Etic Perspective Essay

Etic Perspective Essay
Helpful hints: When people observe something they do not understand, they try to connect it to something
they are familiar with. Your outsider should be doing this throughout the observation of the ritual.
Outsiders do not know how to explain what they are seeing using the same language / vocabulary as the
insider. This does not mean that they are dumb, they are just ignorant of the culture they are observing and
they speak a different “language.” One of the challenges in this assignment is to find ways to describe
things you know without using the language descriptions that you commonly use. Some general terms
you may want to use are: object, item, device, tool, machine, event, activity, experience, movement, motion,
1. What is the ritual you will be describing?
2. What are the elements or parts of the ritual you will be describing? (list the parts)
A Introduction: The outsider walks into the scene. What is the initial observation, perception, feeling, etc?
(One short paragraph, 5 sentence minimum)
B Body: Describe the ritual as the outsider sees it. Be sure to include connections. (One paragraph, 10
sentence minimum)
C Conclusion: The outsider tries to assign significance or meaning to what they have seen. What was it that
I observed – Religious, coming-of-age, celebration, routine? (One short paragraph, 5 sentence minimum)
Reflection: Why was this essay from the outsider’s perspective difficult or just different for you?
Descriptions (creative, elaboration)
Connections (to known culture)
Writing mechanics