Managerial Accounting Paper Outline

Please use this guide as an outline to help you in writing your paper for Management Accounting. If you
have questions please contact either Alan Cohen - [email protected], 274-3949 or James Bondra,
[email protected] or 274-1962.
Management Accounting Search Strategy and Outline
Thesis statement: (Please give your thesis statement here)
Abstract: Please describe the content and purpose of your paper briefly (50-150 words).
Keywords/Subject Headings (derived from thesis statement). Please group synonyms together
(example: (motor vehicle or automobile or truck)
Database(s) used and copy of search statement for each. You may type these out or attach a printout
by hitting the print screen key. Please tell which database(s) you used, show all connectors, and if you
used truncation or wildcard symbols) and/or limited by date, etc.
Example: ABI/Inform database.
(managerial accounting or management accounting) in Subject
And (connector)
(activity based costing) in citation and abstract
Limit results to scholarly journals including peer-reviewed.
Reference List-please use proper A.P.A. format. You may either use Noodlebib found on the Library
Home Page or consult the A.P.A. citation guides under Writing, Citing and Linking. There are also
guides for writing in-text citations.