Number Codes- Permutations.Probability Problem

Name _______________________________________
Date _________________________
Sylvia needs to use the prime numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7 for a four-digit
number code to open her garage door.
How many different number codes can Bailey choose from?
(Each number many only be used once in the code.)
List important facts from the problem here. Check the strategies that could be
What is the question?
Work it out here. Number your steps as you go.
used to solve this problem:
Guess, check and revise
Draw a picture or make a model
Make an organized list
Make a table, chart, tree
diagram or Venn diagram
Solve a simpler problem
Use an operation, formula or
Work backwards
Look for a pattern
Other __________________
Now, circle the strategy that you will
use to solve this problem.