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Resource sheet – Anti-Semitism
Hitler and Mein Kampf
The word anti-Semitic means to hate Jewish people.
Adolf Hitler was anti-Semitic. The Nazi Party was anti-Semitic. Many people in Germany
at that time were anti-Semitic.
Adolf Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf means ‘My Struggle’. In this
book, he told the German people why he hated the Jews and how Germany would be
made better if he killed them.
Have a look at his ideas below.
None of these facts were true.
Jewish people had saved their money and worked very hard after the war. They did look very
Hitler knew that he could make people jealous of the Jews and used this to help him become
leader of Germany.
People liked him because he gave them somebody to blame for all of their problems – the
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The Holocaust