5. red secret police
6. a committee that had become the leading policy making body of the Communist party
7. where Stalin set up forced labor camps for anyone who opposed his regime
9. lenin's successor
11. people of this region have tried to separate from Russia by waging a bloody civil war
12. the first space satellite to be launched
15. the first man to ever go into space
17. Stalin's plan that set short term economic goals to transform Russia's economy
18. struggle between the US and the USSR to build the best weapons and get into space first
19. Russian astronauts
20. a policy of openness where Soviet citizens could say and write whatever they thought without being punished
21. the USSR was the leader of this organization of countries
1. policy of restructuring aimed at boosting the economy and giving the people more economic power
2. the fight between the US and the USSR to get into space first
3. Lenin's economic plan that was a modified version of the old capitalist system
4. the US was the leader of this organization of countries
5. a system in which private farms were eliminated
8. in 979 the USSR invaded this country, prompting the US to cancel going to the Olympic Games
10. a new state created in 1922 that included Russia and other countries
13. the closest the world has ever come to a nuclear war
14. became leader of Russia in 1985 and began a lot of reforms
16. leader of a group that wanted to do away with Communism who became president once the USSR fell
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