Who`s to blame for Macbeth`s downfall

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English 10H – Research Paper
Who’s to blame for Macbeth’s downfall?
OR (see note below)
THAT is the question - the very question you will serve to answer through your next paper. This
paper, however, will be slightly different than your previous papers. In this paper you will do three
1. Devise your own thesis statement that answers the question above (or see note below)
2. Provide examples and details of scenes, lines, quotes, etc. to support your thesis
3. Research literary criticism and include such research in your paper to strengthen your
argument (see details below)
**Note: Instead of using the question above, you may create your own question for the work of
Macbeth that will drive your research. You can use anything we have read or discussed in class to
help you develop your ideas. You must have your question approved by me before you begin to work
on it. Try to create your own question based on our reading and discussion of the text, and most
importantly, your own theories about the text; but, if you would like to use the question above, please
feel free to do so.
Requirements of the research process:
1. Working thesis that will begin and drive your research
2. Six preliminary sources for research – each is to be highlighted and annotated in relation to
your working thesis statement
3. Preliminary sources list (Preliminary Work Cited page using NoodleTools)
4. Outline
5. Notecards (Using NoodleTools)
6. After research is conducted, revise your thesis to begin writing the paper
7. Rough draft
8. Peer review
Requirements of the research paper:
1. MLA format (heading, header, 1” margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced)
2. MLA in-text citations from both Macbeth and literary criticism
3. 3-5 literary criticism sources to be cited and used as support throughout the paper
(paraphrased information and direct quotes)
4. Work Cited page
5. 4-7 pages (in addition to the Work Cited page)
6. Turnitin.com submission (Both Rough Draft and Final Draft)
Please follow the calendar for due dates. While some work can be done in class, work is also expected
to be done at home in order to meet deadlines.