The Monkey Garden

"The Monkey Garden"
Read this pivotal vignette through twice. Then answer the questions with
thoughtful, complete sentences.
1. What phrases or descriptions particularly caught your attention in this vignette?
List two or more here:
2. What happens to the garden as time goes on?
3. In this story, what are the differences between Sally and Esperanza?
4. Esperanza cannot explain her anger and her desire to save Sally from the boys.
Can you?
5. Afterward Esperanza is embarrassed and upset. She wanted to be dead. Is there
any way you could think to explain that a part of her died that day?
6. In this story, what do her shoes symbolize and why does she say her feet “didn’t
seem to be my feet anymore”?
7. What does the garden symbolize and why is it no longer Esperanza's?
8. What is the main conflict in this vignette?