6th grade Unit 6 exam Review

• 1900-Monarchy
• 1950-Communism
• 2000-Democratic Republican
• Vladimir Lenin
• Scarcity of goods and services
• Conflicts between the people and their rulers in the USSR
brought about political changes, and new nations were
• Most of the new nations are located to the west and
southwest of Russia, the largest of the former Soviet
• The harsh climate
• Permafrost land
• Eastern portion of the country
• Russian
• More money and new business projects are coming from
outside sources
• Worked for the state
• Make their own decisions about jobs
• Can bring out both good and bad choices
• Lenin
• Constitution
• Branches of Government
• Free market enterprise
• An economy where the government has less control
• By diverting water from lakes to farm land.
• Elections
• Laws
• Free speech
• Shared beliefs and values
• To strengthen Russian culture