Leveled Problem Solving Least Common Multiple

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Leveled Problem Solving
Least Common Multiple
CA Standard
NS 2.4
For use with pages 23–28
1. Miguel knows that the least common multiple of 18 and 12 is 24, 30, 36,
or 48. Which one is it?
2. Flora is trying to find the smallest number that is evenly divisible by 4, 5, and
12. What number is she looking for?
3. Amy is walking laps while her friend Francisco jogs on their city’s nature trail.
Amy completes one lap every 15 minutes, and Francisco finishes one lap every
6 minutes. How long will it be before they both finish a lap at the same time?
4. Juanita has fewer than 80 coins in her coin collection. She noticed that she can
divide her coins evenly into groups of 3, 5, 15, or 25. How many coins does
she have?
5. The least common multiple of two numbers a and b is the product of the two
numbers. What is the greatest common factor for the numbers? Explain.
6. The least common multiple of three numbers is 154, and the sum of the
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numbers is 20. What are the numbers?
Leveled Problem Solving
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