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Suzanne Miller, Assistant Principal
Sandy Tinsley, Principal
Randi Sagona, Assistant Principal
Dear Parents:
Middle school is the best time to start making plans for high school and post-secondary
education. Your child's success is linked to the plans they make now for a college education or
career choice. The earlier your child starts thinking about his/her options, the easier his/her
choices will be later. High school graduation may seem far away. However, during this 8th grade
year, we have been thinking and planning for their future.
During classroom guidance lessons, your student has learned to utilize as a
tool for career exploration and educational planning! Students completed a Career Cluster
Survey, a Work Values Survey and worked on an Individual Graduation Plan. Many students
were able to take some additional surveys to learn about their career interests and their basic
With possible career options in mind, your student worked on formulating an Individual
Graduation Plan. This plan helps students visualize what their high school years will involve.
They map out the graduation requirements and plan their elective choices to best suit their
individual needs and interests. A copy of the plan your student completed is attached. Please
look over this plan with your student, realizing that this is not a high school schedule or
transcript, merely an outline of courses he/she may be taking during the next four year. Some of
these courses may change as your child's career plans change. Some courses may change due
to academic progress. However, this plan provides an outline for attaining a high school diploma
and helps students prepare to enter college, the military or the work force.
We hope your student will discuss his/her high school plans with you so you will be able to play
an active role in helping them achieve success during the next four years! Please ask your
student to log onto the site and show you the work they have accomplished
this past year.
Brandy McCachren & Rosemarie Perry
School Counselors