UVTC Board Meeting Minutes April 1 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Meeting Date:
TJ Cameron
Laura Steinwand
Attendee List: (X) indicates that the member was present
Ball, Eric
Bounds, Tristian
Cameron, TJ
Downie, Belinda
Quiroz, Eric
Felker, Ryan
Mead, Monica
Bain, Jordan
Eichman, Heidi
Lyon, Russ
Sandfort, Kristen
Steinwand, Laura
Rencher, Luke
Root, Jeremy
Westfall, Terry
Minutes of the Meeting:
Secretary’s Report:
 Meeting notes from the March 2015 were approved
Treasurer’s Report:
 Jordon to ask Wendy for: breakdown of tournament expenses and revenue: can she provide the info so
we can have a 2015 YTD column: where is Monica being counted? Did she move from Tennis Pro to
Other wages? Or Facility administration? Ask about Annual Fees & initiation for YTD 2014-looks like it
is duplicated.
*ACTION : do we want to use Ash? TJ to talk to Ash about it
 Pro shop expenses-Monica to provide a monthly accounting of the expenses so we understand what is
going into that bucket; we have a current inventory and are tracking where are goods are going
 Eric needs to start counting tennis balls cost against
Manager’s Report:
 Memberships:
o 115 in total; Actual Members: 186; Actual members last month: 180
o New member: Micaiah Queensen-single adult
o Need to do more membership drives- maybe twice a year
 Adult classes- Revenue is up
*Clinics doing well with both Eric & Luke there
*Needs to be a focus
*Do we need a more defined guest pass process
 Junior Classes
* Are the free Saturday lessons taking away from the weekly classes? 12—20 kids come; don’t think
so, but would like them to move to the weekly classes eventually
* Make sure to get flyers to Y and Boys & Girls Club
Eric showed some pictures of Pickle Ball at the Eugene Y…maybe during the day during soft times;
Russ met with the folks from the Y and showed them where they could paint on the 2 end courts
ACTION: Eric Q to get a cost on the nets: put together a plan-what kind of revenue, how to market,
what’s our cost?
Eric has requested 2 additional junior tournaments for next month” may end up just doing a club
John Powell will give IED training; staff will get CPR/first aid training from Orenco
Eric is trying to set up a adult league for the summer
Fundraiser update: postpone until early September ( around US Open time)
Policy Review
o Payment Approval Process – okay for now
o Need to get a Budget committee-Ash and Jordon?
o Action- Laura need to update the Committees on the agenda
o Customer Billing and Merchandise Policy-okay
o Customer billing Process-need to modify billing to be once a week instead of twice a week
ACTION: Tristian to get a quote from Jeremy’s to power wash the courts
High School bought new score cards; Jeremy will install inside; need a better way to store the outdoor
Old Tennis Center-odd mix of folks are gathering; building can’t be fixed; needs to be leveled. ACTION put
on agenda for next meeting .Can we talk to the City Manager and direct his vision? Can we develop a
overall plan?
Annual meeting. ACTION Laura to send email with request for nominees for Volunteer of the Year and Al
Hoffman Award
Liquor License- we will not get a liquor license, though we will be able to get special permits for events
Eric to have Vision Electric to come out and look at the problem with the lights
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 27th at 7am in the UTC Board Room