss theme
Essay outline: thesis, topic sentences, supporting
Short story analysis: Dagberto Gilb “Look on the Bright
Side” and “Chango”
Analyze: Character, setting, plot, theme
Write synthesis essay analyzing representations of
social class and the American Dream using at least 3
texts studied in class
Read the following non-fiction articles and discuss
rhetorical strategies using protocols (save the last
word, text rendering, four As):
Brent Staples “Walk On By”
Audre Lourde “Fourth of July”
Martin Luther King “Letter From Birmingham Jail”
Read “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Why I Wrote ‘The
Yellow Wallpaper’”: discuss character and theme
Read info on hysteria
Quiz and Quickwrite
Read A Raisin in the Sun Act I and II (Literature 11951243)
Read “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”
and compare to “Declaration of Independence”
Respond to reading questions and provide supporting
Read and discuss selection from “A Vindication of
the Rights of Woman”
A Raisin in the Sun Act III (Literature 1243-1254)
Outline synthesis essay: thesis, topic sentences,
supporting quotes
Read and discuss A Doll’s House Act I and II
Write synthesis essay discussing representations of
race in at least 3 texts studied in class
Hwk: Begin reading dystopian novel selection (Brave
New World, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Handmaid’s Tale)
Read and discuss A Doll’s House Act III
Watch Miss Representation and discuss gender
representations in the media
Introduction to dystopian fiction: Discuss society and
the individual using world café protocol
Read selections from: Machiavelli’s The Prince and
Thoreau’s “On Civil Disobedience”
Discuss ideology and rhetorical strategies
Read :
“Being and Man” Paul Theroux
“There is no Unmarked Woman” Deborah Tannen
“Sex, Lies and Advertising” Gloria Steinham
Create gender poster in groups identifying central
arguments and supporting quotes from texts
Write synthesis essay analyzing gender
representations in at least 3 texts studied in class
Discuss literary elements in “The Ones who Walk Away
From Omelas” and “The Lottery”
Identify representative quotes for character, setting,
and theme
Read and compare poems: “The Unknown Citizen” WH
Auden and “Government” Carl Sandberg
Thematic essay outline:
Thesis, topic sentences, thematic statement,
supporting quotes
Write thematic analysis of dystopian novel selection