Checklist of Strategies to Tackle Complex Word Problems

Checklist of Strategies to Tackle Complex Word Problems
 I understand what all the words in the problem mean.
If NO, then I need to look up the definition of the words I don’t know.
 I circled or underlined all the words that are related to math.
 I determined what type of math I need to do to solve the problem.
Note: There might be multiple steps and multiple operations to perform to get to the final answer.
 I identified what numbers I need to work with to solve the problem.
 I tried the following strategies in the problem to help me solve it.
 Is there a pattern?
 Can I solve it using guess and check?
 Will drawing a picture help?
 Create a table or list?
 Can I write a number sentence?
 Does working backwards help?
 I understand what the question(s) are asking me to do.
If NO, then I will re-read the problem SLOWLY. If I still don’t understand, I will read the problem again in chunks to help me
understand. Finally, I will ask a classmate, teacher, or parent for assistance.
See for examples of each strategy