Eighth Grade Graduation Speech

Eighth Grade Graduation Speech
Requirements and Suggestions
As part of your required 8th grade coursework, you are to write a graduation speech that could be
delivered at the graduation ceremony and present it to your language arts class. Your written
speech will be due on Monday, May 7th. We will begin speeches in class that day as well.
One of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon a student at Park View School is to be
chosen as a speaker at the eighth grade graduation ceremony. You will all have the opportunity
to try out for this special opportunity after school on Monday, May 14, 2012.
Keep in mind…
You are speaking on behalf of your class, the Park View graduating class of 2012. What does
that mean?
You are speaking to the members of the audience at the ceremony.
List all the groups of people you will be speaking to that evening.
o You must have a main message you want to send to the audience on behalf of your class.
This idea will pervade (spread throughout) your entire speech. By the time you are
finished, the audience should have a clear understanding of what your message is.
From where can you get your message?
 Personal thoughts and experiences
 Observations of and conclusions about life you’ve made
 Quotation; song lyrics; poem
 Current issues facing humanity and our world
o You must begin your speech with an engaging lead.
o The body of your speech must clearly tie in with your chosen message. It must be easy
to understand and follow.
o Include the most essential details to share your message, but leave out any extraneous
(extra; unneeded) details that take away from your message.
o You must end your speech with a memorable conclusion. The audience should still be
thinking about your message, and left with an idea or feeling, even after you’re done
o Be sure to incorporate ideas from all the writing lessons we’ve done this year that can
apply to a graduation speech.
Other ideas:
o You may wish to use an extended metaphor or analogy in sharing your message in
your speech.
o You may wish to use a prop to enhance your message.
o You may wish to involve the audience in a way appropriate to your speech’s
This is your opportunity to say something important, interesting, and touching.
Put forth the effort to write a meaningful speech with a strong message.