Part One of Two for Great Author Book Report

Part One of Two for Great Author Book Report
Due: Friday, November 20
Characterization Assignment: Think of an important character from your book.
This person should be a main character. You will be doing your very best,
thoughtful writing about this character. Use specific evidence from the text to
make your claims stronger. Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.
Make sure you number your answers. At the top of the paper with your answers,
tell the name of your book, and the name of your great author. If you have read a
book by this author before, circle his or her name.
1. What is the age and physical description of the main character? Be very
2. Tell about an unpleasant emotion that the character had in this story. Tell
about the moment and what events led up to it. Did the character handle it well?
3. What was the character’s family like? Use a good description or example.
4. What do others in the book say or think about the main character?
5. What was the “problem” that the main character faced in this book? Did
he/she fix it by the end of the book?
6. How did the main character change from the beginning of the book to the end
of the book? Use specific examples to support your claims!
7. Tell one way you would rewrite the ending.