Ladies and Gentleman can I have your attention please

Ladies and Gentleman can I have your attention please. I am glad that every one can be
here on this special occasion, to join Eric and Sara in celebrating this wonderful day. It
will be one that they will remember for many years to come. I am really proud of Eric.
He has accomplished many things that I never thought were possible for him. I am glad
that he did finally give up on the military. There is only room for one war hero in the
family. But seriously, there are 10 years in between us and when he was at both of my
weddings it meant the world to me. So I know that me being here means the world to
him. Yes both wedding. Eric, don’t be like me in that sense. When he asked me to be his
best man it was one of the greatest honors I could have ever accepted. I remember when
we were kids and we use to fight over toys, imagine that 10 year and we still fought over
toys. He was my side kick. We had an absent father so Eric went everywhere with me,
good and bad places. When I left for the military I know he did not understand why I left
and I know that he though that I abandoned him. The truth was I didn’t I just had to fine
my own way and my side kick could not come. Then I come home from the service and I
felt that I was catapulted in time. I had lost touch with the little boy that I once knew. He
was no in high school and closed off. I felt like I had something to do with that, but I did
not know how to reconnect. I know as you grew up you understood why I left. I did not
know how much I meant to you until I got that famous letter from my space. I won’t go
into that now but every time I read it, it makes me cry. Now you are in college now
becoming a man and it is great to watch the transformation. You keeping in touch with
friends and having fun like every college man should. In a way I was a little jealous
because I did not have that life. I choose a different path, but we are not here to talk about
me. I lived through you at that point. Then he meets this beautiful woman that has been
such a driving force behind him. Sara I thank you for that. The first time that I meet you
Sara you are not going to believe this but Eric was like “What do you think Adam?” I
was like “Eric I don’t know this is the first time we have to go out a few more times.”
Then he tells me that “I’m keeping her no matter what so get use to it. I was like then
“Why did you ask?” He said that I wanted your opinion” I told him that my opinion did
not matter if he was going to be in it for the long haul. Then we did go out a few more
time and the conversation came up again. I told him that besides the fact that you guys
are late to all the family events because of her she is alright in my book. He was like
“That is it?” Having you around has made a difference in Eric’s world and for our family
as well. Seeing the two of you reminds me of when me and beautiful wife when we first
started, the second one not the first one. The way Eric looks at you, talks about you, and
feels about you is enough for me to decide that you are a good addition for our family. I
know that our family would be happy to have you. I want to Congratulations and
Welcome to the family………