Place Value Concentration

Place Value Concentration
• Cut out the game cards out below
• This game can be played with 2 players.
• Turn the cards onto the blank side and line them so that there are an equal
number of cards in each row.
• The youngest player goes first.
• Each player has a chance to turn over two cards at a time. The object of the
game is to find the cards that match. For example: “I have 2 ones and 1 ten”
matches with “I am 12”. Draw a picture with base-ten blocks if you need to!
• If the cards do not match, then the cards should to be turned back to the blank
side. If the cards match, write down the problem. For example “2 ones and 1
ten = 12”.
• Whether there is a match or not, the next player chooses 2 cards, taking turns
until all cards have a match. Make sure you write down all problems, even if
they are not your matches!
• The player with the most sets of matched cards at the end; wins the game!
I have 12 ones
and 2 tens.
I am 32.
I have 14 ones
and 1 ten.
I am 24.
I have 16 ones
and 3 tens.
I am 46.
I have 18 ones
and 1 ten.
I am 28.
I have 10 ones
and 3 tens.
I am 40.
I have 11 ones
and 4 ten.
I am 51.
I have 8 ones
and 3 tens.
I am 38.
I have 1 ten and
7 ones.
I am 17.
I have 5 ones
and 6 tens.
I am 65.
I have 2 tens
and 5 ones.
I am 25.