Study Guide for Edgar Allan Poe Unit Test

Study Guide for Edgar Allan Poe Unit Test
***Test is closed book and closed notes***
Background info. to study:
 Common aspects of Gothic Literature (PP notes)
 Life events that influenced Poe’s writing (PP notes)
 What Poe added/invented to literature of his time period (PP notes)
 Types of stories Poe wrote (psychological, gothic, horror, detective)
 Common techniques that Poe incorporated into most of his writing (PP Notes/ Reading)
Background info. to study for:
□ Test Format:
□ Multiple Choice
□ Short Answer
□ Fill in the Blank
□ Vocab Matching
Major events and ending of each story/poem (reread stories, look at ending/notes)
 Characters/ narrators of each story
 Common Literary Devices Poe used in each story
(various notebook charts on images, symbolism, foreshadowing, characterization, setting,
mystery, suspense, etc.)
(Poem) The Bells
(Poem) Annabel Lee
(Poem) The Raven
(Short Story) The Tell-Tale Heart
(Short Story) The Pit and the Pendulum
Literary terms:
1. Mood
2. Tone
3. Imagery
4. Connotation
5. Symbolism
6. Irony
7. Foreshadowing
8. Allegory
9. Theme
10. Simile
11. Metaphor
12. Alliteration