Objective summary

Objective Summary
Word of the Week
O Objective summary is . . .
O a succinct, accurate description, in your own
words, of a text
O quick overview that uses who, what, where,
when, why, and how
O a shortened version of a text that highlights its
key points
Objective Summary
O Synonyms:
O just the facts
O Important details
O Antonyms:
O opinions
O feelings
O bias
Objective Summary
O What does being objective mean?
O If you view from an outside perspective without
bias, you are being objective.
O Also objectivity
O What does the word summary mean?
O A summary is a run down of something, a
O Also summarize, summative
O So what is an objective summary?
O As an outsider, you recount something according
to facts, leaving out feelings.
Objective Summary
Here is a You Tube link about how to write an
objective summary for the plot and
characters in a book:
Objective Summary in Literature (3:13)
Objective Summary
O To judge fairly, without bias or external
influence, allows you to write an
objective summary.
Objective Summary
O Remember, that objective summary is . . .
O using only the most important details and
facts to write a recount of something
O using the fairness of an outsider looking in
when considering a text
O avoiding personal feelings and opinions